Do carbs make you sluggish, in body and mind? Part 2

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how to be dumb and stay poor

Do carbohydrates make you sluggish of body and mind?

It is hard to know how to eat. The newspapers, magazines, TV, scientist change their tune as if it were the seasons… so, as a rule, anything that you read or hear is suspect of being a lie.

I had my first breakthrough with a simple insight about 15 years ago:

Whenever I went into a restaurant I looked around. If the patrons were fat, I turned around and left. The restaurant catered to fat people…

At that point I didn’t know what made one fat, but I had a hunch that if you observe people long enough, you’ll find out.

Years ago I’d watch my chiropractor friend eat mostly freshly made vegetables, eggs, meat and poultry… he walked every day, and he was trim. He thought he was trim because he walked, but I found out that he walked because he was trim… because after he met a woman, and to suck up to her, he started to eat vegetarian.

He put on a nice round belly, he doesn’t walk any more, he buys a bag of corn chips, or some other carb snack every time he passes a store… I learned enough…

If you want to see something, you may need to go back in time to before 1950 or so… that is when television, and mass advertising started to change people’s mind on a mass scale…

So I contemplated countries, I contemplated levels of IQ, I contemplated number of scientist, number of Nobel Prize winners…

I contemplated the rich and the poor…

I love recipes. I found that there are the veritable poor people food, and then there are the rich people food, if you look through old recipe books.

Poor people, the world over, eat grains, beans, plantain, banana, all laden with carbs.

poached-eggs-aThe rich eats protein rich food.

Maybe the saying: the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer has wider meaning than we have considered.

Maybe your diet has more influence on your mental development, on your mental sharpness, than anything else!

If you look at your nation’s (your parents’ or your own original country) eating habits, you will find a distinct difference between the habits of the smart and the habits of the poor.

pancackes with syrupThe poor’ staple diet is rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, beans, and they tend to stay poor.

I know I know, you can’t tell that the poor is less smart. And there are exceptions, one in a million. Yes, there are exceptions. And you can’t tell that you are less smart than you could be… can you?

Trust me, even the smartest person will become dull, delusional, and mistake-prone if they start to eat the way the poor does.

Just look at the discount stores and see what is their main seller: chips. Carbs.

Now you know what to avoid. As completely as you can.
And if you want to help my research, please comment on the staple foods of your original country or your ethnic group, it will make this article more valuable. For you and for everyone. You’ll start to own what owns you…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Do carbs make you sluggish, in body and mind? Part 2”

  1. Sophie, this is very interesting observation. I love it. I’ve been researching diets for years. I remember growing up in Russia we were not poor but not rich either so we mostly ate bread, potatoes, grains as hot cereal, lots of soups and seasonal fruit and nuts. Occasionally cheese and meat. My parent’s wealthy friends ate black caviar, butter, cheese, meat roasts and seasonal veggies. Now I cook gluten free grains like millet, quinoa, amaranth and wild rice. We also eat some grass fed meats and wild fish and drink raw milk with raw cream. I am still playing with this diet.

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