From the limited perspective of the human mind…


From the limited perspective of the human mind... 1

This has been one of the most valuable phrases I have ever used... (I learned it from Robert Scheinfeld 23 years ago... I have been at this for a long long time)

Currently, as I play the Big Bundle energy straight into my ear, I have been going foggy, dizzy, nauseous, blanked out... with some regularity.

New insights on the Big Bundle

Until just a few minutes ago, every time I thought the energy was working on my brain when I felt that way.

Suddenly I got a new insight: the energy is simple. It talks directly to the brain telling it to go and clean, repair, check, clean and repair, and clean and repair.

It is not the energy that does the work, it is the brain.

And while it is doing that, it has to take the energy away from other things... your momentary needs to remember a word, etc. lol.

  • It takes the energy from the mind-mill... your constant busy mind
  • It takes the energy from getting upset... argue... act superior...
  • It takes the energy from remembering things, words mainly...
  • It takes the energy from wherever it finds it.

The audio tells the brain to give priority to repair and healing... instead of the mostly mundane activities YOU give priority. Like arguing, acting superior, looking good, or being nice.

I am working through it. I have the energy blasting into my ears 14-16 hours a day. The energy has been reminding my brain to repair itself, and to repair other parts of my body.

My life force was 7% when I started a month ago, it is up to 30% now, and it can go up all the way to 60% with diligent use of the energy that reminds the brain that it has work to do other than its daily tasks.

Why not 100%? It is because I am old. I am 72 years old. With my 30% now, I have a whole lot more life force than 80% of my students who are much younger than me. Only two of my students have more life force than me...

I was born with my Life Force already decimated: it was 10%. That was just enough to cling to life, to muddle through life, but not enough to experience much joy, much health, much vitality EVER.

What is Life force?

It is the energy you have available for life. For living. For learning. For working. For growing. For loving. For creativity. For life.

Life force may refer to: Vitality, ability to live or exist. Vitalism, the belief in the existence of vital energy. Energy (esotericism), a concept in spirituality and alternative medicine. Prana, the Sanskrit word for "life force" or "vital principle" ~ from Wikipedia

So the more Life Force you have the more life you can have.

Why don't you have 100% life force available to you?

Actually you have 100% of what you have... but what you have is not all you COULD have. You lost a lot of your life force, or it is tied up in

  • resistance,
  • in what you call thinking, (what I call having thoughts,)
  • emotions, and in the
  • desire trap.

What happens when the brain is nudged by the Big Bundle to get conscious, get aware, of what's going on?

The brain is knocked conscious and it starts working. It is calculated... by some method that does not make sense to you, but it works. I hope.

The brain calculates what your elimination organs, the skin, the kidney, the liver, the intestines can safely get rid of, or else the toxins (tons of toxins!) you need to eliminate will be recycled back into the body, so you won't get rid of them.

To you it will look helter skelter, random, maybe not the way YOU would do it... especially if you have a "superior" type soul correction.

The brain will not do its best if you tell it what to do and how to do it. Catch yourself before you wreck yourself... as the saying goes.

OK... what is the bottom line? Should you or should you not use the Big Bundle to return to full functioning of your body and your brain?

I cannot answer this question for you.

One of the energies in the bundle does one thing and one thing only: it wakes up your brain to the fact that it has fallen asleep on the job, or in its business... being busy with other things, like paying attention to thoughts that are totally unproductive, irrelevant, repetitive, and altogether just treading water.

Now, while the brain is directing the "healing and cleanup crew" when you play the Big Bundle, you'll notice less busy-mind stuff, less emotional hubbub, and an altogether happier demeanor.

Will you be able to keep that up without the audio?

That is doubtful. I could say no, but it is not true for everyone.

That aspect of you will remain the same, until you train yourself to pick your battles, to pay attention to only what belongs to you, ignore random noise, the 90%-99% of the thoughts in your head.

I haven't taught this... yet, because I don't know how I do it. I don't do it consciously... except at night when after I turn off the light my brain gets busy. Then I do it... it is actually easy: I put my attention on being still, to keep my attention with myself.

I learned this in a T. Harv Eker course somewhere in the Peakskill mountains of New York... Imagine myself an Indian (native American) hiding in a pile of dry leaves, immobile, and in perfect control of myself... as it was demonstrated in that course... The Wizard training, if I remember correctly.

This will be my assignment for the next month, to ferret out how the heck I do it really, so I can teach it. How I take complete control over my body and the mind, instead of being controlled by them.

One clue I can already give you: I can tell if a thought is mine, as in I generated it, or not.

Can you?

I can pull back my attention from where it wants to go... Just like in the eye exam I write about in an article I can't find now... The Big Bundle is working on my brain... right now.

If you can, and if you have control over your attention (most people don't! and I only learned it in 1996 and took it to mastery with the exercises of the EyeQ) then you are ahead of the curve.

And if you can't but really would like to?

I recommend the Playground. A year long program... It includes the 20-30 day skill building where you learn and practice a new skill until you get good at it, and can get guidance from me. If you are in the Playground and you are trying to grow without this part... wake up! You are NOT going to get anywhere with only parts of the course.

By the way, I have room in the current beginners' Playground (three students in it) for a few more students: more students allow us to see more... and make for more interesting sessions... although the sessions have been really intimate and very enjoyable.

The Playground is a year long (minimum) program. It has monthly "hub" sessions with me, and weekly partner calls between participants, calls that are recorded and sent to me. I listen to them and send recorded feedback. You can also ask me stuff in email any time...

If you join the Playground now, you'll have access to what has happened, and to get you up to speed, a shorter session with me.

Our monthly call is at 7 pm New York time. That is too late for Europeans: I probably won't accept you, sorry.

Here is the button to get your interview... so I can see if you are a good fit...

I'd like to do the Playground...


  1. I just had this interesting idea, that your useable intelligence, your overall intelligence may be the number that tells us how limited the perspective of YOUR mind... in actuality, not the potential.
    I have students who have a better brain and yet lower IQ. And I have students who have a lesser brain and yet a higher IQ. This is very important: your race, your inherited innate brain power doesn't limit you, because your "mind" is limited by the perspective you have for life... This is why with training you can get better, a whole lot better.
    In the case of my students, some use 2% of their brain capacity, three use 20-30%... there is a whole lot of room to grow.
    If you have the time, watch the movie "Defending Your Life"... it is in the paid membership area... You need my approval to become a member.
    It talks about this, and in spite of it being an entertaining, even funny movie, it has a higher truth value than most scientific books.

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