Want to steal a Jewish trick for prosperity? Read my article: How Can A Yarmulke Help You To Get Rich?

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I once read a book that was teaching Jewish values, the values that made so many Jews wealthy, so many Jews high achievers, so many Jews Mensch, which is Yiddish for a righteous human being.

This article is about stealing a Jewish custom, that looks silly to steal, yet, unbeknownst to Jews made them special and specially favored, judged by all the achievements: and that is the custom of wearing a skullcap, also called yarmulke or kipa.

kipa yarmulke skullcap If you pay attention, the skullcap covers exactly the area that if you activate it by paying attention to it, puts you in direct contact with the Creator.

That direct contact activates hidden capacities, and downloads capacities that are needed to win at the endeavor you are engaged at.

Even those short nano-seconds that today’s Jew feels that spot, the times when he makes sure it’s still there, unbeknownst to him he connects to Source and loads up on the power it takes to be a winner.

Now, after saying all this: is this true? Would anyone agree with me on this? I don’t think so. But that won’t stop me from repeating this until it is heard by enough people: the tangerine spot, or let’s call it “skullcap spot” is your key to heaven.

If you don’t take advantage of it: be my guest. But don’t complain that others are winning, while life is passing you by.

kipa yarmulke skullcap I’d like to suggest that us, who will use the yarmulke (men and women can wear it!) create a design and I maybe order a lot or someone who knows to create a pattern, can make a pattern…

I think it could be fun and it could be a physical reminder that each of us made a conscious decision to become an advancing human being. 2

How about that? A yarmulke cost around three bucks, and your problem is solved.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Want to steal a Jewish trick for prosperity? Read my article: How Can A Yarmulke Help You To Get Rich?”

  1. This is such an interesting observation about the link between chakras and Jewish culture! Now I'm wondering how to bring more awareness to my crown chakra during the day without wearing a yarmulke as I am female and not Jewish!

  2. Roseanna, I recommend creating a ritual. Every time you use the bathroom you put a hanky or even a paper hanky on the top of your head, on the back half of the top… and concentrate on it. I bet you can still pee… and you killed two birds with the same stone, and connected. The connection doesn't need to be long…

  3. Sophie,

    Just happen to have one velvet yarmulke somewhere around the house, I have to look for it.

    And I also have one back home in Florida given to me on Kings Highway in New York by my bosses back then in the 80’s. It brings back a lot of memories.

    Thank you, now I understand why some of my orthodox Jewish friends would wear a yarmulke under the hats and secular ones were just normal with no tradition no nada. I always noticed the difference in really religious orthodox friends.

    I checked my tangerine spot today and noticed that’s were I lost all my hair or perfect palm size round bald spot ….lol.

    So now I have a natural tangerine spot.

    Would that work better feeling just the bald spot or use the yarmulke ? 🙂

    I normally wear a white golf cap walking around the resort because of too much daily sun and my sun sensitive skin.

  4. Henry, I am not telling you to wear a yarmulke, but I am telling you that if something needs to be checked on the tangerine spot, that will connect you several times during the day, connect you to the wisdom of the beyond.

    I don’t think having a bald spot will do that to you: I haven’t heard of a bald spot blowing away in strong wind… lol.

    Sorry, you have given me a very high ball… lol

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