Dark Energies, Light Energies… How does it work? How does the energy get to you, for whom is it intended?

dark side energiesEnergies, just like light, need a carrier. Energies are not a bodiless, shapeless woo-woo thing: they are vibrational in their nature. In total vacuum, the energy cannot advance: there is no carrier.

What are suitable carriers for energies? Air, liquids, especially water, and sound. Obviously sound is already a derivative: without something to carry the sound vibration, there is no sound…

I’ll use sound to illustrate.

If there is no carrier, if there is no matter, sound dissipates.

But sound itself can become a carrier. The energy you want it to carry will modulate the “original” sound, it will combine: you will get the original sound and the inaudible sound of the energy.

Most energies we call dark energies (or light energies) are not visible and not audible, but they exist. And when they reach your body through the carrier or air, or water, or sound, it start to modulate the cells of your body to their own rhythm.

You think, maybe, that you are dancing to your own drummer, but it is never true: maybe it was true at some point, but it isn’t true any more.

fear of loss, greedDark Energy sources make you dance to their rhythm, not your soul’s rhythm. They spew thoughts, feelings, moods, attitudes through all those carriers, and in addition to that, other people, around you, infected, are speaking, singing, thinking stuff, and act consistent with the Dark Energy stuff, poisoning your environment.

Some countries are effected more than others, and some people are effected more than others.

Most providers have a low vibration, (unbeknownst to them! they think they are god’s gift to humanity!) and they rebroadcast the negative energies they have received. They are, most of them, unconsciously do that, some, a small minority, mix in their own vicious harmful energies as well.

The more someone is searching for enlightenment the more dark energies they open themselves up. Every time you read or listen to an infected healer, teacher, psychic, guru, you get a dose of that unconsciously transmitted Dark Side energy… a large dose, I might add.

So, what’s the remedy? What is the solution?

I have two solutions in mind, neither one is perfect, but both work, albeit in a different way.

  1. Solution 1: you need to protect yourself from harmful input. You can stay away and, in addition to that, you can learn to cloak and bubble yourself. The cloak and bubble method creates a temporary bubble around you that protects you, to a certain degree, from harm. To a certain degree only: some energies can go through: the long week of energetic attacks I experienced a few months ago is a good example of that: cloaking and bubbling didn’t stop those attacks, only the attachments.Don’t forget, you get the harmful energies in your water, including bottled water, coffee, etc. the air, and auditory… and as I hear, through the stroboscopic actions of certain devices.
  2. Solution 2: this solution doesn’t protect you but does the next best thing: used diligently, it purges the negative effects of the harmful energies.This is the Heaven on Earth or HOE solution, my energy remedy. If you buy your audio version I recommend infusing the energy into your water as well, to get a 360 degree protection.

    In addition to that, the HOE Long Range purifies the people around you as well, so their harmful effect on you will be less, noticeably, so you can be well.

If you also energize your water, then you can reduce the negative effects of the “world” by about 85%, which means you only need to deal with 15%… And you can learn how to deal with that using my transformational methods I teach on the Path coaching calls.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Dark Energies, Light Energies… How does it work? How does the energy get to you, for whom is it intended?”

  1. Sophie – Do you have advice on which way of infusing our water with Heaven on Earth would be most effective for purging the negative effects of harmful energies? Playing HOE long range into the water through headphones like we do the Water Energizer? Or putting HOE drops into the water? Or another way? Thank you!

  2. If everything has energy and is affecting us then all the stuff like books, music, movies and so on can all be a part of polluting our soul with dark energies. It seems like then living a simple life with less things possible and preferably away from a city should greatly benefit the soul. I know I probably use only 10% of stuff in my house the rest is just collects the dust.

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