The non-linear process of growth to a life well lived

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I watched a Hungarian video yesterday on the kids who can see auras, and such… and first I felt upset, then confused, and then, by today, after I finished this article, I was clear: so what?

Every ability, every capability, ordinary or not, is only as useful as it will make you live a life worth living… but what is the usefulness of thousands of kids seeing auras… really! So what? That is their accomplishment?

Just like being an empath, seeing is a curse as much as a gift… the difference between the two is what you are going to do with it… None of the future is self-explanatory, or simple… you have a tool… but you still have to become “a human being” if you want to be happy and live well.

What is quite frustrating for people in my programs, is that things are not linear, they are not step by step, and that things are connected in many not obvious ways.

Most of us aren’t capable of thinking of more than one thing at a time, and most of us don’t have the brain infrastructure to deal with more than one thing… and ignore everything that it may be connected to.

This is what you could learn in the learning how to learn course… that you never learned the way they teach there, and therefor you have nothing to rely on when you are learning: you always have a blank slate…

What I am noticing in the Playground groups, that started at the same time some six months ago, is that the participants’ capacity to see, hold in the same view, and consider more than one thing has increased, for some students: tremendously. And that wasn’t even the goal: it is a side effect. Desirable, and I would not know how to teach it as the main attraction.

I love the way Victor Frankl says in his analogy: if you keep the goal in your view, you’ll miss it. Insane, if you listen to it from your “create a big desire…” teaching… obviously that is not what I teach.

I teach you to expect the zig zag, or as Frankl calls it “crabbing” ?to fly (an aircraft) slightly into a crosswind to compensate for drift.”

Life, a project, an intention is a lot like flying an aircraft: crosswind, and lots of other weather effects force you to adjust, to course correct, to not forget where you are going, and yet not keep your eyes glued to that spot.

Raising your vibration, living a life in heaven, are directions with lots and lots of “weather” influences.

The Anna Karenina Principle is very helpful here: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

In the pursuit of a life worth living, if we examine the successful people, in this regard, we find similar ways of living life… similar outlook, similar cone of vision, similar numbers in their Starting Point Measurements.

It seems that the important measures I have managed to capture:

  • to what degree you take life personally (the about-me score) the inverse of humility
  • to what degree you can own your “sh*t”, aka authenticity
  • your level of integrity
  • your level of self-awareness, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual

These four are the linchpin issues. But it is very difficult albeit seductive, to work on these directly… but it is best to work on them indirectly.

In today’s webinar, in the conversational part, we managed to create some kind of network of issues… that was very pleasurable to me… and maybe to the participants as well… no feedback yet.

We saw, or could have seen, that all those four are interconnected, and inseparable.

And although it feels like, sometimes I bet, like herding cats, lol, in essence you can move all four in the right direction and gradually, and slowly get closer and closer to what is possible for a human with your life circumstances…

I am 71 years old, so a life worth living for me will look different from yours, if you are younger than me, have a different gender, different family status, etc.

How did I get here? Honestly, the first thing I paid attention to is how I don’t honor societal norms, and needed to make that a conscious choice, instead of automatic, with automatic feeling of guilt ten times a day.

Integrity is a between you and you issue, not societal norms, or even family norms. And owning that you dare to be different is a big step towards enabling yourself to be a person, and to grow.

The second thing I worked on, while I didn’t abandon the first, is authenticity.

The only authenticity that is available for humans is being authentic about your inauthenticity. You want to look good, be right, be well regarded, so you hide, lie, pretend.

Telling the truth about it is, at first, very difficult, but it gets easier.

Saying, oops, I just lied, and say the truth… not many people would do that.

But you can’t have integrity if you have anything to hide…

And then I took on humility, in earnest. I declared myself stupid. I declared myself incompetent. I said: I don’t know…

And, interestingly, in tandem with that, I took on self-awareness… so I could see an awful lot of “bad sh*t I could transform to good sh*t.” You can’t catch what you can’t see… this self-awareness is about seeing.

Your order may differ, judging from which capacities people want to turn on, I think they do differ.

The order really won’t matter much… I think I’ve taken a the scenic route…

And the fifth thing, internalizing and asking the Hillel questions: If I am not for me… who is for me? If not now… when? If I am only for me… who am I?

It’s a lot like chess. A fun game.

The activators, capacities, energies are a godsend because this is, not automatically easy… in fact, for most people anything that smells like work, smells bad.

The best helpers are the energy remedies… by the way. I use them myself, when life gets hectic, or too many wires are crossed… or when the people on the call feel bad…

The easiest to experience is the Heaven on Earth, now 41 energies… in a bundle, infused in energized water. Comes in a bottle, shipped everywhere except to Canada… Canada isn’t friendly to the energies.

Get Heaven on Earth in a bottle shipped to your door

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The non-linear process of growth to a life well lived”

  1. I really enjoyed yesterday’s call. The things you talked about built on each other like the interlocking pieces of a puzzle to give me a larger picture.

    I’m not sure how to describe it, but the topics and conversation felt fluid, like traveling down a river with no rocks in the way to disrupt the flow.

    Thank you, Sophie. It was also great to hear you laugh.

  2. Thank you Ronda. Interestingly that is exactly how I felt the topic built into a coherent whole.

    Re: laughing… some of it is normal. Unfortunately, at some point, I gossiped. It is not that what I said was not true, it is that I have a commitment to not gossip. And here I am, I did.

    I am going to write an email to the person I spoke about, I laughed at, or I laughed at how she behaves, and will let her know… and then bear the consequences.

    And thank you again, Ronda

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