Why you should breathe deeply… or else…

human stupidity is limitlessI am going to report here about my “Return to Health” journey…

Whatever I am going through applies to a lot of people… Or said differently: you’ll find value in my sharing, so don’t say you don’t need it…

Obviously, how you do anything is how you do everything.

Most people are spot-cleaners.

Their lives are sh*t. Their thinking, their work, their habits are all sh*t.

And then something bad happens… and they look, frantically, for a fix.

They never change their ways… at least I have NEVER seen a person change their ways.

how you do anything is how you do everythingBecause how you do anything is how you do everything… this is a principle! Don’t ignore it! Because of this principle, we know that you live your life doing spot cleaning…

Here is what i wrote three years ago:

  • “We all want to add something to what we already do… something that would magically transform it to be the good life.
  • Or maybe, begrudgingly, stop doing something we already do, if it promises a quick fix.
  • Maybe we are willing to give up gluten, but not baked goods. Or sugar but not sweet taste.

But unfortunately, your life, my life, are built on a faulty foundation. Not cleanable by spot cleaning.

You don’t have a coherent strategy for life, you treat your life as an impediment to what you want: smooth sailing, fun, excitement, more money, more success, more pleasure, fame and fortune, titillation, be admired, etc. etc. etc.

What makes the principle “how you do anything is how you do everything” true, a true principle, is that you have no idea that your beingness is what is underlying your actions.

Being science is called ontology (the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.)
Knowledge science is called epistemology. Epistemology is the philosophical field revolving around knowledge and how to reach it.

Being science is interested in the who and the how of humans.
Knowledge science is interested in the what and how to get it.

Being science is not sexy, not mainstream, because the powers that be don’t benefit from it… there is nothing to sell…

More than that: people who start taking ownership of their who and their how are not easy to dupe, not easy to control: they stop being sheep.

Without that: you are sheep: part of the 99% of humanity. Even if you do things leaders would do… you are still not in possession of your who and your how.

With that said: when it comes to becoming all you can become, your who and your how dominate.

You think it is your what… i.e. what you can have… And your entire life revolves around having, or not having… but wanting.

And even if you succeed having some stuff… your life still sucks… because you are operating on the tip of the iceberg of life… and 99% of the iceberg is below your level of concern… meaning you don’t think it is important… even if you can see it.

Most people, most things you hear, read, or watch, cater to your desire of wanting more, better, or different, without changing the who and the how of your being.

They make money, hand over fist, because not of what they teach makes a difference. They try to change the weather by shooting cannons at clouds… They try to change the surface…

My guess is: they are also ignorant of the layers that lie under the surface of the water… still talking about the iceberg here. The iceberg of life. The iceberg of a life worth living.

OK, with some distinctions clarified, I hope, I can talk about what I intended to talk about: your health.

Breathing deeply.

Drink deeply from the Pierian spring.

In Greek mythology, the Pierian Spring of Macedonia was sacred to the Muses. As the metaphorical source of knowledge of art and science, it was popularized by a couplet in Alexander Pope’s poem “An Essay on Criticism” (1711): “A little learning is a dang’rous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.”

Now, let’s see what that means through the principle of “how you do anything is how you do everything”, shall we?

You are a dabbler in everything that builds you, and a staunch, persistent, follower in everything that doesn’t.

Why? because you think that all those people cannot be wrong… but the majority is ALWAYS wrong.

So you eat like most people, drink like most people, think like most people, value stuff the same as most people value… and therefore you end up having what most people have: misery, dissatisfaction, weakness, diseases, stupidity, shallowness, the list is endless… like stupidity is endless, limitless, infinite.

You are either part of the 99%, the people who make stupidity infinite, or you are part of the 1%…

But, here is a little warning: you cannot be part of the 1% if you only apply this principle in one area of life.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything, the only thing that works is increasing intelligent action in all areas.

Bummer, eh?

Because of my ignorance, and neglect of my health, I haven’t been part of the 1% either.

Will I be able to become part now that I am investing time and effort in my health?

Muscle test says yes…

So next step for me is to restore my breathing capacity.

I still don’t know how to do it… I have ordered Lobelia tincture from the American Botanical Pharmacy. I am taking Vitamin K… I am looking for a different Magnesium for this very purpose: relax my lung so it can release the gook.

And I’ll do the breathing exercises.

I have a secret for you: at present my lung operates at 10% of what it could be if it worked well. That is why my heart needs to work too hard… That is why my endurance is pitiful.

So no matter what else the Big Bundle has done for me, and it has produced so far miracles, increase of my IQ, cleaning out my gut, etc. I may live another 10 years, but not enjoyable 10 years, 10 years of not being able to use all that immense brain power the Big Bundle enabled… because without having enough oxygen in my system… nothing works well.

So that is what is next for me… And I am scared. I will do my part, and the energy will do its part.

  • My part is taking the supplements that relax my lungs, and doing the breathing exercises.
  • The Big Bundle will do whatever the Big Bundle do: push out the gook so I can cough it out. Gross… lol.

If you are squeamish, we all know you won’t do it. If you are lazy, pleasure seeking, a “quick fix now” type of person, we all know you won’t do it.

I’d rather that you don’t visit my site any more.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything… Anything I have to offer will offend you.

Enough said…

PS: you can read all my articles about the Big Bundle… thus far.

PPS: The how you do anything is how you do everything is really bad news for most people. If you spend some time with it, you’ll actually see what is the “how” in that sentence for you… and you can see that some how’s work, and others don’t… And that you are slowly or quickly killing yourself and your life. I can see the light turn on in your head… especially if you are one of my students in the Playground. Good for you. I am looking forward to you asking where you should start doing things differently… and maybe ask the question (warning, this is too smart for most people!) what is the area that keeps all your life stuck…

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