The most important three words to utter when you are stuck

I need help“I need help”

Sometimes these magical words, said at the right time, said to the right person, will make all the difference.

Sometimes even if you just say it to yourself it makes a difference.

Yesterday, on the Path coaching call, two of the seven participants asked for help.

golemOften what is in the way of us changing is something that we can’t see. It’s like the Golem. 1 You don’t know what it is, you feel it, and it successfully stops you from ever changing to the better.

I am finding myself at this exact place right now.

I have decided to start a new business that has the potential to make me more money than just the bare minimum. And almost instantly I have experienced this “Golem” effect… I feel paralized, I feel resistant, and I haven’t been able to break through.

I need help. I also have a problem: I don’t know anyone who knows how to help someone through a barrier like this.

So, I am doing the next best thing: I pretend that this is someone else who has this problem, and I am the coach. I have done this a thousand times, and this is how I pulled myself up by my bootstraps from a vibration of 185 to a vibration of above 900.

Every time there is a blockage, there is also an incident.

An incident can be as seemingly innocent as overhearing your parents talk about you, and as serious as being raped. Either way, the job is to get really present to what happened, who was there, etc.

The nature of significant incidents is that suddenly all of life is about that incident. Everything else disappears and your whole cone of vision is filled with that horrible thing. (I am yet to find an example that the incident is a good thing happening: it seems that the mind singles out the bad stuff only.)

The next step is to hang out with the incident, experientially, and start adding the senses: smell, touch, hearing, feelings, to expand the cone of vision. The goal is to make the incident just one thing that happened at the same time.

I spent hours doing this with a coach, about two incidents, and he didn’t stop until my emotional charge about the incidents was as non-existent as when I share what I had for breakfast and where.

This is the most effective method I have to get unstuck. But sometimes you don’t know what happened, or you don’t think that the seemingly insignificant happening could be the Golem in your life, the one that guards the path prohibiting you from entering it.

Working on myself I so far I have found that I was six years old at the time, that I overheard my parents speaking about me, that what they said was horrible. I am having tears in my eyes, even though I don’t remember any of this. My emotions do… my mind is still blocking it.

Sometimes what you hear, or what happens is too much, and the mind shuts down to prevent itself from cracking. Much like the computer crashing: it crashes before it breaks.

I use my muscle-testing, and I use my feelings as a guidance. The stronger the feelings protest, the closer I am to what I am looking for. I have learned that while coaching my students.

Once I’ll clearly see in all of its obscene irreal wholeness what happened and how I allowed that to stop me in my life, I’ll be done…

Taking time out to remove the Golem from your life may be the most important thing you can ever do to raise your vibration.

And the most important three words to utter is to say “I need help” when you are on a coaching call.

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  1. In Jewish folklore, a golem GOH-lem; Hebrew is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter. It also appears in my favorite sci-fi stories by Stanislaw Lem — I think, I read those in Hungarian eons ago, 50 years ago or so…

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