Predatory Genes adjustment… am I defanging you?

predatory genes adjustment in the dnaPredatory Genes… no one wants to think they have many predatory genes… because everyone wants to think that they are generous, caring, loving, sharing people… but no one is. Not at the level of homo sapiens, or not really.

Life is not about having no fangs. Life is about having fangs, and use them to dig out food… or whatever you do with fangs… And to protect yourself.

Life would not be possible if everyone suddenly lost their fangs. Fangs are needed… Just like knives are needed.

How you use them, for what purpose, is what makes a knife a tool for good or bad, useful or harmful.

Humans, in my limited experience, have either too many or too few predatory genes.

Often the smartest people, often the people who could contribute the most, have the fewest genes… thus they fall out of competition for mating, and their culture falls out of the gene pool… and humanity is actually becoming more beastly, with much less smart people.

In my experience, it is rare that a smart person marries another smart person… that two high active predatory gene count people marry… high active predatory gene count people prefer someone they can dominate, push around, and feel themselves powerful. Male or female… equally.

Brute force, dominating, manipulation are becoming more and more in the gene pool… Even though, in my experience, people don’t necessarily inherit the number of predatory genes they have.

Certain ethnic groups have a lower average active predatory gene count that the rest of humanity… And they work harder, instead of manipulating or forcing what they want to get out of life.

This is crystal clear when I look at my students: the more active predatory genes a person had the less effort they put into getting what they want in life…

Too few predatory genes may result in timidity, and lack of self-confidence but a lot higher grit number: grit is what makes you work for what you want.

The correlation is crystal clear.

Had I been able to do my work hundreds of years ago, I would have had more success. Not by much, mind you, but measurable more.

Recently I have been given the power to “adjust” the predatory genes, as part of the grand experiment of Life… An experiment to turn self-destructive homo sapiens into human being.

I have adjusted, so far, 60+ people’s predatory genes… More precisely, I initiated, and Source, a force, did the actual work of adjustment. Those people now have between two and four predatory genes active, the overwhelming majority has three.

Some of these people are clients or students, and some of these people are people I know, I learn from, I do business with, or I have known and can connect to and monitor what they do with what they’ve got.

I am monitoring, observing the changes. In behavior, in communication, in emotional states, in measurable intelligence.

I read their articles, their emails, their offers where I can. I want to see how the configuration change effects them. The process is reversible… so if it goes south… if the changes are not beneficial, I can reverse the process.

So far, I have found some startling changes.

People who I know because I learn from them, I consider them my teachers: their vibration jumped from where it was before the adjustment… jumped about 70 points higher on average… meaning that they have more access to their smarts than before. They have more attention to give to their crafts than their ego gratification needs.

Am I finding the same with my clients and students?

So far no, not to the same degree as with already accomplished people.

Depending on the income vehicle of the person. Two people’s intelligence jumped 40 point. The rest, so far, remained the same.

Intelligence needs a vehicle.

  • A person with high IQ in the job of janitor won’t be able to give expression to their genius.
  • A person who starts his day with playing a mindless competitive computer game for six hours, will not be more intelligent when, at the end of the day, he arrives to his studies…
  • A person whose do-gooding tendencies are closely tied in with his self-image won’t be able to become more intelligent
  • A person who wants approval and praise for he has none for himself is still going to want it from others, and won’t do anything to earn it.

Muscle memory doesn’t change overnight.

Will these underachiever people be able to run with the new situation and make a life for themselves?

Some will, some won’t.

It is a matter of overall intelligence. Emotional, spatial, people smart, linguistic, street-smart, self-smart, body smart, visual, logical/intellectual, sound smart…

To open all those intelligences you need more than just adjust your predatory genes…

  • If you cannot see that the habits you’ve had and equate with yourself haven’t served you well…
  • If you cannot see that if you want your life to change you need to change the way you do things
  • If you continue doing the same things the same way, expecting different results

Then the adjustment of your predatory genes won’t make much of a difference.

And just like the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, what made you rich will continue after the adjustment, and what made you poor, the attitude, the habitual behavior will continue after you get the adjustment… unless you get an insight and the insight blossoms into an action that was impossible before.

If you get an insight, change your attitude, your behavior, your actions, with that change you’ll see the world, yourself, differently, and can start growing like never before.

Now the predatory genes that are active are going to support you, instead of hinder you.

If you remain in the same exact environment, doing the same thing as before, you will probably not grow. Even if you get plenty of insights.

Oonly actions will create a new environment.

Insights are a dime a dozen… make absolutely no difference, unless acted upon, fully, taking it to its conclusion: a changed environment…

To adjust your predatory genes, I need to be able to connect to you.

Please adjust my predatory genes
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