How you do anything is how you do everything

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Your how matters more than your what… the How you do anything is how you do everything’s how

Using the “See Reason” capacity is pointing out things to me that are not obvious. Not obvious when it comes to mistakes, not obvious when it comes to successes.

The areas I am looking at, because what there is to look at is what you are actually doing… so these are MY areas:

  • my back/leg pain
  • my digestive issues and clarity of mind and quality of sleep
  • Freecell
  • learning to respond instead of reacting (My Human Design strategy)

I have a new client who will probably prove a handful, and yet I am welcoming him.

The United States’ justice policy is (a how!) is that you are assumed innocent until you are proven guilty… beyond a reasonable doubt. But of course it is human nature to judge yourself, others, guilty, until (if ever) proven innocent.

We put the cart in front of the horse, in everything, this is how we do things…

I used to be just like that… and I am consciously changing myself: innocent until proven guilty. Guilty is the surface… innocent is the essence. Not easy. It is a spiritual practice.

Mind you, it is not what my “pink glasses wearing” “Removing Hatred” soulcorrection students… They never go deep… so they never find the innocence, instead they deny the guilt… and get banged up over and over again. This is their how that makes them hate.

OK, back to this “dude” and his emails. He abandoned Eric Edmeades’s program for me, WildFit, for addressing himself more wholistically…

I am all for that. I appreciate that. Of course, especially because he chose MY programs instead… nice. thank you. But that is not why I deem him innocent… I deem him innocent because he must be…

I am using his issues, his whole “starting point measurements” as a learning ground.

His eating style is “eat by taste, and eat a varied diet”.

Can you see that this is an area where the how is going to be more important than the what?

Remembering that something tastes god and eating it doesn’t mean you are eating by your taste. In fact the how of this eating is eating by memory, eating by mind.

I have been experimenting with eating by taste, while I don’t forget to eat by appetite, that is how I am supposed to eat, and it’s bee different, interesting. For about a week now I have only eating “vegetarian”, fresh vegetables, one at a meal. My taste indicators (together with my appetite indicators) say no to my usual fare: meat and goat cheese. Yesterday I ate brussel sprouts, garlic, hemp butter, and two eggs. Oh, and French butter in my coffee.

My recent “how” of eating feels light and natural. Hm. Interesting.

My experience has been that this is a principle: the how is more important than the what… that you can do the right “what” but unless you do it with the “right how” your results will not be good. Like the woman who took on the 30-day challenge to learn juggling. Juggling approximately, her “how” is useless. Juggling is the best way to train, to discipline your attention. Without disciplined attention you have the attention span of a fly… and your results in life will be “not much”… I measure the attention in the starting point measurements. her is a whopping 3%…. You start to be able to produce results at 30%.

So given that this, your how is more important than your what, seems to be a principle, I want to see how it plays out in different areas of life…

One of the things that have been bothering me is this: given that people grow up with parents who can’t cook well, they never learned to cook well, and in addition, they don’t even know that they could.

The “eat by taste” diet is the most vulnerable to this issue: unless you know how to prepare, for example, vegetables to become so good you want to eat them every day, you will think that “eat by taste” means you should eat McDonalds, triple decker chocolate cake, and Oreo cookies all the time.

Did you notice that all the “favorite” foods I listed there are made by some other dude… other than you?

I am fortunate, because I grew up in a family where we ate outside of the home, at a maximum, one meal a week, and my mom cooked every day. She liked good food, and therefore she cooked well. And I learned, and both my brothers learned… cooking is enjoyable, and an invaluable skill.

If you cannot prepare vegetables well, you are a poor cook. Everyone can put a stake on the skillet or bbq machine, whatever that is called, and fancy themselves good cooks… but vegetables need care. Vegetables need skills. Vegetables don’t make themselves tasty with just heat.

Your body knows… and responds in kind.

Whenever in my life I ate food I didn’t cook, I got fat. I felt like a garbage disposal unit… except your body isn’t a garbage disposal unit… not at all.

Good, well prepared food is not fattening. Only bad food is where you need to cover up that you can’t cook for sh*t.

One of the ideas I have been kicking around is establishing a support group where people can get answers both from each other and from me on making their cooking come closer to good cooking, their diet closer to a possible lifestyle that is as enjoyable or more than what they had without it.

Because I am a Manifesting Generator, essentially a Generator with ideas, I think, I do best, I have my activity accepted and not resisted, if I respond.

I am going to ask for an invitation I can respond to:

if you would like a support group like I am mentioning, please either comment, or send me an email.

Obviously only people who have my personal nutrient and food list can be members, so if you aren’t… your vote won’t count.

Also, this will be a for-pay support group. I don’t know if you can find free support groups on the internet, but owner/expert mediated groups cost money: after all my time, expertise, and help is worth something, or you wouldn’t want it.

If you haven’t had, recently, your nutrient and food list, you should get it now… every season, or at least every major season your diet changes, naturally, because no diet is valid all year around,

For example, in the winter, my daily muscle testing of foods in my refrigerator or at the store, I get “no” for almost all vegetables, except vegetables that store well in cool cellars, beet roots, onions, garlic, and dried legumes. The meats on my list, on the other hand, test yes, if it is the right store that doesn’t put poison in the meat to increase its shelf life.

In the summer, like now, all my meats, all my animal foods test “no”… and so now I am only eating fresh, local vegetables and fruit, fresh or frozen: it tests “yes”. Spinach, asparagus, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cherries, and my body loves it, even though a month ago muscle test would have said “no”.

So if you want to learn how to eat, how to prepare what you eat, how to live so you serve your body well, according to your type, send me an email saying so… It’s not a commitment. It is inviting me to actually create that support group. No obligation.

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