Will measuring your vibration prove you are a butterfly?

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First let me clarify the terminology: vibration is an invented logarithmic number… It indicates the level you are on the level of evolutionary scale in every area of life, including intellectually, spiritually, emotionally.

Butterfly life:

you can live life on the horizontal plane (caterpillar life) where everything feels personal, attacking, dangerous, offending, painful, dramatic, or the vertical plane, what we could call “heaven on earth” where you are not bothered by stuff… where you experience joy, enthusiasm, love, caring, etc… and get things done, so your life feels worth living.

One of the most frequent things people find my site with, is the question: what is the real difference between a butterfly and a caterpillar, and why you can’t talk butterfly language with caterpillar people.

My hunch is, that the people are looking are the people who don’t feel they get the respect they deserve from other people… and they suspect that they speak butterfly language, while the non-listening people are caterpillar people.

Your language doesn’t make you a butterfly person… one half of one percent of humanity live, at least some of the time, on the vertical plane… i.e. they could be, legitimately, called butterfly people. Some of that half percent are my students.

What is this butterfly-caterpillar thing really so that so many people want to know?

Butterfly and caterpillar are two different stages of the same insect… but what people are really wanting to know is the spiritual meaning about themselves. Why? Because in this day and age all life is reduced to its mundane, left brain, mind-living level, and the magic, the mystery, the spiritual is missing for people: their god-self is fully unexpressed. They want to experience it…

They want to know, they hope, you hope to learn how to become a butterfly… spiritually.

What’s wrong with being a worm, one could ask, but it’s obvious: if nothing else: as a worm, someone can step on you… and the second: you are bound to the ground. It seems flying is more attractive than crawling. Pedestrian life is colorless, boring, in spite of all the drama.

But it is not clear to people what elements, inside elements, invisible elements these two states have… and what they can do about they changing their insides to change themselves and their lives from boring, tedious, unexciting, to glorious, if they wish to.

The Starting Point Measurements

It seems that nearly all my research, experiments, measuring is about this… measuring and testing the characteristics of the two states in people. It is many measures…

In the Starting Point Measurements the difference between higher and lower plane living is already quite clear… But still I am seeing new things to measure… like a couple of days ago I saw that measuring self-value would be a useful thing to measure, even though you don’t have a lot of control, directly, on that number. In fact you only have direct control on only a few of the numbers, the physical or the essentially mainly physical measures, your level of health and your level of cell hydration.

The rest, the measures over which you don’t have direct control, respond to spiritual practices: reading books in a certain way, gaining clarity, learning the invisible dynamics, learning to tell reality from unreality… The most fundamental influence, the most important factor in altering your measures is to increase the number of “distinctions” you have about yourself, about humanness, about life… especially in the “invisible” dimension of reality, in the proverbial iceberg’s immersed portion. It is real, and yet it is invisible until you learn to see it.

Every distinction is like that. Invisible until it is made visible through learning.

I measure the number of distinctions you can recognize in the vocabulary measure… Calling it your vocabulary number confuses people…

Because your worldview is like a picture, an incomplete distorted mis-shapen picture that has empty parts where you don’t know what should be there, and distorted parts where what you see there is not what is there.

The more complete the picture and the less empty parts and the less distorted parts it has, the more accurate your relationship will be with reality, the more astute your observations and therefore your actions will be.

  • The current “vocabulary” of humanity, including the Nobel Prize winners and the beggars on Delhi’s streets in India, is 200 distinctions.
  • The average “vocabulary” of the people who come to my site is 300 distinctions.
  • The minimum “vocabulary” is 1000 where you can consider yourself able to enter and live some of your life in the butterfly state.

The corresponding vibration number is 200… this is the level where integrity and responsibility becomes available.

Why is the vocabulary number so important?

Counter to all belief, there is never anything wrong in reality. In reality things are what they are… and the emotions, suffering, are not in reality: they are added by the person who can’t tell what is reality.

So when someone’s clarity/vocabulary/distinctions number reaches 1000, they don’t live, or they don’t have to live in the Valley of the Shadow of Death: they can see that the suffering is not in reality, and they can stop adding the suffering, adding the misery themselves.

We do this work in the most organized and orderly fashion, at this point, in the Playground program. It can be called an immersion program: where you do the work, all the work, all the practicing, all the real learning, between sessions. You do it on your own, and you do it with your partner who I assign to you and you talk to, at least once a week.

In that program you are your brother’s keeper… your own success depends on how well you support your partner. An interesting and unusual dynamic. This dynamic trains you, among others, to take your eyes off your own stuff… your own selfish “needs” and effectively put your eyes on the needs of another. You’ll see why this is essential in a second…

Your about-me score

One of the most important measures in the Starting Point Measurements is your about-me score, that tells me what percentage of your visual field is occupied with your needs, your concerns, your own stuff. It also tells me to what degree you live in the mind, in unreality, in Plato’s Cave: fighting shadows, always ineffectiveness.

Interestingly, this same number also tells me what percentage of you is available to learn about reality, and also what percentage of you is available to connect to the spiritual reality, to be your god-self. The higher your about-me score, the more your “caterpillar” self is running your life.

The “spiritual” experiences you have when your about-me score is high, are fake, imaginary, purely b.s. fantasizing. not spiritual.

Another measure that is in sync with the about-me score is your desire score.

Desire is what you hope you can have, what you dream or daydream about, what you “should” have…

The higher your about-me score, the higher your desire number.

When your desire number is high, your whole attention, all your energy is vested in the results… we call that having a project focus.

The results, and a high vibration life, on the other hand, is produced by “process focus” where you are, and all your energies, all your self, are where your activity is… right here and right now… not in some future, in some pipedream, not in the project, not in the result.

This is why a high desire number can only cause misery:

  • on one hand it can’t produce the result, because results are produced with process, by doing things in a certain way, fully present.
  • On the other hand: you cannot enjoy what you are not present with… so the doing is miserable as well.

With a high desire number, your life is about doing what you hate to do to create something you desire… but work you hate is ineffective. A total catch 22.

Only when your about-me number gets lowered by enlarging your cone of vision, can you internalize more distinctions. With more distinctions you see more of reality and see it more accurately.

  • You see what is real, what is not, what previously invisible dynamics can now be seen in reality.
  • You experience, over and over again, that there is no suffering in reality…
    eventually you reach the point where you have a real choice, every moment, whether you act in the butterfly state or in the caterpillar state.

Widening your cone of vision is mainly mechanical and physical, by the way. Certain actions widen it, most narrow it.

and here is a hint how widening your cone of vision gives you all you wanted

Are you going to be a butterfly all the time?

No matter how high your vibration grows, you always need to choose… I know that, because I still have to, even though my vibration is very high. Have to choose many times a day whether I’ll respond in the butterfly state or in the caterpillar state.

In essence this is the whole work of raising your vibration, acquiring the butterfly state as a possibility, a real possibility for living.

Would you like to know where you are now? Ask for your Starting Point Measurements.

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