Trying To Connect to Source? Not Sure If You’re Connecting?

Trying To Connect? Not Sure If You Are Connecting? Some Answers For You…

Here are some questions and some answers to issues people are having:

In my conversations with some of the Pioneers, I muscle test if they connect and the muscle test often says “no.”

When I invite them to do it live with me and also with the video, I see the following:

    • Those of you that the Principle of Power is too low: you won’t even try… You get the handouts, but you won’t do anything for yourself.
  • when you take your attention off your tangerine spot, it is like you drop an eggI probably have to make a shorter video where I don’t explain stuff, I just do it, in the same rhythm that feels good, so you can concentrate…it is hard to keep an ADD/ADHD person engaged… they will skip stuff, work ahead… think about what to say, altogether won’t be disciplined enough to do a long exercise.
  • Some of you have a hard time feeling anything.Especially those of you that are left-brain driven. You think a lot…

    What is there to do?

    For you, I think, placing something physical on your tangerine spot, a tangerine, a skullcap, a rubber band, a piece of toilet paper, a tissue, will be a good solution. And a shorter video… In addition to having something physical to concentrate on, you will have less temptation to take your attention off your tangerine spot.

    Why does the connection stop when you actually look away? I don’t know. I only know that it does.But consider it like a doorbell… as long as you lean on it, it makes a sound. the moment you stop, it stops.There is one major difference between the doorbell and your tangerine spot: with the doorbell: you know that you have another hand, and two feet… so you know you can “multitask” and still push the button.

    With your attention you haven’t learned that yet. I write about this in my bilocation article: you can learn what I can do: I can concentrate on my tangerine spot and play freecell (a computer game.) I can concentrate on my tangerine spot and coach someone on the phone. I can concentrate on my tangerine spot, and read the text of the activation, make corrections based on the feedback, and not drop the “ball” i.e. the tangerine spot.

    Juggling eggs is the skill you need to bilocate and stay connected It is a lot like juggling. You start with one egg… when it goes well, you add another one. And then another one. Practice. You will need it.

    I read it somewhere that it is a weird kind of religiousness where you are religious for 2 hours on Sundays, but the rest of the week you are not. This is the same lack of “bilocation” capacity. I think you can do more than one thing at a time: It doesn’t use the same intellectual capacity as reading, conversation, dancing, or cooking.

    Walk with the tangerine on your head. You can walk without paying much attention on where you are stepping, if you are over 2 years old.

Q: Why is the tangerine method important, why can’t you just look ahead and stare Source in the eye?

Answer: Because the tangerine method is what puts you in theta brain-waves, the tilting the head slightly backwards moves you into low-theta waves, and that is the only state where you can actually connect. The theta brain wave state opens the connection to Source.

Seasoned meditators reach the theta state after many years of meditating and in each session after minimum 30 minutes.

You have a chance to do that, without any practice, in 30 seconds, max. Best to practice it: you get better at it, and it does a world of good. You’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll start getting guidance, you’ll learn faster.

I now can pull myself out of the most frenzied moments in about 20-45 seconds because of my daily practice.

It doesn’t take much time, and you can do it anywhere… the bathroom (5-10 times a day?), set a timer on your computer, you don’t even need to close your eyes, you’ll look really strange with your eyes turning upward and backward… you don’t want to invite questions… people can be strange. Protect yourself.

Q: Can someone be channeling and not be connected to Source?

A: Great question. There are all kinds of levels to a connection, and channeling is one of the lowest levels.
The highest level is a two-way connection with information and energy going back and forth.

I listened to Esther Hicks (as Abraham) talked about connecting directly to source today and muscle tested. She wasn’t connecting to Source, in fact she has never connected… of course my meaning of connecting is the two-way one… And besides she channels entities which is a Fourth Plane phenomenon, and Source is on the Seventh Plane… you can’t get to the Seventh Plane through the Fourth… Sorry.

The channeled material is very entertaining, fascinating, but because it is just information, you can’t do it, you can’t connect to Source with it.

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