I am going to toot my own horn… if I don’t, maybe no one will

tooting my own hornIf you are not for you, who is for you? (~Hillel)

If You Don’t Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?

One of the results I got out of having my own predatory genes adjusted from zero to three, is self-appreciation. I now own my results. I am proud of them. Not too much… just as much as they deserve to be proud of.

Finally Hillel the elder would be proud of me. Having no predatory genes, I was never fully be able to be for myself… I always hoped that someone will come and rescue me.

be who you areThis article may hit you the wrong way: I am going to share things I have done or that I am co-creative in (with Source), that I am rightfully proud of. Very proud, somewhat proud… depending on how difficult it was to achieve the result.

Meaning: I am going to toot my own horn. Not because I want you to think more of me, but because accomplishments deserve to be celebrated.

I have a one-time associate, Finish What You Start soul correction, who has never done anything much, except toot his own horn. I hated him, but more accurately: I envied him. I envied that with bragging he got benefits, while I, with a lot of work, only could hope for similar benefits. He had NINE predatory genes active… I just adjusted it: Source said OK.

When you share your real results, you contribute to everyone who hears it… This is the context in which I’ll share some of the results I have been producing or I have been co-creatively part of.

I’ll start with my students. My flagship course…

I grew up just like you: people who called themselves teachers stood in front of the class, and us, the students were supposed to learn what they were teaching. Luckily I also learned ballet, and the violin, so I had an experience what learning was like…

I am pretty much learning disabled… and that is where my secret to becoming who I have become lies: I only learn really when I teach what I need to learn. I need to perform translation between the material and my brain for my brain to take it.

I am severely dyslexic.

So I taught everything I needed to learn, and I learned a lot. I write about that in other articles: this article is not about that.

So, of course, eventually I became a teacher of sorts. Ineffective as all the teachers I know (except one, I write a lot about him too) and I was unhappy with my results.

If you ask me, it is devastating to have a lot to give, and have so little received, so little willingness and reception for what you have to offer.

But, eventually, after many decades of experimenting, I hit paydirt and now have one class that is actually really teaching… People getting the results without me teaching them, per se, the Playground.

And yet, the results have been, until today, still disappointing to me.

The goal of the Playground is to alter the participants’ world view based on “there is something wrong and nothing needs to be fixed”.

In the Playground, through minimum a year intense participation people have a chance to learn, experience, and live in a new reality, the REAL reality, where there is nothing wrong… ever.

Things may not work, things may look bad, or dismal, including yourself, but it is not wrong. It is what it is.

  • Through ideas from Science Fiction, near future sci-fi, I learned about the predatory genes, and asked my “mentor”, Source, if it could adjust the predatory genes, if it is a good idea.

Source said yes, and since then I have been doing predatory genes adjustments, and the results are staggering.

I myself had no active predatory genes. So now, adjusted, I have three genes active, and my life altered, from the inside, dramatically. I now have an appreciation for who I am, what I do, and to boot: a love and appreciation for life, for being alive, after 72 years of hoping I’d die soon. Amazing. Never would have expected that.

  • The second result from the predatory genes adjustment has been that students who were stuck on page 1, or thereabout, of moving towards living in a reality where there is nothing wrong, have started to move, started to tell the truth about what it was, inside, that kept them stuck. It is always the soul correction, by the way.

Not everyone yet, but enough to see that it is not an accident.

Are we there yet? Too early to say. But a week ago these same students were stuck… And once you taste black you never go back… or is that not the right quote? Hell, once you experience freedom, slavery tastes real bad to you.

  • The other breakthrough happened in the area of health that was triggered by a health scare, mine.

Now that I am taking “drastic” steps toward living longer, I am starting to look what the starting point measurement: your health number means.

The average health number in all the starting point measurements and in the health assessments I have prepared over the years, has been below 10%. Many of those tested were very unhappy with the numbers: they were seemingly healthy, athletes etc.

As the Big Bundle energy bundle is working on me, and has spent the past four days on my brain, and it is far from being done, as my available IQ has risen to 160 (my muscle testing measure, not an approved test) from 125, and doesn’t seem to slow down… muscle test says it will go up to 180… I am starting to see that no one considers their brain health, their intelligence as part of health. I didn’t either… until now.

I also never considered that my blood vessels were almost completely clogged.

I remember watching a doctor’s presentation, was it dr Gundry? I don’t remember, whose video, the doctor shares about his friend who was an athlete, but as it turned out, he was a ticking time-bomb: his blood vessels were clogged, maybe less clogged than mine, but enough to be life threatening.

This is the case humanity-wide. The way we eat, the way we live, is deadly…

  • We are surviving, not thriving. Add to this that our water is not able to enter and fully hydrate our cells… and in spite of appearances, we are a declining species.

Yesterday it was my birthday, but in my house every day is joyful work day, lol, so I worked. Not more than on a normal day… OK, maybe a little bit… lol

OK, so I muscle tested two people’s nutrition, eating style, and food list.

Both were very surprising, but one, a student’s I know quite well from his Partner Calls (part of the Playground). His food list was especially significant. Significantly different from how he eats.

This student is very self-assured, I had to shame him into getting his food assessment done.

Turns out that he doesn’t eat even close to what and how his genes tell me he should eat. And he is NOT healthy, NOT energetic, NOT happy, NOT any of the things that you want to be if you want to enjoy life.

We, humans, are incorrigibly arrogant, haughty, and self-satisfied, even while our health, our productivity, our relationships, our mood are plummeting to an all time low.

I am incredibly proud of my accomplishment, a set of products that ultimately, can make anyone happy, healthy, and wise… of course with their cooperation.

No cooperation… no cheese… But isn’t this how life works?

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