When something changes… what made it change?

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doing the necessary, the possible, and then the impossibleWhat makes the difference? When something starts to work: what made it suddenly work? Do you know? Chances are: you don’t. And neither do so-called scientists. It is a guess… the guess that makes them seem right. We are wrong 99% of the time. Why?

We do the same thing when something doesn’t work. We guess why… and we are wrong 99% of the time. Why?

don't know you don't knowThe issue is in the simple pie chart of knowledge.

99% of what is, what is operative, what makes things behave the way they do, is hidden in the 99% of reality. That hidden knowledge needs to be teased out…

There are different techniques of teasing.

All of those need the experimenter or the operator to leave the true and tried, the obvious, the “normal” ways of doing things. And then, bummer, you also need to interpret the feedback accurately… or you’ll go down the rabbit hole, instead onto the highway to fuller and ACCURATE knowledge.

  • Inside the limited perspective of the human mind, nothing I teach makes sense.
  • Inside the limited perspective of the human mind you’ll do lots of ineffectual voodoo… and will produce no result, or only results that are a flash in the pan… onesy… not repeatable. Magical thinking.

A few hours ago I wrote an article, I didn’t save it (not my usual way of conduct) and when my computer froze, I lost it.

Why would that happen? (this question is the first step in trying to penetrate the 99% of reality!)

My Human Design profile, based on my birth date and birth time, is manifesting generator.

There are two types of generators. The Manifesting Generator needs to allow the invitation to simmer…

The difference between cats and dogs

The difference between cats and dogs is a lot like the difference between generators and manifesting generators. In fact, when it comes to eating style, in the beginning the styles were called by the way certain animals eat. I am neither a dog nor a cat when it comes to eating. I have to prepare my digestive system to digest my food properly…

A dog runs to its bowl of food, and gobbles it up. It may vomit it out later… but it won’t take the time to examine it, to ask its body if it is a good match…

A cat may run to its bowl… but will take time to ponder, to smell it, to allow it to talk to its brain. Unless, of course, a cat is starved, or are in competition for the food with other cats. Then even a cat behaves like a stupid dog…

human design systemMy type, a Manifesting Generator, when it comes to an action, according to the Human Design people, according to Ra, is supposed to wait for an invitation, and even then, weigh it for a while, if they should take any action on the invitation… kind of sniff it… Somewhat like a cat…

I saw how that behavior is in action yesterday. I signed up to be considered for a new Simpleology program. I got on the phone with a consultant (really a salesperson) and sniffed the program and even though it was very seductive, smelled really good, it wasn’t for me… and I said “NO”…

This is how a manifesting generator makes decisions that are going to work for them. Not without sniffing for a while. lol

To the rest of humanity, I look like a procrastinator. And maybe I am… but not necessarily.

What happens when you don’t obey your design, when you go by your own head, when you don’t wait for the invitation? Or when you don’t accept invitations at all?

Of course I don’t know, but something happened today that may be an answer, not necessarily THE answer to this question.

I watched two youtube videos of Lisa Feldman, a researcher of emotions, a Neuroscientist, a Psychologist, and an Author. I watched two of her presentations on youtube: she has a ton, as I found out.

What she said left an impression on me: it complements my work in the Playground, and I found it very valuable.


The question that came up for me is to ponder how much difference her talks make. Muscle test says: none. Or approximately zero.


Because insights are a dime a dozen… meaning: insights don’t change behavior, insights don’t change what you have inside… or whatever it is that creates a behavior.

For something to change inside, a whole lot more than insight is needed.

I am going to compare it with what is going on in my body… going from almost dead, barely alive, being happy about it, to wanting to live another decade or more.

The secret of change is in the iceberg parallel.

The change we want is in the visible. Unfortunately the change it takes is in the immersed part of the iceberg, the 99%. The invisible, the unknown or ignored part.

We, humanity collectively, are like toddlers who know very little of how things work. Our thinking is linear and magical.

We find out that switching the light switch on makes light… and that is where our thinking gets stuck.

I have a student who has two voices: soothing, a lot like a hypnotist’s voice, talking to the unconscious parts of you. (Potentially can be used for Pure evil… potentially. You only catch it when you are already infected…) And the demanding, angry, willful kid, his real voice, nasty. Belligerent. Entitled. Ugh.

The birth of that disconnect that is running your life

One of my students, on the way back from grocery shopping, stopped and let his parents walk on… before they noticed that he wasn’t tagging alone. He was three years old.

The father said to the mother who wanted to turn back for the child: leave him. Let him wake up and realize that he needs to follow us.

But the child didn’t… Instead he made a ruckus, big loud crying, attracting the attention of a passer-by.

Eventually the mother turned around, and fetched the child…

Upon arriving home, the father beat the child with a belt… to teach him a lesson.

Instead, unfortunately, the child recorded this incident as a win. He got attention.

Even though he didn’t immediately get what he wanted at age 3, eventually he did… and that got him stuck there. Just hang out long enough and you’ll get what you want… without having to deserve it, earn it, do anything for it.

Working for it? That is for lesser people.

Unfortunately for all the sweet-talkers, all the magical thinkers, all the entitled folks, all the forcers, all the weak willed people, wishers and wanters, reality doesn’t work that way.

In reality you have to actually take things to the critical mass point, and then the process will finish on its own power… But the critical mass is a lot of pushing, pulling, adding, taking away… depending on what is the process you are attempting to perform. This includes everything.

Even using my energies… The body is not a jumping jack. If it detects that you don’t mean BUSINESS, that you are just buttering me up, or faking it, it won’t do the work. Humans are a closed energy system, designed to save energy and not waste it.

Interestingly, the Playground is subtle energy work…

Like anything, it takes tiny pushes to make anything turn around, If your habit is to jump into conclusions (intending a big turn) the Playground doesn’t work for you.

This is a new insight… by the way.

Thinking that it takes big pushes and then nothing is a worldview. It is hard to disabuse someone of this worldview, proof is the four students who are stagnant in the Playground. The law they are not honoring is the Law of Process that asks for a long commitment, repeated small actions, and not a big hurrah!

The law of process says: There are no jumps in reality…

Process has been the hardest for me to accept. That everything takes a process. that process is actually a law of nature. It requires you to surrender… SURRENDER to how it works, instead of thinking yourself smarter than nature. Arrogant soulcorrections, like mine, Forget Thyself, Building Bridges, Sharing the Flame, Finish what you Start, and Silent Partner have a real hard time with it.

We, humans expect things instantaneously. Your understanding, your appreciation stops at the tip of the iceberg, and is unwilling or unable to see the process.

Most people have none of the 160 spiritual capacities active… Spiritual capacities are the capacities that work with the hidden aspects of reality… like the fact that there is a process, the fact that you need to be flexible… etc.

I didn’t know any of this until I read Dan Millman’s book the Life You Were Meant To Live

Until then I tried to grow in a helter skelter way… spot cleaning.

When you don’t know the path, you do zig-zag… and never get to where you wanted to get to.

In our world of instant gratification where you are considered moronic by the government, for example, you surely expect life to be as simplistic as this:

I want it therefore I get it…
I like it therefore I eat it
I like it therefore I screw it
I don’t want to do it… and yet I get the results

The personal stage of development of a 3-year old.

I cover my eyes… you can’t see me.

Magical thinking.

Most people get stuck at a young age… and most people get stuck at age 3. A full 60% of all people.

Getting stuck at a young age means being stuck with the thinking and the worldview of a young child… and resisting to grow up into an adult.

All my students got stuck… It is inevitable with the kind of people living on the planet, having a homo sapiens for a parent.

I got stuck at the level in the womb… when my mother could not get an abortion because of the Abortion Laws and she did her darned best to abort by abusing her body.

I had to learn everything other children already knew much much later… or I was going to be a miserable wretch for my whole life.

My life’s work is to test different methods to cause homo sapiens to wake up to the fact that there is more embedded in their genes, more evolution to go.

I don’t know if there is a stage above human BEING… and I don’t care. Not now… In a process you should only care about the process you are in, not about pie in the sky!

In the law of process I learned to shoot for what is attainable, or at least visible from where I stand.

Human being is as different from homo sapiens as homo sapiens is different from a primate…

Not outwardly, but in their behavior, in their relationship to the planet, to others, to life.

My current experiment, the Playground, is starting to show its teeth…

Maybe to reward me, maybe to help me, Source has been providing me with new tools lately that have proven invaluable.

1. The Predatory Genes adjustment is staggering in its results… Human Being has three predatory genes, while homo sapiens can have anywhere from zero to 10 (thus far that is the maximum I have measured in a person).

2. The second tool is the Big Bundle. It is a bundle of energies I created four years ago… but didn’t have a clue of how it worked. I myself never used it, or not with any regularity. I knew it was my secret weapon, by my consciousness wasn’t interested… 🙁

But when I found myself with a death sentence, I started to ask Source what I needed to be able to finish this work, my life’s work.

And Source has been giving me guidance, the most important being re-recording and using the Big Bundle diligently.

To my utter surprise, after almost a month of using the energy 12-15 hours a day, I discovered that the core issue of my body is my lungs. Who would have thought… surely I didn’t.

I am following what the energy tells me through my body, way way deep down into the rabbit hole.

We’ll see the results, won’t we?

For now

  • I enjoy that I can walk every day.
  • I enjoy that I don’t need a nap during the day.
  • I enjoy that I have no heartburn.
  • I enjoy that I am always in a good mood. I
  • enjoy living.
  • So even if I won’t live forever, for now I am enjoying being alive.

Not bad, eh?

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