Our story viewed as a detective story. Who put us on the path of self-destruction? And how can we return to the original path?

human beingLet me share with you how I get to bombastic statements like that: I have been going through some soul searching, and it’s been rough.

Working on two projects is upsetting the apple cart, which doesn’t feel very good, but is really good for me.

Unless you put yourself into a challenging situation, you have the illusion of growth, but it only becomes real when you are forced to use what you got… And then you know what you have… Like K., one of my students who is going on a 10-day visit with her mother and other relatives that have traditionally driven her crazy. We shall see if all the work, if all the activators, if the HOE long range will have created a new K. or not. And if not quite, what have we accomplished, and what more do we need to accomplish so she can have a good time, no matter what.

Returning to my challenge: I woke up at 10 am, and I was puzzled. I could have done a lot of work by then, and I didn’t. And staying up late is not a good time for me to get things done, after 8 pm I am pretty much not good for anything.

So, I am sitting in front of my computer, playing computer games, that is how I do my thinking: it occupies my mind so real thinking can happen, not just rehashing what I already know. 1

After about 30 minutes a question arises: it seems that I love detective stories. Maybe I should become a detective? Nah, I would be really lousy at it.

sherlock holmesBut at that very precise moment I get an insight: I am a who-done-it detective. Humanity started out on a path of peace, harmony, peaceful coexistence with each other and nature… but at some point changed direction and became its worst enemy, and the worst enemy of nature.

If you look, my job is to find out who did what they did, how did they do what they did, and how to undo what they have done to humanity. To you. To your birthright to be a Human Being.

Aside in the footnotes: 2

I can view my work as a detective, and be good at it.

Detectives sometimes follow leads that turn out to be duds. Detectives sometimes accuse the innocent only to find out they were wrong. But good detectives are in love with detecting, and continue the work until they are done.

Bad detectives are emotional, they are in it to win accolades, fame, fortune. Or they are in it to save others. They are too vested, personally, and their personal interest overshadows the truth.

I am interested in finding out the truth so we can undo it. So we can return to where we became sheep, and start to go on the path towards becoming a human being again.

And even if it turns out that the people closest to me are blamed, I am more interested in the truth than in individuals, or even a group of people.

I am like Dr. Brennen in Bones: I am interested, passionate about finding the truth. I am like Sherlock Holmes. I am like Shawn Spencer, just not as funny.

I don’t mind the life it gives me, living on the edge. You can’t find out anything when you are comfortable. You need to get on the edge, the place where things must show their real nature.

I love my purpose. I am good at it. Now, that is a perfect life.

The problem with you is that you are not good at anything… if you were, life could be glorious.

But if you are, you are ready to craft a purpose from it, and live a dream life. Guaranteed.

If you aren’t, but living a dream life, you can start any time. Start where you are. Get good at what you are already doing. Get good at what you are being paid for: you hit two birds with the same stone.

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  1. Real thinking is not reactive, not emotional. Real thinking allows the cone of vision to stay wide, so information, details can be included in the thinking. And Real thinking allows, even request information from the beyond, from the zero-point field to enter into it. I practice Real thinking… mind-less.
  2. There is a lot of popular gossipy conversation going on about Neanderthals and Cro Magnons, and interbreeding, and pointing fingers, and racism.

    Don’t judge lest you want to be judged… don’t consider yourself superior lest you want to be beaten at your own game.

    If it is true that genetically we are a mixed breed, then celebrate our differences.

    The DNA-upgrade on September 4 was applied to all people, regardless of their DNA composition.

    If you could think at all, you would see that “divide and conquer” is the strategy and tactic that is being used by the powers that be.

    Let them annihilate each other first and then we can come in as saviors and lords…

    Don’t be stupid. Don’t be gullible. And most of all, don’t be a puppet, like a Hitler.

    Consider that all sane humans, regardless of their origin want the same thing: peace, prosperity, fun.

    Be alert that any suggestion that divides is a tactic. Any suggestion between any people: genders, colors, races, origins, countries, parties, economic states… they are all used and enflame passions.

    Don’t fall for it. Stupid as the stupid does… Don’t be stupid.

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