Human Predatory Genes revisited

I am a Manifesting Generator…

It means that you are supposed to follow leads, ideas, invitations coming at you… instead of acting on your “good ideas” that always turn out not to be so good.

I don’t know what it is I talk to, what it is I connect to when I say I connect to Source… but it seems, often, that that “thing” is sentient. It wants what it wants, it doesn’t want what it doesn’t want, it has definite preferences, in sees, like chess master many steps ahead, it strategizes, it changes strategy when the one going on isn’t working: meaning: I am not getting the clue, not getting the hint.

It’s a dance. Every area of life. We are like an odd couple… lol.

predators and preyOK, with that said, one of the areas where Source has been insistent and persistent the past week or so, is the area of predatory genes and psychopathy. 1

So I was lead to watch all nine or ten episodes of the second season of Mindhunter. It is about the creation of the unit inside the Federal Bureau of Investigations, for serial killers and profiling: finding the serial killer by the psychological profile, instead of randomly, or following clues like in “normal” crime fighting.

Top row, left to right: Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Ramirez. Bottom row, left to right: John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader, Edmund Kemper and Gary Ridgway

All serial killers are psychopaths.

Psychopathy means: the person inflicted has no moral code, no remorse, no empathy for their victims, they only care about themselves.

  • Back in October last year I read a book, The Cure, that asserts that eight predatory genes need to be active, turned on, in a person, for them to be a psychopath.
  • If you don’t have enough predatory genes, you are too complacent, you don’t care enough about yourself.
  • There is an ideal number, and an ideal combination.

The average number of predatory genes, in humanity at large is 3.

The connection between ambition ( the desire you are willing to work to bring about) and the combination and number of predatory genes is strong. Not causal… it’s correlation.

I look at everything from the vantage point of the “job” I promised to Source: test out, experiment, to find out what and how this current humanity can grow into the next level of evolution, where the energies will go into producing, and curiosity, and ambition, instead of violence, or hedonism, or willfullness.

And I am not talking about about violence that is obvious.

I am talking about all manifestations of the “desire to receive for the self alone”…

  • Dominating.
  • Avoiding domination.
  • Wanting to deceive, lie, mislead, dupe, enslave, lead others to ruin…

I am sure you don’t want to hear it.

  • If the number of your predatory genes is high: you don’t want it revealed, you don’t want to see it.
  • If the number of your predatory genes is too low: you don’t want to hear it because you are squeamish… low TLB. You want life to be nice, smooth, and pretty.

I was a person with too few predatory genes… On one hand ambitious to serve, on the other hand neglectful towards myself… ruining my health, my overall well-being for a cause.

So, after watching that “Mind Hunter”, I re-read the book, The Cure by Douglas Richards.

Last night I was hit with unbearable fear… I didn’t sleep, could not sleep till 3 am… I was gripped in terror.

I wasn’t fighting it: I allowed the fear to be there… it had a message for me, I knew. So this morning I settled down and started my “20 questions” style conversation with Source. 2

I was asked to watch that Netflix series. I was asked to read the book again.

The timing was not an accident either.

I have been at my wits end in my “job”…

The object of the fear, the content of the fear, the theme of the fear came in flashes of visuals.

Psychopaths, depending on their upbringing, will be conmen, white collar criminals, or violent criminals.

I have a conman in my vicinity, and his visage came up accompanied by the worst fear I have experienced in a long long time.

Given that even yesterday, hell, even this morning, I had no predatory genes active, I was a ready-made, willing victim… except Source didn’t want me to be…

So this morning, the conversation centered around what it is that Source wants me to do about it.

  • The first move, Source suggested, was to turn on as many predatory genes for myself as it is optimal for me to both take care of the job, and to take care of myself.

Turning, activating dormant genes is one of the things I can do… or more precisely, I can ask Source to do.

I have been doing that with capacities for a few years now… seven? eight years? nine? I don’t remember.

But I have no idea what genes to turn on, so I relied heavily this morning, on Source. And I asked for the appropriate predatory genes to be turned on… And Source turned on three of the eight genes.

Now, suddenly, I am not sheep. I have no idea what will happen, what will change. The good news is I don’t have to know… it will come naturally… whatever it is.

Source says: writing this article wasn’t going to happen without this “upgrade”… really can’t see it with my conscious mind, but I am willing to consider.

  • The second thing I did was making myself a vegetable dish that is delightful. I took a note to write an article about the method: after all if vegetables were really tasty, we would eat more, wouldn’t we?
  • The third thing may have an ethical issue: adding and removing predatory genes from people without their consent.

I’ll be following Source’s recommendation, after all, from the limited perspective of the human mind, I wouldn’t be able to see the far-reaching consequences.

What do you say? Shall I turn on and off predatory genes, so people can become all they can become, so they stop being their own worst enemies, so they can become producers, so they can, maybe, care, love, be grateful?

Please express your opinion in the comments section. Thank you.

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  1. Most everyone, when they feel accused of having predatory genes, get upset. As if having predatory genes were a bad thing.

    Predatory genes are what got us to the top of the food chain.

    Predatory genes are what urge you to do things that you do.

    Predatory genes are what make you take care of yourself, your job, your health, your finances.

    But, like everything else, too much of a good thing will not be a good thing.

    • Having too many predatory genes active will make you put too much attention on what you want, on what you need, on getting, and too little on doing anything for it.
    • And having too few make you a patsy.

    Everyone, the whole genome, has 8 predatory genes, activated or not activated in your DNA.

    I don’t think it’s inherited. It is like the lottery…

    In the normal course of events, you are stuck with what you were born with…

    Because I can activate and de-activate genes, you are not stuck.

    I am running experiments turning on and turning off… and watching what happens. My goal is to have you the most beneficial combination you can have.

    Each predatory gene controls a certain behavior… and I admit, I have no idea what they are, other than by observation.

    My initial hunch is that too many, or certain genes turned on make you a miserable person… while you’ll make marginal gains in some area… like avoid having to do anything you don’t like to do, like learning something that is hard. Or doing something that would make you healthy, wealthy, and wise, but seems too much work…

    Growing, expanding is either going to be supported by your predatory genes, or not… depending on the number and the composition you have.

    The goal I have for you is to get unstuck…

    Being stuck is miserable. Even if you are a psychopath of sorts, you suffer when you experience no growth. Whoever said that psychopaths must be happy because they get to con, subjugate, dominate everyone…. Bah Humbug. They are very miserable people.

  2. I have a new short podcast on how to allow… so you are allowed too.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

41 thoughts on “Human Predatory Genes revisited”

  1. I can only speak for myself, but I would definitely be up for it! Last time you checked I had seven open. People around me would probably be better off if some were turned off.

  2. I would be all for experimenting with the predatory genes I have open. As I recall, i had 2 open when you checked.

  3. What is the scale that you are using to measure the importance of more or less or different combinations of predatory genes? Is it result based, or potential based? If the goal is to raise vibration then you are the best example to follow, it would then follow that 0 would be best.

    I have 8 open. If you know which to close and which to leave open to optimize or improve my progress then I choose that option. My progress towards what you ask? I should probably determine that before I go changing something I don’t understand. Before I would consent to play guinea pig I want a whole lot more information about predatory genes than I currently have.

    That sounds like your bright idea, I don’t see anyone inviting you to change them without their consent… am I crazy or isn’t that obvious?

  4. ok. I just asked Source to turn on what it deems I would need to be the best I can be, including surviving a severe heart trouble. So now I have 3 predatory genes open, since this morning. I’ll report what I notice.

    My hunch is that you would do better with seven genes active… but I don’t make the decisions. I never do. I always channel. Ask. Muscle test. I would not DARE to make decisions like this.

    I got that you vote: no thank you. I am OK with that.

  5. I would be open to having some turned on or off so I’m not my worst enemy. Thank you for asking.

  6. I changed my mind about being willing to experiment on myself with you.

    I felt fear, and responded with aggression.

  7. I’m open to having my predatory jeans configured in the most optimal way for successful progression in life.

  8. If you think it would help me become better than I am, then I am all for the experiment,

  9. I would like you to experiment it on me Sophie. I am curious if it can support me to get unstuck and also if it effects desire trap vs. ambition.

  10. You didn’t post it, you sent to me in email, Sandra, but I’ll post it here:

    Hi Sophie,

    I don’t know what exactly you activated, but thank you!!! Yesterday evening I noticed that I was much more relaxed and content than usual. It even affected the people around me. I cooked a delicious vegetable dish which Dexter and his friend wolfed down and I cleaned up afterwards with a spring in my step.

    I even cleaned my bread maker – not because the crumbs bothered me, but I thought that if I donate it when I move some day it should be nice and clean for the next person. Not that I never do anything for others, but it was a new attitude and came automatically.

    This morning it’s working too. I don’t feel anxious about not getting much office work in (which means less money), but appreciate the chance to finish some projects. When my husband listed the weekends where he plans to go kayaking I didn’t feel the twinge of jealousy I often get. There’s no “something is missing” emotion.

    I’m curious: what was it that you activated? How can I keep it active?


    It seems to be working… And it is not like a capacity, I think it will stay this way… fingers crossed.

    I did myself too, and I am experiencing more energy and a whole lot less sluggishness and blah.

  11. If you think it would be beneficial Sophie, I trust your judgement and would be up for this.
    I have lost my drive for a lot of things and I miss it. Thanks for asking and for such an interesting article. X

  12. It’s interesting with drive. It feels like you need something added, but in fact it is redirected. You have been having drive focusing on unimportant, irrelevant, puny, cheap, shortsighted.

    Let me know how you experience the change. Please

  13. Let’s experiment, Sophie. This is one of the many beauties of working together with you: we get to try and test things out. Thank you.

  14. Hi Sophie,

    I am interested/curious in this expert if this will get me unstuck and if you
    think this will help me move more in the right direction
    thank you


  15. No trust, heh Trish? You may become the only person who will hold onto bad habits, bad attitude, even if the number of predatory genes get adjusted by Source…

    Let me know if you change your mind.

  16. Hi Sophie.

    I am open to have my predatory genes to be turned off to the ideal number or to be configured if you are OK with this request.


  17. Hi Sophie,
    please include me in this experiment. My hunch is that I will benefit from this. Thank you

  18. You had seven predatory genes, Baheej. In my experience, that many holds people in tension, holds people going for immediate gaines, make them impatient, hurry through things, not able to buckle down. Tension, fears, anxiety, directionless

  19. Oh wow, I will start paying attention to in any difference in the tension. I definitely have a tendency to hurry through things. Thank you so much

  20. Hi Sophie,
    Please include me in this experiment. I’ve been stuck for a long time and would welcome optimization of my predatory gene count (which is at 8).

  21. Hi Sophie,

    I would like to participate in this experiment to have one or more predatory genes turned off as determined by Source. (Currently 8 genes are turned on). I can be very reactive to certain situations and things people say to or about me. Thank you.

  22. Julia, your comment tells me that you didn’t read the articles… Source says: sorry but you need to do some work first. At least get a sense of how this works… and then comment again.

  23. Is this a better way to phrase the question: Could you ask Source to determine the optimal number and configuration of predatory genes for me?

  24. I am willing and open to participate in this experiment and have Source configure and optimize my predatory genes.

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