What you don’t know can really hurt you

Graphic_WhatYouDon'tKnowCanHurtMeToday I learned something about myself, and at the same time I learned something about transformation that until now was only theory for me.

As you know, the absolute basic step in transformation is to see and accept that you don’t know everything, that some of the things that you know are not true, and that most of the things that you don’t know are totally in your blind spot, so you don’t even know they are there.

You may also know, theoretically, that all power, all transformation comes from getting a sudden glimpse at what was in your blind spot.

blind spotIn driving, if you are lucky, the card hiding in your blind spot will honk when you want to change lanes. Or you get lucky because you notice it before you cause a crash.

In life we don’t quite notice the crashes: those are quiet and keep us stuck in our present state, mostly unsuccessful, failing, not moving in the direction we’d like to move.

This is exactly what had happened to me, all my life, until about a week ago.

Let me explain:

I have always been ambitious. In school, in groups, in business. I want to be the best, I want to be successful. I am not afraid to put in the time, the effort, I am not afraid to work through issues.

This is how I’ve seen myself all these years, and seeing this did not explain why I haven’t been really successful.

I have seen the pattern: starting and quitting, starting and quitting, never accomplishing much of anything. Familiar?

But I could not see what was the problem: all my quittings made real sense to me…

Then this past summer I started reading all the stories of Sherlock Holmes, twice for good measure. Soul told me that it is important. So first I read it for the story, second I read it for the potential learning.

One thing I really learned is a principle, that the ignorance of which has caused hordes of people, lawyers, detectives, politicians, scientists make mistakes that are hard to correct, costly, and sicken or kill even more people.

The principle is this: do not make decisions on the basis of insufficient data, insufficient information. Do not fill the missing information in with fantasy, speculation, imagining, wishful thinking, or guessing.

So, this is what happened in my life: I bought a training course 18 months ago, on making money on Amazon.com.

I quit it after a few months of sitting through session after session. I bought it because I could see myself selling Heaven on Earth on Amazon, and quit because I saw that I could not.

A month ago I decided to try again, and actually do the course as it is taught, instead of my own way. Now, that in itself is a breakthrough and a principle, but I don’t want to digress.

I started to do the modules, and in the middle of module 3 I started to see that I was not going to be able to make money with it.

Others do, so I went back to the beginning and did the whole thing again. This time I got a little further, but the “profit” analysis still showed that making money will be hard if not impossible.

shOn my mastermind call this morning, I walked my mastermind partner through the analysis, and that’s when Sherlock Holmes’ principle kicked in: I was guessing everything, my cost, my shipping cost, everything.

I will not know those numbers until I speak with the companies I researched that manufacture what I want to sell. I actually have no idea what is going to cost anything, and therefore I have no idea, no basis to calculate profitability.

Bolt of lightening…

This has been the story of my life: I consider myself really really really intuitive, fast, and able to do successful jumps. I, in fact, have been looking down at people who do things step by step: I have been calling that the pedestrian way…

I have been arrogant, haughty, jumpy, and wrong. My worst enemy.

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself” which is code for give up being arrogant. Give up jumping into conclusion. Give up being condescending.

I have even made an Avatar State Audio for this… and finally, this morning I could declare a new stage in my life: step by step is wonderful. Reading and learning from Sherlock Holmes is wonderful.

I can now count on being a consistent winner, and not a consistent quitter.

What area of your life have YOU been a quitter? What has it cost you?

Please comment below…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What you don’t know can really hurt you”

  1. I am resistant to learning any information step by step because it calls up all the negative memories of past failures. I also would jump ahead to show people that I was smart, which made it hard to ask questions later, and led to the inner conviction that I was faking and thus did not deserve to be there… a feeling that has really impacted and limited my life in a big way.

    I can’t say I am excited about going back into this emotional minefield again, but I have to not be afraid of learning and being a beginner, and see how the little steps get me to where I want to go.

  2. Your biggest problem is that you want to be better than others.
    You’re very good at what you do. You are your best you. But you are better than others. Your blind spot is just that.

  3. Dear Sophie.

    Thank you for your coaching today to lower my expectations and to raise my level of competence. Painfully brilliant. Hard work, humility, perseverance, step by step advancement. This is what I have avoided. And it still won’t be easy. My own experience has shown that no work is wasted, I just don’t want to work. But I will try it again. And also keep trying to go deeper.

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