Becoming Like God, Clinging To The Tree of Life

becoming like God, Climbing The Tree of LifeBecoming Like God, Climbing The Tree of Life

This is a very old article. The truth value of this article is only 10%… my newer articles’ truth value is 60%. And yet… this article has elements of truth… 10%…

There are two fundamental ways to live life, and that reflects in every choice we make, every thought we have, every action we take.

    • One way is to say: “I am all I can be, and my job is to make the best with what I have got. If I choose to grow, I have schools to go to, I have people who know more than I do, and I can learn from them.” This is the Tree of Knowledge way.

    • The other is: I am made of the substance of God, and that substance is capable of being like God, as it is of God.Not only the substance is capable to be like God, it wants to be like God.

It is only my consciousness that stands in the way, my consciousness, my thinking, my behavior.

My job, as a human being, is to help that substance go home, and become like it is supposed to be, become like God.

It is my job to allow my consciousness, my behavior, my thinking to go with it. It is my job to allow the substance to give me my consciousness, my behavior, my thoughts.” This is the Tree of Life way.

You see, the two approaches to life are fundamentally different.

The first way doesn’t take into consideration, doesn’t acknowledge that the matter you are made of is of higher functioning than the molecules, the atoms, the chemicals would make it, by themselves.

This is the school of thought that we call the Tree of Knowledge.

All that is taught in schools comes from the Tree of Knowledge and supports that way. All that is taught in churches comes from that. 99.99% of what you read on the internet comes from that.

At this day and age, less than  1,000 people live the second way, the Tree of Life way.

Why? Because, (I think,) of arrogance. Because, (I think,) of ego.

Because we want to experience everything for ourselves. Because the Tree of Life way sounds unexciting, it looks boring, lacking discovery, lacking excitement. 1

Like a child not listening to his parents, not willing to learn from them, we, humanity as a whole, have been this belligerent child.

Is it true that allowing the inherent wisdom of the God-stuff to speak makes life boring? No, not at all!

After all we are not only God-stuff, we are also physical stuff, and ego stuff, and the God-stuff, fully empowered, is only one factor. And once we start to evolve, we invent a challenge (a project) to become an expanding human being: it will provide enough excitement!

I once had an employee, a musician, I took a liking to. I wanted to help him succeed. I wanted to help him record his music in my office, and help him market it. He was very excited, but had one condition: I was not allowed to advise him, or restrict him in any way. He said: “I want to make my own decisions, good or bad. I want to have the right to fail, if my decisions are bad.”

I remember I was livid. I had been, successfully, in business at that time for about 15 years, and his attitude made no sense to me.

Looking back, he chose the Tree-of-Knowledge way. It was more important to him to be right than to be successful. More important than having a chance even to be a full time musician. Being right was more important than anything.

I refused to support him under those conditions. Looking at this life, he would have spent my money and my resources and produce nothing of value from it. Nothing for himself, nothing for me.

I don’t know if you can see it, as clearly as I see it, that the opposite of ego is humility. The opposite of ego is surrender. The opposite of ego is to hold higher values more important than lower values.

What are the lower self values? The values of the Tree of Knowledge? We all know them, and we’ve all fallen into valuing them higher than anything.

They are

  1. Looking good. Sometimes it masquerades as “avoid looking bad,” but it’s the same thing.
    It makes us lie, cheat, stretch beyond our means, sacrifice relationships, sacrifice passion, it all looks for satisfaction in what other people say, or may say about you. A definite killer of aliveness and joy.
  2. Being right. It often expresses itself as avoiding being wrong… as in not choosing. And another way it may show up is making other people wrong. This is the silent killer of relationships, of ambitions, of careers.
  3. Justifying yourself. Everything seems like someone is accusing you… so you feel the need to justify, to explain. A 1-minute conversation can take 10… you live life as if it were on a mine-field. You have not time for anything, everything needs to have a reason, and if it doesn’t, you fabricate one.Life is hell with a person like you. People desert you
  4. Winning is the most important thing. Every argument, every step, every thought, everything needs to be a winning one. You have no breaks, you have no vacations, your life is exhausting. Your attention is on your steps… like the guy who drives with their eyes on the pavement… every manifold avoided, every pebble avoided… at 25 miles an hour. Your war is not even on your radar, but if it were, you would see that you don’t win a war by winning every step… You are the biggest jerk, you are the biggest bore, you are insufferable…You are the guy who is doing the right thing, always, regardless… You know the right things to do, the right foods to eat, the right vitamins to take, but you are a miserable wretch.
  5. Dominate. Everything and everyone. You are the one who will tell everyone what’s right and what’s wrong, you will kill with your kindness, you will kill life. The grass doesn’t grow where you walk.You have no idea about other people, don’t know what they want, what they care about, what are their values. You filter everything through your own. If you think something is a value, you force it on people… but if you don’t think it is, even if someone clearly states that it’s a value for them, you will ignore that.You live through other people… and no one will notice that you don’t have a life, that you never take risks, that you’re the opposite of what you say you respect and admire.
  6. Avoid being responsible. This is the ultimate of victim setup. Everything that happens is caused by a circumstance or by another person. Your power resides with them, you never pull it to yourself. You are the leaf that the wind blows, You are the driftwood. And you even avoid being responsible when it is something good…Calling the shot, sticking your head out, being visible, being bold and creating something is not for you. It is for winners. You are holding onto life, with ever diminishing benefits.Avoid being responsible is a component in the lower values 1-5… For example I have a strong “dominate” bent. Only if I can be responsible that I have that, that I am able to coach from someone else’s values, only then I am able to give someone what they want, instead of forcing on them what I think they should want. See how it works?

So, now that you have been able to categorize every friend, relative, or acquaintance by their most dominant lower self move… but could not locate yourself… lol, let’s see what are the higher self’s values. OK?

The Tree of Life, the Higher self values, that you want to nurture if you want to be like God:

and thousands more…

becoming like God; providing the tree of life support and energy These values can’t thrive, can’t blossom in an environment of the poisonous and forceful lower values.

The connection with Source strengthens the seed of these higher values and help them to overcome and live in the poisonous environment...

What I teach is that you need to approach the battle of the lower and the higher self from two directions:

1. Strengthen the higher self values.
2. Weaken the lower self values.

The two methodologies that I use for the strengthening are

  1. Teaching you to connect to Source on your own
  2. Composing and facilitating activations for you. I don’t do the activation: it is only Source that can do it. But I can ask for the activation for you

Once you can reliably connect to Source, to the degree that you can command and witness an activation, you will be able to do it for yourself. Until then your best bet is to acquire it through my facilitation.

I am in the process of duplicating myself electronically. I am not quite done with it yet… I planned to make it public today, but I am not ready. sorry. But if you are interested in becoming like God,

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  1. If my own personal life is any example, I still experience emotions, all of them, but they don’t take over my life. And my vibration, at the time of this article, is 905. That is to say, if I, at 905, can experience all the feelings of life, then you can be sure that you, on your journey up, will be able to experience all the feelings.

    After all, we need emotions. We go to the movie theater to feel a wide range of emotions. It gives us a sense of life, it gives us aliveness. In olden days it was the same, story telling by the open fire… etc.

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  1. Sophie, it’s crazy that this is exactly what I have wanted my whole life, and yet I resist it so much now that a pathway is here. The key is taking responsibility. I want to just present myself and be saved. You are asking me to work. I argue for my doubts and weakness, you ask for strength and action. Eventually, I will wake up and get to work. Real work.

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