The average truth value of good articles only 7%

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Why is the average truth value of a good article only around 7%? That is a very low number! Please explain…

As you may have noticed, it is harder and harder for me to write an article a day. There are 4000 articles on this site, and they all came easily… if I remember correctly. But suddenly I have nothing to say.

Or better said: I have only to say something when someone asks me, like in coaching or on a webinar… otherwise I feel there is no listening for me to say something, therefore I have no desire, no urgency to say anything.

Why? Because I feel that I am far too removed from the mainstream, and other than my students, no one can hear me, and even my students can hear a small percentage of what I say.

So last night I pondered, instead of sleeping, whether I was done. Finished, emptied, used up, dried out. I am not depressed, by the way.

I think it is probably a phase… but here are some of my thoughts about the mainstream, about Passover, and why people won’t give up their delusions, why they hold onto them.

Why is the average truth value of a good article only around 7%? That is a very low number! Please explain

Nearly all books, all articles, all videos, all educational materials teach what is visible, from the visible… And occasionally they say something that is made up… like the law of attraction, or positive thinking, or the power of your mind. The top 10% of the iceberg of knowledge with some nice dreams.

Add to this picture people’s inability to look at the big picture, their inability to connect the dots, and you get a very low truth value of information out there…

Then add to this the readers’ ability to consume and digest the material, which is around 3%, and the “authors” of stuff are rewarded with lots of applause, lots of readers. No one dares to tell the truth: whatever people write as advice is useless, because no one can use it and no one can produce the promised results. 4

I read articles… they show up in my inbox.

I read an article today, emotional agility was part of the title, and I became hopeful that someone has been reading my articles… lol. 5 But it was very disappointing, because the truth value of the article was 5%, and the information all mainstream, from the visible, useless.

What the article advocates is that if you can handle your emotions and allow them to be an ever changing landscape, not stuck emotions suffering people deal with, then your life will be better, you can grow, produce, love, and live a life worth living. A little bit of truth… and the lack of all the truth, deeper truth, how to do that, etc. result in no ability to do what you are asked to do.

He generously quotes from other low truth value writings…

No one seems to ask the question: do we see the whole picture? Everybody assumes that we do.

And no one questions that maybe what we see is not reality, that what we see is made up stuff… And we are stuck with it. I’ll show you how later…

No one asks: why is it that the results are so low when people follow these teachings? The results of low truth value teachings produce results in the neighborhood of 1%.

I watched Jim Kwik’s masterclass with Vishen (ugh) in which he says: this is a 30 day immersion course about developing your genius mind, something like this… I am not disparaging Jim Kwik, I actually think that he is good at what he teaches, although I don’t know if he teaches well of not: I haven’t learned anything from him, yet.

But he says that with this 30-day immersion course the results are 50%. My muscle test says it is more like 10%, not bad. Even 10% is 5-10 times higher than normal.

I read somewhere that only 15% of people complete online courses they register in.

Completion doesn’t mean they benefited. They watched all videos, that is what it means. Learning is a lot more than input… what you’ll do with it will matter.

For example after watching the learning to learn course on coursera, only one of my students is using the pomodoro technique. It is fundamental to that course… so you see, watching a course doesn’t result in learning… it’s not enough.

In my courses…

In my courses, specifically in the Playground, people predictably drop out at a tune of 20% once they see it is not a walk in the park… and then whoever stays stays till the end, and then half or more of those students produce the results the course promises.

I normally know which people will be the non-producers… they will bring in words and books and courses they like and then mix it with what I teach… they are trying to do their own thing. A la carte… doesn’t work.

So what is my secret? What is the secret that produces what I promise: a life lived from a different set of reality, where you have power and maybe even grace as you live it?

The secret is that I only teach from the invisible. And I also enforce the learning…

Maybe I could also add, I teach to look at what you are looking at deeper… to not stop at the top 10% level of the invisible either…

I have the patience for you to struggle to see what I am talking about. If it comes from the invisible then obviously it is not visible, until you can catch a glimpse of it, then observe it, feel it, and see clearly. Come to terms with it, tame your ego, allow it to settle… grieve the loss of the old view… Takes a few weeks, and if you don’t have the patience, I have it for you until you catch up…

And only faith in me keeps you in the course in the very beginning, until you actually see at least one of the invisible dynamics. Then, when you see it, you feel the relief, you are good to go.

Actually, the study of the invisible dynamics is a lot of fun, and the source of a lot of joy.

Not only because seeing the invisible dynamics tames the emotions, sharpens your view, creates clarity and power, but because you see people and their actions are dominated by the invisible dynamics, and that, observed in another, is actually funny.

Unless, of course, the other person is too close to you (parent, spouse, offspring), and how they behave reflects on you.

You don’t know that you don’t know

The invisible dynamics are in the you “don’t know that you don’t know” part of all knowledge… in the way under the water part of the knowledge iceberg. Unless someone teaches them to you, you don’t even suspect that they exist… but you suspect that they must, that something must be there from the disproportionate strength and intensity of your feelings.

Most every issue in human behavior, in relationships, in creativity, in negotiations, communication, emotions, life experience, etc. is such that it cannot be solved with above the water level solutions… only with thoroughly revealing the hidden dynamics.

This is my work, this is what i teach, this is what I and my students learn to produce a life worth living with.

Now, the question arises: why would 50% still not get what the key is to a happy life?

This is a very important question, and I am lucky: I have opportunities to observe, so I don’t only get their enthusiastic yay or nay answers to my questions (the typical feedback, the typical testimonial, utterly worthless). In the partner calls they fully demonstrate what they got and what they didn’t. And then I have opportunities to have conversations with these students in email coaching, where i can start to see even clearer what is happening, what they are missing.

Some people, or maybe said more precisely, some soulcorrections, are more likely to resist this work.

Soul correction is a theory, coming from the Kabbalah, and it is a lot like a horoscope… it tells you and it tells me what your typical reaction to something unpleasant will be.

Feel forever stuck (Silent Partner), feel entitled (Removing Hatred), feel self-righteous, justified and angry (Circuitry), feel justified and vengeful (Memories), feel afraid, feel resigned, feel superior (Forget Theyself), feel slighted, feel compared and not winning (Share the Light) etc. Kabbalah doesn’t teach these… I had to ferret them out myself, and it’s a lot of work.

Breaking For Freedom

Passover, a Jewish “holiday”, is about breaking for freedom. In the Old Testament, Egypt stands for slavery. According to Kabbalah, the whole Old Testament is a code: nothing means what it means on the surface.

The meaning is in the invisible. No accident that only over 40 year old rabbis were allowed to study the Kabbalah, for thousands of years. In the hands of immature, slave-minded people the science and knowledge can be misused.

Now, I know about misused… Some of my students do just that… feel more justified in their stuck reaction to reality. And, of course I also know about not understood, not internalized, not working, or rejected.

The slavery Kabbalah talks about is the slavery to your own delusions, to ego, to your theories of how it should be, how others should be, how you should be… all delusions, all unreality.

What Kabbalah teaches (I say) and what I teach is to remove the cataract from your eyes, the delusion from your heart, and to start interacting with reality the way reality is. Own what yours, disown what is not yours… without emotions, without giving it undue power and emphasis.

Depending on your about-me score (I measure it in the starting point measurements) 10-99% of all your actions come from the delusions and the undue power and emphasis you give to what you don’t, what you can’t own. This leaves you with very little power to get things done, to take care of things, to do good work, to love yourself, to live a life worth living.

The work I ask you to do is to learn to see reality and learn to live from it… so you can have your power back.

The 50% of my students, the people who don’t get the results are those who refuse to break from slavery.

Why would someone choose misery and ineffectiveness? Great question.
  • To cover up something about themselves that they know is either evil or shameful.
  • Or to tell the truth about duping themselves and everyone around them…
  • or they would have to give up unearned goodies…
  • or because they don’t feel that they can survive the truth…
  • many reasons.

I had my first such experience in 1977… it wasn’t fun. I had many more over the years…

This tells me that the truth gets revealed in stages, not all at once.

Your brain won’t let you see more than what you can deal with… 6 So you are safe… You just have to keep on working.

Some of my students are getting glimpses of reality… as much as they can deal with right now, not all of reality.

You penetrate one layer of the invisible. But there is more…

For example: When you think of yourself as the only nice person, and everything bad is done by other people, or life… you can console yourself with complaining and posing as a victim.

But complaining is desire to receive for the self alone, the only evil we know.

If there is never anything wrong in reality, then your complaining is saying that things should not be the way they are, they should be the way it would work for you… and that is placing yourself above everyone else… wanting something at the expense of all other people.

And it doesn’t matter if billions of people agree with you… agreement is not proof. Not necessary for things to be the way they are, for things to be real.

A handful of people agree with me… maybe less.

What are the 10 commandments?

The10 commandments are utterances to guide humanity to a life on earth that is manageable… where you all honor the same guidelines…

  • I have observed that drivers consider the traffic laws traffic suggestions…
  • I have observed that stealing, lying, cheating, is OK as long as you don’t get caught
  • I have observed that the students of mine who are unwilling to change their minds, have made up their own rules, as if they were god, and now they are superior and self-righteous that other people don’t honor their rules.

And with that, 90% of humanity making up their own rules, the world as we know it is in trouble: we have been gobbling up the planet as if it were a free all-you-can-eat buffet, that gets replenished by next day.

What happens to you when you make up your own rules? You get banged up left and right… because your rules have no agreement from others… your “I am superior” or “I am special” meets other people’s “I am superior” and “I am special” and then the least squeamish will win.

Until and unless you let go of what you consider wrong, what you consider right, what rule you consider the world should obey, you will be miserable, and most likely very ineffective in life: your power is tied up in the shoulds.

Ineffective translates to poor, sick, and unloved. Unappreciated.

Oh well, if that is what you are choosing, who am I to get angry… lol.

Let me answer the unasked question: how come 50% of my students choose not to give up slavery, while more than 90% of humanity lives in slavery?

Did you notice that not everyone is scrambling trying to get into the Playground program? People don’t even ask about it… As long as they ignore it, they don’t have to consider that they themselves are the cause of their misery…

Why is that good? Beats me… but it is really obvious, watching people, that for them being right beats getting rich, being right beats being happy… and because you cannot be right and rich at the same time, you cannot be right and happy at the same time, most people are not rich and most people are not happy… And rich people are not happy either.

So what do I teach in the Playground?

I teach you the invisible dynamics of reality. So you can interact with what is, not with some delusion, maya, made up b.s.

I teach you how to dig out and how to interact with how it is, not how it should be, or shouldn’t be. How you are, not how you should be. How your opponent is not how they should be.

So you can be effective, and live life effectively.

If you try to live life from the visible 10%, you cannot be effective. Ask any of the article/book writers if they have a good life… I guarantee that at least 90% will be honest and say no. Because if they live from what they teach… big sigh.

Ever wondered why doctors die decades before their patients die? Maybe because they follow what they “preach”…

Everybody lives by their own rules, and hardly anyone follows the age old wisdom… The result: chaos, incoherence, and misery…

But the ones that can face reality because they can see reality without all the added crap… they can be effective and have a good life… a life that is worth living.

PS: I just realized that I sound as if I were complaining.

I am not. But you don’t see what is there, you see what you are. Consider that I am describing reality the way reality is, and of course, given what I have to give, is not good news for me. And unless I adapt, somehow, to provide something that you actually want, or find the handful of people who want to see reality for what it is, I am going to have a hard time saying anything… given that there is no listening for the truth.

PPS: there is an invisible dynamic of reality I could have looked through to write this article: the perpetration-withhold dynamic, where the person, the protagonist perpetrates against a moral imperative, or reality, or another person, and then ends up hating, angry, blaming, and unsuccessful through and through. If you can recognize yourself in that, if you can see your perpetration, then you will have a second chance, clean it up and get a new lease on life.

PPPS: I have found that every issue has an invisible component. Most issues need at least 10 layers to be made visible, raising your vibration a whole lot more.

In today’s Sunday rant I discovered yet three undiscovered layers to my own process… earth shaking it may sound, it shook me in my boots. lol.

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  1. I write about this in an article where I ask why you cannot duplicate a billionaire's results, even if you closely observe what they do. Because most of what makes them a billionaire is in the invisible, meaning: you cannot see it... therefore cannot duplicate it. And because 90% of what matters is in the invisible, you are sh*t out of luck if you don't study the invisible dimension of reality, the 90%

    Yes, you.

  2. I know it's ridiculous, that laughter is mixed with grief... Obviously I still have a little bit of "unfulfilled expectations"... :-(
  3. When what you would see is too much to maintain your sanity, you faint, you forget, of you move sideways. When your move, rarely, is unsuccessful, you go insane...
  4. I write about this in an article where I ask why you cannot duplicate a billionaire’s results, even if you closely observe what they do. Because most of what makes them a billionaire is in the invisible, meaning: you cannot see it… therefore cannot duplicate it. And because 90% of what matters is in the invisible, you are sh*t out of luck if you don’t study the invisible dimension of reality, the 90%

    Yes, you.

  5. I know it’s ridiculous, that laughter is mixed with grief… Obviously I still have a little bit of “unfulfilled expectations”… :-(
  6. When what you would see is too much to maintain your sanity, you faint, you forget, of you move sideways. When your move, rarely, is unsuccessful, you go insane…

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