The puzzle of human evolution, of human health, how are we doing as a species?


Almost any puzzle worth its name has a linchpin type of "catch"... that doesn't look anything worth exploring.

It looks innocuous, unimportant, just like anything and everything else.

Whether it is physical puzzle or a mental puzzle, it has one catch...

In my growth I have faced and solved many puzzles.

  • The solution didn't befall me like magic.
  • I wasn't shown the solution to any of those.
  • I had to solve them, piecemeal, one by one.

The only things that got me through are

  • curiosity
  • the ability to detach
  • enough misery for an army

Curiosity may not need any explanation, but the ability to detach does.

The ability to detach

The ability to detach is a spiritual/DNA capacity, and even when it is turned on by yours truly, some people turn it off.

Just to be clear: there are thousands of things in the DNA that can be turned on or turned off, active or inactive. This is, I think, the basis for evolution. Without this there would be no evolution, no personal growth, no evolving species, evolving consciousness.

The key is the flexibility of the DNA.

I am an architect, although I haven't done any architectural work since 1988. That's 31 years.

But I was trained and worked as an architect for a long time.

Around the time I quit architecture I bought a book: the growing house, or something like that.

And it offered a method to build only what you could afford, and expand it, not helter-skelter, but according to an already thought through blueprint.

That blueprint is our DNA: it is what I call The Original Design.

The blueprint we are meant to grow into, but haven't. Not really.

It seems to me, that the Original Design has no foreseeable upper boundary. Written out, the Human Genome would stretch 5,592 miles, (9,000 km). I guess Genome is the correct word for th blueprint...

Given that it doesn't have an upper boundary, if you bumped up against a "glass ceiling", it means either that it is a dead end... a false start... or that you need to find the "catch"... and that you have been looking in the wrong place.

And this is, thus far, the history of humanity: false starts, not finding the catch. Humans haven't evolved emotionally, intellectually, spiritually for hundreds of thousands of years.

My opinion in that matter is that humanity is so self-satisfied, it is not even trying to evolve.

Hopefully we, as a species, will start feeling dissatisfied enough, to get of our self-satisfied collective a*ses and force some growth.

I won't be around to experience that.

I am working with the Original Design, and I am an agent of evolution.

Whether evolution will start in small pockets, or by some planetary tragedy, I don't know. The future is not knowable.

I know one thing: I experiment, with a handful of people, the path. And how it happens when it happens.

In spite of all the things I have learned from other people, without first changing what is turned on and what is turned off in the DNA, none of the methods available to humans seem to be working.

"Divine" intervention is needed... or nothing will happen.

  • I am using "Divine" intervention to get people over the hump.
  • And I used my own utter misery to get myself over the many humps... to where I can ask for/command "Divine" intervention.

Most people have no spiritual capacities turned on. There are, according to my source, 160 of those.

Most people have either too many or too few predatory genes turned on... both are detrimental to happiness... one way or another.

So back to the ability to detach.

Detach means separate. Separate what from what?

I have two active students (and several students I have let go) who, in spite of all the work they have been doing, have not been able to allow the detached capacity to stay on.

Something in their worldview prevents them from allowing what happens to be just what happens, not what it means about them.

For homo sapiens, it is all about the meaning.

Meaning making is the mind's sole job... humans make sense of the world through meaning. When there is no meaning, it is as if nothing is happening.

So we are stuck with meaning.

But whether we involve our selves in the meaning or not is the issue in the detached capacity.

If everything that happens, everything anyone says means something about you, then you are at the mercy of circumstances, you are at the mercy of others.

Before you can grow, before you can evolve, you need to develop a sense of self...

Some people use other people's opinion and pour themselves into it, like water into a glass, a bottle, taking up the shape... no shape by itself.

Amorphous AND forceful... an unfortunate combination.

The forcefulness comes from the Predatory Genes.
  • Too many predatory genes renders the "carrier" too forceful, too selfish, too reactive.
  • Too few predatory genes renders them marshmallows... soft, and not taking care of themselves.

In yesterday's webinar I listened and validated experiences of people whose predatory genes have been adjusted for about five days, and adjusted the predatory genes for a handful of other people who came to the call.

One of the unable or unwilling to detach students of mine emailed me, worried: Can this adjustment be reversed?

Hm, curious.

PS: If you like puzzles, here is an article with 25 of them. But to grow as a person, you need to be able to look outside of the nine dots... Here is an even harder one... More like the puzzle I have been working on...

PS: I am putting the webinar recording in this post. Enjoy.

PPS: If after listening to that recording, you become interested in joining us in this experiment, it is available, but I am charging for it.

Ask Source to adjust your predatory genes through me

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