Case Study: Evolution Modality of Christine Hoeflich

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christine hoeflich activating 2012 Case Study: Evolution Modality of Christine Hoeflich

I have a personal principle that I don’t write about something, don’t criticize something until I immerse myself in it.

Of course, I found, I need to have had a very strong core to be able to withstand seductive modalities, seductive teachings. But all in all, summarily rejecting something without examining it is an idiot’s way, and I don’t like to be an idiot. Lol.

To make a long story short, I bought the ebook of Christine Hoeflich: Activating 2012.

I am dyslexic, but I have NaturalReader installed on my pc, so I listened to it. 131 minutes.

I feel like a hero…

I’ve learned a few useful things through listening to this book.

1. Sometimes the vibrational frequency of the author and the vibrational frequency (the level of truth) of the material hide the fact that there is a sliver of value there. This would be the case with this author and with this ebook. Had I looked at only the numbers, I would have never listened… but rejected both, sight unseen.

The vibrational frequency of Christine is 120/1000, and the truth value of the material is 200/1000.

Both are very low. 120 doesn’t suggest a person who has connected with Source. Not at all.

What do these numbers mean, specifically, in this particular case?

The core of the information is true. The specifics are either hearsay, or imprecise, or bs.

What is the core? The core is that it’s time for us to reconnect and do it now (the book is 2 years old!) or as soon as we can. Reconnect to what? To our source. Whether our source is our higher self, The Source, The Zero Point Field, God… it is our source, and it’s time to come from there.

In essence, what I call the Tree of Life…

There is another piece of truth in the book: We, or an aspect of us (the soul?) knows that this is not a life and death game, that we are not really disconnected… at least the soul isn’t.

But the whole organism, the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, and the soul as an entity, has been acting disconnected, and in spite of my personal successes of asking my soul to get guidance for me from source… I wouldn’t recommend going that way.

You see, I trust that Source would not urge me, would not guide me, would not give me specific instructions for creating activator downloads, if there were an easier path available for the masses!

And here is where I need to mention something that has been bugging me, and it has been coming up as a question from everyone who I have a deeper conversation with: The questions people ultimately ask me: why did Source pick me for this job?

The question makes a lot of sense. But it per-supposes that Source picked me!

The truth is that Source has picked hundreds of people for the job. The best knows was Jesus. Or Buddha… and some of the teachers on the circuit. They were better qualified than me.

What happened that I ended up with this teaching that can totally alter the spiritual geography of the planet?

Well, I could say my persistence impressed Source… but I would be bs-ing you. I could say: my coaching experience. 26 years of Landmark Education. I could say my being an empath. I could say my history as an energy practitioner. I could say having studied Kabbalah, practiced holosync for years. I could say my ability to stay connected for hours. I could say anything, but ultimately it will boil down to two things:

1. I was actively searching for something that can cause humans to take permanent control of their lives. I was tired of the flash-in-the-pan, transient results. And I wasn’t taking no for an answer.
2. I didn’t need to make an income from this knowledge.

The second point sounds innocent, but it is crucial.

You see, an scientist, a real scientist, will not get married to an idea. For a real scientist truth is more important than writing a research paper, getting a grant, or even a Nobel Prize.

I am a real scientist. Independently wealthy, you could say.

All the teachers I examined turned their amazing discoveries into and income. And they stopped growing, because they had to prove that they had been right.

In my conversations with Source I was told, clearly, not to go there. I admit, I wanted to make money with it. I like money like the rest of them. But I was told No.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I will never charge for anything, I probably will. I hope I will… lol.

Source will tell me what and when. And I will oblige.

In the meantime, the scientist is researching, testing, and the results are coming in and they are promising.

While you are waiting, practice, at least the Tangerine method of connecting.

I heard putting a loose rubber band on the tangerine spot is perfect: it is light, it doesn’t slip off, and it fits in a shirt pocket, so you can do it often.

Back to Christine Hoeflich: although what she says is at least partially true, the methodology she suggests is impossible for a normal person to achieve success with… that was a long sentence.

Here is my rating:
Idea: C+ Methodology: F

Let me measure your vibration?
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The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

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