Where do you look for signs of YOUR transformation?

When you have a transformation, where do you see it?

First off: did you or didn’t you have a transformation? Good question, right? Because, after all, you are still spending a lot of time in your head, you still have feelings you don’t like, and you are still not a millionaire, don’t bed young women, didn’t lose the extra 30 pounds… so how would you know if you had a transformation or not?

let me give you a few examples from my own journey of transformation.

    1. After I did my very first program, 28 years ago, the whole office changed by the time I got back. People suddenly liked me, wanted to find out what I did, wanted to follow in my footsteps.Not only that: suddenly I was invited to places, people wanted to shake my hand. It was weird: I did the program and they changed. Strange.
    2. After I did my second program, two years later, I noticed something even weirder: the weather changed. It became sunny, the clouds suddenly looked awesome, the trees were beautiful, and nice people were coming out of the woodwork… I had this guy volunteer to support me until I could establish myself, for nothing in return. Weird.

  1. After my third program I got my first promotion as an architect. I had been an architect for 16 years, so this is really out of the ordinary. The company, in spite of dealing with financial difficulties, kept me on their rolodex, and any time they had any work for an architect, they called me. Wow.
  2. Some time later, when I decided to leave architecture, I was the subject of a bidding war: two companies needed a freelance architect, and they were bidding for my services. I turned them both down.
  3. I won’t share with you the 20 odd years and the hundreds of weird and seemingly unrelated changes I saw in people… I’ll jump to today.My landlord called me an hour ago. He said hello, he was courteous, and at the end of the call he thanked me. I sat in silence, awestruck for a few minutes.

    I’ve had this landlord for 10 years, and I am used to him being rude, never say hello, never make an appointment to see me, and never say thank you.

So I looked if anyone else has been changing in my life, and to my surprise I found some examples:

  • My driver has finally learned to drive… lol. I haven’t had to criticize her for a few weeks now.
  • My chiropractor has been happy coming to see me, or seeing me in his office. He said he liked to see me, no matter where. He complimented me on my aura, and on the feel of my apartment.Now, beforehand he was mostly talking about himself, about other people, and about what’s important to him… so this is a big change.
  • A client of mine (a different business, the photographer I talk about from time to time) has stopped drinking, his children are doing better in school, he is doing better financially, and he is getting clearer to what is important to him. Our conversations are actually pleasant, what a change!

Now, why am I sharing about other people?

Because that is where you see your transformation. You can’t see yourself. Humans are an enigma to themselves… someone said. Who? Don’t remember, but it feels right.

In addition to that: You are not successful until the people around you are, you cannot be happy until the people around you are. Why? Because we are connected.

You are the common denominator and your internal state, outlook on life, attitude limits everyone’s success around you.

So look at other people around you.

Had my landlord stayed the same, it would have a major dampening effect on my effectiveness in life… same with all the people in my life…

Transformation is revealing the invisible… that is where your transformation lives.

Also, if you are using the HOE Long Range: people around you are getting energetic support, and thus giving you energetic support in return.

And if you found signs of your transformation when looking at other people… please immortalize that in the comments below: it will be there to remind you when you want to give up because it isn’t working… lol. OK?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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