Opportunity Seeker? Fixer? Looking for instant something? Or maybe know someone like that?

I have been thinking of approaching some of my friends and ask them to introduce me to their customers.

Most of my friends are in internet marketing, given that I have been studying internet marketing since 2004.

I need to be able to figure out what it is that is relevant, in what I teach, for opportunity seekers.

Opportunity seekers are hellbent in finding something that will make them instantly and effortlessly rich, smart, a winner, a stud… pick your poison. Opportunity seeking is like a drug, really, seeking is like a drug. It is like chasing the blue bird of happiness: it appears just within reach only to fly away once you get close to it. The more you are engaged the more addicted you become.

Opportunity seeking is addictive and it is an addiction.

It is searching for a “cheap” way to get pleasure, fulfillment, money, winning, an experience, or pleasure. And because all of those goals are fleeting and come with a downside, the hunger to fulfill that void within is getting stronger, until it completely takes over your life.

What is in common among opportunity seekers? If you are reading it, the chances of you being an opportunity seeker is about 98%.

So maybe you can help me map out the opportunity seeker, could you? Looking from over here, I see some of it. From within you may be able to see stuff I can’t, given that I am not an opportunity seeker. I was until about 6 years ago…

Here is what I can see are the characteristics of an opportunity seeker:

  • Characteristic #1: Too little faith in oneself.
  • Characteristic #2: Think that just because something happened in the past, it will happen again.
  • Characteristic #3: An almost complete unwillingness to get on the ball, to commit, to give oneself over to any goal. Instead, they are hedging their bets. Fickle.
  • Characteristic #4: Big ego. Likes and dislikes. Wants. Judgmental of others.
  • Characteristic #5: When the going gets tough, they stop and continue seeking.
  • Characteristic #6: They believe in luck, deity, help, etc. instead of developing skills they need to succeed.

Now, what can I offer to a crowd like this, that isn’t even into soul, and vibration, instead they are probably all about money?

My thought is that a combination of the Harmonize Your Vibration and the Heaven on Earth (either the remedy or the HOE long term) would work well for these people.

Why? What would they do?

  1. The irresistible energy of the Harmonize Your Vibration imperceptibly but effectively shaves off the extreme disharmony, the extreme fear, the extreme egotism, the extreme desire to fill the inner void, the total lack of self-reliance, total lack of ownership.
  2. The Heaven on Earth makes this emotional and spiritual “surgery” or intervention less painful.Also, when the hunger, the craving is there while the Heaven on Earth is active, the hunger is lessened. The desire to put others down lessens. The inner strength gets a tiny window of opportunity, and may even speak. The confidence grows to get things done, to learn new things, to get involved, and maybe even to make a commitment.
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Opportunity Seeker? Fixer? Looking for instant something? Or maybe know someone like that?”

  1. Sophie,

    It’s little bit like buying a franchise, a turn-key operation; Not bad, but you are always indebted to their supply chain. In the end, there is no cheap way, and no free lunch. You teach a path to real satisfaction and fulfillment.

  2. I know i have some of these characteristics. I also believe it can become an addiction after today’s call I know it was for me. I still don’t know where I stand with you but thank you for helping me see that today. Thanks

  3. Dear Sophie,

    Again, I did not answer the question you posed. As an opportunity seeker, I am drawn in by a good story, the promise of exclusive knowledge, and a clever path to money or advancement that bypasses the old-fashioned and time-consuming methods. Having a worthy cause is also an attractive form of bait.

    Harmonize and HOE drops are good because they are effective for beginners. You do get a great return on a minimal investment.

  4. With all the audios I own, I am playing the Harmonize and HOE all the time now because my attempts to be awake have my dark side awake as well, appealing to my achillles heel to be ‘useful’ even though with my scattered attention, I cannot even serve my own needs.

  5. In myself, as an opportunity seeker, I noticed this mindset that I’m too important for certain tasks or jobs that are often necessary to become successful. Thank you

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