Can you fully recover from depression from a drug?

You should consider reading the novel, Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes

Not the movie, the book.

Why, you would ask… Because it shows you what happens when you get to unearned heights.

In the book, Charlie undergoes an operation that makes his brain perform at beyond genius level… only to go back to become mentally handicapped… again.

Because a living being is an organism, you really cannot gift it a higher level than the whole organism. It cannot carry the weight… and it collapses to where it was before the “gifting” or below.

Do I know this? Somehow I know it. How? I feel it. After all my access to truth, my access to knowing is feeling: I am an empath. I can’t think it. I am not a thinker… I am a feeler. What I feel I express to you, through thinkable thoughts, and if you can, you’ll think that… Most can only think about, and is unwilling or unable to follow the instruction: think this! Thinking what I ask you to think will be the access for you. Thinking what I said. NOT what you think about what I said… Big distinction.

Most of humanity is tethered 1 to words…

They don’t feel, don’t see, don’t hear. They don’t even think. They react to words…

The most important sensory organ is sight. Why? I don’t know. But anything you cannot see is not real for you.

So my work with you is to attempt to make you see… see what you haven’t seen, by looking where you haven’t looked, the way you haven’t looked, through distinctions, filters that you didn’t know existed.

Many mornings I start my day doing some foundation work on my website, read some hard articles through turning them into audios.

This morning was special: I listened to an article by a psychologist and didn’t understand a word. It didn’t bother me: I got, for the first time, that I am not a thinker… no problem, I am what I am. Nothing wrong here.

Then I listened to a really long article, 10 thousand words. Long.

The article was by a very popular writer on, John Gorman, and his essay on how he went from a lifetime of depression to a life-affirming person in 30 days.

He went on a ketamine regime, administered in a doctor’s office.

ketamine tripKetamine is a narcotic, a hallucinogenic… and he had plenty of trips. 30 hours total.

He, now, mostly feels like a normal person, or maybe better. What did the treatment achieve… at least temporarily?

He got to the place where we plan to get to through my Playground program: where we see, clearly, and can get there in seconds, no matter what is happening, the reality where there is never anything wrong. We aren’t wrong, others aren’t wrong, the world isn’t wrong.

Where we are not in a hurry to get anywhere, get anything, do anything, where we can be at the right place at the right time. Just be. And then do what we’ll do.

A huge accomplishment.

The difference between Gorman and us, is that we work to get there. Diligently… or we won’t get there.

depressed and aloneDepression is a state where you are wrong, they are wrong, it is wrong, and you are never how you should be, who you should be, what you should do… there is a profound wrongness about everything.

So, in essence, in the one year long Playground, (a new course is starting tomorrow) we want to get to where Gorman got in 30 hours tripping. Each trip about an hour long… chemically induced.

The truth value of the long essay is 10%. Is he lying? 30% yes… says Source. His fear is feverish at the end of the article: he is afraid… he is afraid, and rightly so, that it was too easy. That maybe he didn’t earn it.

You can read the article if you want to… it is “click-bait”… answering everyone’s desire for a miracle where good things are happening to you.

The biggest seller in today’s day and age. Hope giving… Deadly.

Once you read it, come back to me and let me know if you saw anything.

The clients and students I have go down that “tunnel” as well.

I have a Playground course student who is, suddenly, buying up my activators, at a tune of 2-3 a week.

At first I muscle tested if he is trying to sell them… but I got a “no” answer.

After reading this article, I can see, that he is hoping for a shortcut. A shortcut to peace of mind, a shortcut to a world where there is nothing wrong…

He doesn’t trust the Playground, I feel, because he hasn’t gotten what he hoped for in the first two months.

One of the things Gorman didn’t have to go through is seeing all the situations, all the incidents, where HE brought all the meanings of wrongness to the incident. Where he was the perpetrator not the victim.

It is a bitter pill to swallow, and takes quite a few months to really own… On the other side of that is a clarity that if you stop being the wrongness to life, life stops being wrong. Hah.. sound simple. It isn’t.

We all want to be right about our misery, we all want to look good, we all want to avoid owning our role in our own life.

That is the hardest jump to make… and it doesn’t come to that, in the Playground, until month nine… when you are ready… when you can hold it. When you can own it.

Roughly half of the students that started in September, are on that level. The ones that aren’t have gone back to do the exercises, this time in earnest, again.

No matter how much you’d like life to have jumps: it doesn’t…

You have to earn your wings to fly.

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