Trivedi Effect or Placebo Effect?

tr. effect or placebo effect? My Birthday, Tr., Gopal, The Placebo Effect, ADD, American Women… What a Day!

It was my birthday today. I turned 64. The Beatles song… ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ was humming in my head all day. It was fun. I had people call and sing happy birthday, one guy came and I had a cheese cake and candles, and my name on the cake… it was fabulous.

I was also on the Monthly Enhancement Program by Tr. tonight. If you don’t know Tr., he is an Indian guru doing energy transmissions, I have written about him twice already.

I would expect you to ask why on earth I still go there… expecting some profound answer, but I don’t have anything profound to say.

I was there because I paid for it.

I actually got a lot to think about, so it was worth it. I like when new things come up… new questions attract new answers. Love it.

I have been an energy practitioner for 11 years now, and as such I can tell you, tonight’s energy transmission was undetectable. As if nothing happened.

Yet, the number of messages in the chat room thanking Tr. for the wonderful blessing was staggering.

It prompted me to do some measurements. Here are the surprising results:

Tr.’s vibration came back a bit since last time, it is up to 500 now. He stopped connecting to Source on the 7th plane, instead he connects to the 5th plane, the plane of duality. If he did any energy transmission tonight (muscle test says no, experience says no, hmmm. wtf?) it came from the 5th plane. Previously he used the 4th plane, the plane of entities…

Gopal wasn’t on the call, but I measured his vibration, and it was 500. So he dropped from 800 to 500. He is still connecting to Source, so what happened? I asked if Tr. had anything to do his lower state, and the muscle test came up positive…

If you have had any doubt, I don’t like Tr.. I don’t like money hungry Indian gurus. Period.

I also measured the average vibration of the crowd: it was 100… that is horribly low. A ray of hope for a person under or at 100 definitely acts as a placebo… I think this is what’s going on.

I compared that number with the crowd I attract. I attract a crowd that averages at 250. I find that very impressive, congratulations you guys.

There were useful things this time in Tr.’s “talk”: he talked about ADD, and said that the capacity to focus higher percentage of the time is the number one key to social and financial success. I haven’t thought of it this way, but he happens to be right.


If you can only concentrate 10-15 minutes at a time, your workday is worth only 10-15% of what the workday of someone who can concentrate 50% of the time.

I am able to work, without loss of concentration and focus for about 55% of the time. Or said in another way: when I am working, I am working. When I take a break, I am on break. I don’t slack off when I work, and I don’t work when I am on break.

I watch my brother who is doing work for me fall asleep 3-4 times an hour… I think I may be overpaying him… lol.

I had a huge breakthrough in my productivity 23 years ago. I was working as a hired architect in New York City, and I hated it. I was already thinking of going home on the way to the office, and I hated to go back from my lunch break.

Hating what you do is the worst thing that can happen to you, maybe even worse that living with someone who you can’t stand. Lol.

Anyway, I am not someone hanging out in misery for long, so I devised a strategy to put the love back in my work. I deliberately left my phone book at home. I told everyone that I can’t get calls in the office. I packed lunch to take with me.

Three simple steps, and they paid of royally. I worked without interruption by phone calls, or lunch break. I started to enjoy my work. I started to feel good about myself. Hey, you need to take some drastic steps against distractions of your own making.

The other thing Tr. brought up was that American women talk more about their pets than they talk about their husbands or boy friends. And on his calls that is definitely the “normal.” Every woman that called in to give a testimonial was gushing on about their pets, and none mentioned their husband. Curious.

Anyone has any idea why this is?

I have some theories, and may share them in another blog post… maybe soon. I will title it: Being Present To Your Partner, or something like that. One of the pioneers had a breakthrough in that arena, and I think it is worth sharing: others can learn from his example.

Just one more thing: I now have three more people connect regularly. I have become clearer what disconnects people.

If you would like a copy of a call where I coach someone to connect and reconnect and reconnect… let me know. It’s very educational to hear where people get disconnected. If you have been difficulty staying connected, this may be what you need to listen to.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Trivedi Effect or Placebo Effect?”

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Do you have any thoughts about how Trivedi's blessings have caused the thriving of otherwise blighted plants/crops? He invests in having scientific proof to document his energy transmissions, which, IMO, sets him apart from the “money hungry Indian gurus” that abound.

    As for the women talking about their pets, the 1st thing that came to mind is that pets might be more profoundly impacted by the indirect energy than a husband/partner. Or maybe they are in the same room when the energy is received, whereas other people are not….it could also be LOA in action. It is being noticed and commented upon, and therefore becomes 'more.'



  2. Tracy, plants and animals have a different structure than human beings. Being able to alter their health isn't proof that it can do anything to human beings.

    I wonder if you have seen proof that he is not money hungry indian guru… in my view he is the worst of them, and that is my educated opinion.

    Now, about energy transmissions called Trivedi blessings: I have been getting them myself, If you put yourself in the Tangerine state and instead of praying, you ask for where you want the energy to go, what you want to energy to do, it actually does it. It is a real energy, no doubt about it. When he does energy. On the last Monthly Enhancement Program he couldn't get it up, so to say, he was doing all kinds of hand movements, but there was no energy. Regardless there were hundreds of thank you notes for the wonderful energy blessing, and you can be sure that there will be even more testimonials.

    The Law of Attraction doesn't work the way it is taught, so let's just not mention it, ok?

  3. I was walking down the hill today recalling this conversation about Trivedi not being a money hungry Indian guru.

    I did some calculations in my head and realized that Trivedi is taking in about a million dollars a month. Talk about money hungry Indian guru… he is a prime example.

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