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royal numerologySomeone asked about a person and his service today… So I went to google and looked.

Aiden Powers… the picture is not his likeness, so I cannot connect to the person

Royal Numerology: truth value: 10%
Kabbalistic numerology: truth value: 40%

What’s the difference?

Kabbalistic numerology was a way to penetrate the mysteries of the Universe. To find truth, to find patterns, to find guidance.

To begin with: only 60% of the Universe is knowable. And then, of that what is knowable, we only know a little bit.

Educated people, PhD’s know about 7% of what is knowable, accurately. The rest what they know is b.s.

When I find someone with higher than that 7%, I get excited…

numerology gadgetMany “modalities” of mining the “universal truth” have been established over the millennia… because

Uncertainty is very uncomfortable.

From the limited perspective of the human mind everything looks different than from a larger picture vantage point, and Kabbalistic numerology, Kabbalah wanted to get that larger vantage point, so it takes off from the horizontal plane and looks from the vertical.

Very surprisingly they did an amazing job: Kabbalah itself is 60% truth value. For example it has told the tale of the Big Bang thousands of years ago before physicist caught up. It knew that heart disease is primarily caused by cholesterol creating plaque and plugging the arteries… also thousands of years before medical science caught up.

Kabbalistic numerology, seeking the patterns to coincide with numbers, assigning numbers to letters in the alphabet, names, names of things, and the significance of those numbers is a little forced, in my humble opinion, although there is some truth there.

Why? I don’t know.

  • Soul Correction, the number, is a Kabbalistic Numerology idea, and it is quite accurate.
  • Combined with the Zodiac sign: in itself a truth value of 20%, actually creates a 50% truth value.

People with the same soul correction and the same Zodiac sign react to life very similarly.

Here is an example:

Last year I wrote an article titled: Are You a Taker?

I reacted to the fact that my paying clients thought they didn’t have to support me by showing up when I announced a “Talk to Me” webinar… but they reliably showed up when they wanted something.

I was pissed. I was hurt. I reacted.

And two private coaching clients, same soul correction, quit on the same day. They could not take the criticism… they could not take being called a taker.

I knew it was going to happen, because a few years earlier, my younger brother quit talking to me… for the exact same reason. It was just criticism…

So it wasn’t what the criticism itself was… any criticism sets off that soul correction.

Now, back to Royal Numerology: is 10% truth value good enough for you to pay out big money?

Please know that you are paying for two things: you are paying for being the hero for a moment in time. And also to be told something that you may want to hear.


Some 45 years ago I was accosted by a gypsy fortune teller on a beautiful early spring day. It was sunny, and I just got my pay for the month in my pocket.

To make a long story short, she robbed me. Not at gunpoint, not at knifepoint… with skillful sleight of hand.

For decades after that I killed her in my dreams every night.

I am a Virgo… and like my clients that quit, like my brother who stopped talking to me, I don’t take kindly to criticism. Being robbed is a criticism… It told me what a royal a-hole I was… I could not take it. I took it personally.

It took me doing the Playground over and over again, going to reality, looking at the story differently, again and again, to rid myself of the murderous rage.

Yeah, yours truly.

The Bach Profile I offer, finding the “constellation” of your machine that unless managed will run your life to ruin, is a better deal…

You see I can’t tell you what you want to hear, your future… But I can tell you what to pay attention to so you don’t crash your life, again and again.

In the gypsy story what was crashing my life is high desire… low ambition. It made me puppet on a string. Bad outcome.

Both the Starting Point Measurements and the Bach profile tell the most important story: what it is that you want to handle in your life, so you don’t always teeter on the edge of ruin… or alternatively, in meaningless.

In my experience numerology readings are entertaining but don’t make much of a difference. While a skillfully used soul correction. Starting Point Measurements, or Bach profile can.

For example, someone with a similar high desire/low ambition score, and the Bach Energy#reg; #42 that I call the “ultimate letdown flower” needs to learn assertiveness.

Assertiveness is a communication/behavior tool…

…where you learn to get what you need through communication. We could say it is 30% of what we call Personal Authority. Making requests that are well received. Making promises. Saying no, saying yes taking control of a conversation… not like an a-hole, but like a person with authority, gracefully.


TO ASSERT — To state an opinion, claim a right, or establish authority. If you assert yourself, you behave in a way that expresses your confidence, importance or power and earns you respect from others. – From the Oxford English Dictionary

Assertiveness is standing up for your right to be treated fairly. It is expressing your opinions, needs, and feelings, without ignoring or hurting the opinions, needs, and feelings of others.

Because people want to be liked and thought of as ‘nice’ or ‘easy to get along with’, they often keep their opinions to themselves, especially if those opinions conflict with other people’s. But this sometimes leads to being taken advantage of by people who are not as nice or considerate. Asserting yourself will stop others from cheating you and you from cheating yourself out of what you deserve.

Assertive behavior includes:

  • Starting, changing, or ending conversations
  • Sharing feelings, opinions, and experiences with others
  • Making requests and asking for favors
  • Refusing others’ requests if they are too demanding
  • Questioning rules or traditions that don’t make sense or don’t seem fair
  • Addressing problems or things that bother you
  • Being firm so that your rights are respected
  • Expressing positive emotions
  • Expressing negative emotions

In my experience, big, wordy readings don’t make a difference. Just look at the book that sold in the millions, The Life You Were Born To Live. I don’t want to be unjust: I did learn something from that book that has been invaluable to me and my students: that there is a process to accomplishing things. As an architect I should have known it, and although I did know it in architecture, everywhere else I wanted to jump… which is not how the world works… There are no jumps in reality. Was it worth chewing myself through hundreds of pages of “English”… to me, yes. To you? Maybe… though if you are looking for answers, you’ll probably miss it.

What makes a difference is catching one little “thread” of the big ball of yarn that has been blocking your flow… and snipping it off.

In the case of too big desire/too little ambition, what is missing is confident communication, not some ability to get things done.

But if the world seems to tell you that you are worthless, no good, not worth taking a second look at, because of your meekness, deference, you’ll never get confident. And you’ll never achieve what you are slated to achieve in life.

What every achiever had in common is a guide, a coach, a mentor… they didn’t only see the world through their own eyes. Some who would spot them… so they don’t crash themselves and their ship on the rocks.

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