The runt of the litter and predatory genes

In nature when a mother has a litter, there may be one or two that will not grow up to be adults… because there is just not enough tits, food, energy is left for them.

That is life.

Nature doesn’t like to waste energy… Humans do.

Humans invented morality and the right to live, regardless whether it makes sense or not, so we have an upside down world, where we live in a should world. The selfish gene is not happy…

One of the things that make one the runt of the litter is not enough Life-Force… Life Force, at least partially, is expressed in the number of predatory genes, where you would push away another puppy from the food, so you can eat more.

The runt of the litter just makes weak attempts at getting what they need, and whine, complain, feel bad about themselves, daydream about a just world where everyone is as fair and nice as they are…

I was definitely the runt of the litter: I was born prematurely, with barely two pounds of body weight, and I was kept alive artificially. I have been sickly all my life, and I distinctly remember the very few moments when I felt well. Was it a mistake to keep me alive?

My brothers are strong, they take care of themselves.

I have zero predatory genes. My brothers have three… My father had five. My mother had zero… 1

  • You need predatory genes… because if you are not for you: who is for you?
  • And you can have too many: because if you are only for yourself, who are you?

Eight predatory genes almost always mean: psychopath… someone who doesn’t care, doesn’t feel guilty, doesn’t feel remorse.

In the current Module 1 of the Playground, I have four people: three of them are very low on predatory genes, and one is very high.

I’ll talk about the ones who are low on predatory genes.

The behavior they demonstrated while a “puppy”, and the incidents, keep on repeating themselves.

This is the phenomenon, this cyclicity is what I teach in Level2, where the main principle, the Pebble in your shoes shows how your life is cyclical, what triggers the cycle, and how you can learn to manage it so it doesn’t go through the destructive cycle or at least you learn from it.

If your defining incidents repeat themselves, the incidents where you were slighted, ignored, mistreated, left behind, abused, misguided, used… will repeat themselves until you learn to manage them, learn to notice the trigger, and manage the machine. You cannot do away with the machine, but you can manage it.

In your world, in your memory you are a victim, but if we look closer at the behavior, the dynamic, we can see that you are also the perpetrator.

You gave up, you colored the world beautiful, you were closing your eyes to the truth, you were whining, but you never took charge… and today, as an adult, you are dealing with the same kind of abuse… and you caused it, because you set yourself up as a victim. Unconsciously.

The goal is to get conscious of what you tend to do, so you can stop doing it if it is harmful.

In the invisible dynamics of reality we learn many of the dynamics I have already recognized. But even if you are in the course, you’ll notice that you’ll take to the ones that paint you the nice guy, the good guy, and not the smart guy…

There is a saying that was popularized by President Reagan: Trust but verify… and runts trust and don’t verify. They prefer to be right about how bad other people are…

They never make strong agreements, they never set boundaries, they are always in the victim position.

I watched the video of the mother dog teaching her puppies discipline… that is not you… you let everything fall apart, people climb on you, take advantage of you, and then you whimper.

I teach the pebble method in module 4 of the Playground… and although it may be needed earlier because I have a course with mostly runts… I won’t change the order in which I teach the invisible dynamics. It is a swim or sink world, and I am not going to perpetrate on it this way.

So if you are not getting in life what you want, if you seem to live a life that doesn’t take you where you intend it to go, you may want to buy the Level2 course… it is a lifesaver.

Even people who have more predatory genes have a repeating cycle… even if they aggressively try to get all they can… because the pebble cycle is universal… just the reaction to the cycle will be slightly different.

The length of the cycle depends on what age you got your big traumatic incident… my cycle is one year long.

What is in common in all humans is beating yourself up, unless, of course, you are a psychopath.

So you are always stressed out, regardless of how many predatory genes you have. Because you never meet your own expectations of yourself.

The Hillel quote:

If I am not for myself, who is for me?
If not now, when?
If I am only for myself, who am I? to the rescue.

I listened to a podcast this morning, the Mentally Tough podcast, where the guy teaches to act logically, rationally, and not from your emotions. When you act from your emotions, you always lose.

Most every person on the Planet acts from emotion, (talk, buy, do) and justify it with reasons… and most every person on the Planet does stupid, losing things this way.

In the Playground we do what it takes to reveal the roots of the emotions, and neutralize them, so you can start living a life without those stupid mistakes you now make because you are listening to your emotions.

It is a long process… but to the degree you succeed, to the same degree the world will become a brighter, nicer place, where you can start doing the right things that bring you the results you want.

PS: I wonder if people would buy the program more willingly if they knew that in that program we get rid of your bad emotions? Do you think that would be a better approach to selling and marketing it?

Something like this: Get rid of your bad emotions about the world and about yourself… Come join the Playground where that’s all we do.

Would you buy a course like that?

No magic is used, although it does feel magical. Because seeing the truth is power… real power.



  1. I haven’t been able to determine if the predatory gene situation is nature of nurture… My hunch is that it is both… But predominantly nurture… but I am not sure.

    I have found that people with lower number tend to have more grief and complaints… and “enjoy” them.

    They tend to organize their lives around becoming a victim, etc.

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4 thoughts on “The runt of the litter and predatory genes”

  1. Sophie, yes I think that it would be a better approach for marketing. The insight I got now is that people don’t know what the reality, the truth is. They don’t have the mental representation so the mind of most people would say “how would I know that” but everybody have bad emotions and nobody wants that….Just a thought.

    My sister was born 1 year and 14 days after me. So I didn’t get much breast milk from my mother. My uncle’s wife who had a one year old daughter nursed me for 6 months I think. I was 3 years old when I got my big traumatic incident.

  2. thank you Kawa, I’ll look how to retool my marketing without becoming a liar.

    you are lucky that you were nursed… so you probably weren’t a runt… or were you? What is your story about your sister being born? that you were robbed and shortchanged?

  3. No. I wasn’t a runt. Actually, I don’t remember if I felt robbed and shortchanged.

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