Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence

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Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking YOUR potential.

How much potential you have? Except for one person, Elon Musk, the Tesla guy, everyone is only using less than 10% of their potential. He stands out with a whopping 11%.

How much potential remains dormant in you? If my example is any indication, about 93% of your potential is never breached…

Why? Because you feel, you act, you consider yourself fixed.

your hidden potentialThe measure of intelligence is the ability to change. ~ Albert Einstein

Unless you are willing to change… you are going to shrink, instead of grow. Change is mighty scary, and also a lot of effort… but most importantly, it takes continuous effort…

You need the intelligence to recognize that unless you change, you are dead in the water…

In 1977 I won first prize on an architectural competition (with a team, of course) and won enough money to buy my first car. Used. of course.

I was 30 years old. I had been an architect for six years at the time.

Winning didn’t fit well with my ‘constitution’… I fell ill right after the winning work was submitted… and for a few days I had sky high fever. My brain was boiling. Boiling out of control.

Nothing is an accident… or coincidence… everything has some reason, some profound.

I consider that 1977 incident a turning point.

Lots of things happen to us… and our attitude towards that ‘thing’ is either a turning point, or just a bump in the road towards where we are heading.

I was heading, rapidly, towards being the same, colorless, bloodless, cog in the machine.

But I chose a different path. I chose to become a pioneer, ‘blazing a path where no man tread before’ type.

I know, I know, big words. But eventually that is what I did… that is what I am doing.

Of course, add to that big ambition to make my life count, to make a wave, to matter whether I lived or died, a foolish, impulsive nature, and a sensitive constitution.

Past the age of 32 I don’t remember a day when I was well, really well.

I didn’t quite have the strength, I didn’t quite have the intelligence, what I had is continuous effort.

I love the word: unlocking… I love it. It is spot on…

How did Churchill stumble on the perfect word? Certainly not through his own experience…

Just like every other ability that hides locked in your DNA, the tenacity, the foresight, the willingness to put continuous effort in a direction of your choice, using what I call ‘ambition’, the willingness to do what it takes, the effort, the learning, the pain, the unpopularity, the solitude, the getting well so you have energy to do it… the taking the hate mail in stride, the changing horses and means when you find out that you have been betting on the wrong horse, the wrong means…

The willingness to put in continuous effort… Hell yeah.

I have students. And every single one of them is like a weekend warrior… exerts some effort and then takes a long break… or fall back to inactivity, or the same old they intend to raise above.

I had an insight, back in 1987… I was already in the United States. I just completed the 4-day Forum, and my classmates called me fearless. I wasn’t. I was unstoppable. Fear was too weak to stop me…

I was 40 years old, and I saw that I had a chance to raise myself to ‘normal’… which was the biggest hope I could have at the time, to become normal.

I was born, unwanted, at a time when abortions were outlawed in Hungary. I was born premature, and never tasted breast milk. I was raised on formula with sugar and milk… that destroyed my insides. I remember the two times my mother hugged me. The first when I was about 12, and the second when I was 27. She visited me in the United States back in 1992… and managed to not hug me…

It is nearly impossible to be normal if you feel not wanted. You’ll either want to disappear, or you’ll be like me: loud and obnoxious.

My inner motor was, (you can call it ambition): There is no way I will remain who I am now… there is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent… Come hell or high water, nothing will stop me.

This flies in the face of pansies all around. I rarely see any determination, any consistency, and toughness…

Not even the ‘belt and suspenders’ principle of Joel Salatin. Belt and suspenders is planning redundantly so you can stay in the game even if your belt fails…

  • Your word has no power if you can’t keep it ‘come hell or high water’…
  • You’ll never get anywhere worth getting to if you cannot stay in action, come hell or high water…

If you are more interested in crafting an excuse why you don’t stay in the game… you are kidding yourself, and conning yourself and everyone else.

I have con artists in my Playgrounds, four currently… Three I have previously removed.

When you are a con artist, unwilling to expand continuous effort for any reason, you don’t have a chance of a snowflake in hell… you won’t get anywhere. Why? Because you won’t climb… Not because you cannot… but because you don’t.

You are more interested in the con than in the results. You cut your nose in spite of your face.

If you signed up to my What’s the truth about you workshop tonight or this coming Saturday, I have removed you, or if I haven’t… I will.

Why? Because you bring idle curiosity.

You see, what has made me unstoppable is my declaration that ‘there is no way I am going to be anything less than all I can be’… whether you call that magnificent, or any other word… All I can be…

Recently I was RUDELY wakened up by LIFE… I was not only figuratively, but really on borrowed time. In life. Alive… barely.

I was focusing with a narrow cone of vision on the enemy, instead of climbing, steadily, up the ladder…

What ladder? Let’s call it Jacob’s ladder… the ladder you climb to become all you can become. Climbing the Tree of Life… Or, in your case, more appropriately, the ladder you are NOT climbing to become all you can become.

What holds you back from climbing is your 90% fixed mindset: encoded in your soul correction.

For a little while, about six months, I was more interested in fighting the mite epidemic (Pandora’s box) than climbing Jacob’s Ladder.

It nearly killed me.

I woke up to that fact back in July…

I woke up. Not with panic… but with a start… Whoa… I better start paying attention and do what I know to do. And what I don’t know to do: ask someone who does… In my case that ‘someone’ is Source. It is what it is… answering my questions with yes, yes/no, maybe, I don’t know, no answers.

To my surprise, I didn’t need anything I didn’t already have, or didn’t already know how to do.

The results to date:

  • My health number is 70% this very moment.
  • I increased my deep sleep from 20 minutes to 120 minutes a night.
  • I increased my brain power to 70%, and I am still working on it.
  • I decreased the plaque in my blood vessels from 80% to 8%
  • I increased my heart’s effectiveness in pumping blood from 8% to 30%

Source says I am at only 50% of what I can be healthwise… intellect-wise, joy-wise…

How did I do it?

  • I changed my diet, at least temporarily.
  • I am using herb tinctures I fashioned after Dr. Schulze and his Botanical Pharmacy
  • I am using an oil to dissolve the plaque both in my arteries and in my intestines
  • I listen, through full size headphones, to an energy audio called Big Bundle, 14 hours a day.
  • I keep on reading… I use my sacrum to choose what to read. I am starting to notice a change in what excites me in reading…
  • I stay away from ‘normal’ people… and if I have to talk to them, I don’t share myself. Normal people are the crab bucket.

OK, why am I sharing this, and why here? why now?

I am sharing this because

1. The quote showed up in my inbox, ‘inviting me’ to share it.
2. I have a workshop planned for this afternoon, and I am preparing myself for it, by doing my own work.

When I lead a workshop, I stay both outside of it, like an Observer or Witness or Coach, and also put myself into it, so I can share my own insights about myself.

This was my preparation for the workshop.

Now I am ready.

Want to come to the workshop? If you haven’t… you’ll need to have your Starting Point Measurements done…

Get your Starting Point Measurements

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