Do YOU want to get smarter? What would it mean?

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These come up as questions, because… hell, because I don’t know if they do… If you do… Do YOU?

I don’t think currently living humans appreciate what that question means, I don’t think YOU know what being smart entails.

I think you think that smarts are only

  • to win in computer games
  • finish homework fast… or maybe even skip doing it… after all smart people just get it! this used to be me…
  • entertain and impress people at parties
  • if you have little kids… get them to go to bed earlier… that needs smarts, somehow
  • if you are still in mating age (I am not), get the other want to have sex with you… or if you are tired… be appeased faster
  • get to understand the instructions at work, for DIY jobs, for many thing… understanding is the key word
  • oh, and let’s not forget about remembering stuff… that would make you really smart, right?

And yes, those results all need some kind of smarts.

Humanity, homo sapiens, has a big brain, with huge capacity unused.

In my measurements, I call “Starting Point Measurements” I measure how much of your innate smarts, your brain power, your Life Force you actualize. Actualize means: use, successfully or unsuccessfully, meaning: how much of your smarts you make real. Hinting at the fact that your innate smarts, etc. is not the same as what we see in your, through your actions.

Your IQ measures, somewhat, your actualizable smarts… what is available. What you use… not so much.

The most important job of the brain is to keep you alive…

Function. The brain does the thinking, learning, and feeling for the body. For humans, it is the source of consciousness. The brain also controls basic autonomic body actions, like breathing, digestion, heartbeat, that happen automatically.

In my own experience, the brain is a multi-armed Indian goddess that is capable to do many tasks… except…

Except what, Sophie?

  • Except when you keep it busy with something, with one thing… like thinking, concern, or some other unproductive thing: I’ll call this BUSY MIND
  • Except when your usable brain capacity is diminished: I’ll call this “mini brain”
  • Except when your brain never learned anything much and therefore cannot recognize things and act on things/input effectively. I’ll call this “blank or undifferentiated brain”

All three are a different issue… and all three manifest in you doing life poorly, accomplishing little, enjoying life even less.

On some level you know there is more to life… but your brain isn’t able, or isn’t interested in doing what it takes to have that “more“.

Unfortunately, you have no idea about any of this. You don’t know why you suffer…

I looked and the number of people who search for ways to get more out of life by doing something for it is about 200… on the planet, monthly. And the number of people who search for ways to get smarter is about one thousand… a month.

No wonder humanity is stuck in a rut. I bet you that Donald Trump never doubts that he is as smart as he can get… do you?

Yes, I have the audacity to compare you to world class moron, Donald Trump.

Watch Trump talk… that is you. If you like him… you see yourself in him. You are one of a kind. If you don’t like him… you are still like him… but maybe not in every way… but in your essence, that you fancy yourself a lot smarter than you are, and a whole lot smarter than other people… yeah, you see yourself smarter.

Or maybe you envy him for what he has… chutzpah…

So yeah… you are not interested in getting smarter because you don’t even see smarter people… or when you do, you don’t recognize them as smarter.

Your values are skewed, and you feel yourself superior.

Two decades ago I took a test, the Hartman Value Profile. It showed that the reason I didn’t accomplish as much as I could have with the brain and knowledge I had is because of my skewed values.

  • Your skewed values show up in your soulcorrection quite pristinely…
  • Your skewed values don’t let you become all you can become. They don’t let you accomplish what you could accomplish with different values.
  • They keep you unhappy, miserable, and wretched.

And one of the things I notice, they don’t let you think that you could be improved upon if you increased the effectiveness of your usage of your brain.

Or alternatively, if you reclaimed some of your brain from the plaque that covers it and prevents it to perform.

Or if you took it on yourself to reclaim your precious brain from the mind, the dark side, the treading water machine, the instant gratification, from worry, from narcissism, from wanting everything without effort.

I spoke with a woman yesterday. Vibration: 200. IQ: 105. Emotional age: 3 years old. Self estimation: smarter than me.

She paid for 15 minutes of my time. I spent 90 minutes with her. I also gave her two gifts each would have cost her $25.

She left the call sure that she gave ME a gift, the gift of a conversation.

This is the “human condition”…

I could show you every single person I meet, talk to, teach, what keeps them stuck in their “human condition”, that is both individual, soulcorrection predetermined, and wretched.

There is a sentence I find is fitting in a negative way: l’idée dont le temps est venu et l’heure est sonnée (French)

In English: An idea whose time has come…

One can be born at the right time and have the ideas that move humanity forward. I have recently started to consider that maybe if I extended my life, we, humanity, could come to a place where what I teach, what I do, would be an idea whose time has come…

But it’s not yet. One man or woman cannot change the time, unless the idea they represent is and idea whose time has come.

I will know when the idea will be more appealing, will have stronger appeal to my students than the idea of their soulcorrection.

What is the idea of their soulcorrection? It is what holds them back in life, holds them back to become all they can become.

Here are some examples:

  • Forget thyself, my soulcorrection. Thinking myself superior rendered me acting superior. Thinking that process didn’t apply to me. Behaving in life as if I were above it… It has almost killed me. You can read about my health journey in other articles.
  • Finish what you start, an underachiever… because they want to live according to their own rules… banging themselves up in the process. Why? because they actually think, mistakenly, that their rules are everyone’s rules… They bruise easily, give up easily, lose steam too easily
  • Silent Partner… another underachiever… because they only value what THEY say… everyone is an enemy. So they cannot learn. Because learning from yourself only means recycling small… to even smaller. In addition: they don’t take any feedback… Without feedback heeded there is no growth.
  • Circuitry… Like the haggis in the Hungarian folk tale, circuitry attempts to gobble up the universe and every value, they are always angry… (a Scottish dish consisting of a sheep’s or calf’s offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal’s stomach.) I could not find an English translation of the Hungarian folk tale, so here it is briefly: the haggis, the stomach of an animal is filled with ground innards of the same animal, and smoked, usually. Our haggis, already filled with all kinds of stuff, is still hungry, so goes and eats up all kinds of people, expanding in size to accommodate them. But the hunger is insatiable… the rest of the story is not important.
  • Sharing the Flame… It is the ultimate stingy. I’ll go without, if that means you’ll go without too… The archetype of the person who bores a hole in the boat… hoping to drown their opponents… not seeing that it is a shared boat.
  • Memories… lock themselves up in a cave because they are scared to live in the world… so they only see the shadows of reality… and they make decisions from there. Courage is a word for them.

I could continue… but do you get it?

I doubt it.

It is an intellectual assignment, a brain function, that is not really possible to do with the brain you have: the brain is not used to, not available for real thinking…

You need 20% of your brain capacity available for real thinking.

The highest availability I have measured, thus far, is 10%… not enough.

In one of my all time favorite movies, Defending Your Life, there is the human… and there is the evolved human… 3% and 57% use of their brain, respectively.

I have recently increased the available brain capacity for myself… through waking up the brain itself and letting it SEE to what degree it has fallen asleep on the job. I used the Big Bundle audio… It is producing similar results to the students I have checked.

I now have 60% of my brain available.

I reclaimed it from constant thinking, worry, treading water about a decade ago… but even with that, I could only use 10% of the whole brain…

I could only use 10% of the whole brain…

But after five weeks of using the Big Bundle audio, that number is now 60%. 60% of the WHOLE BRAIN. Use it to do my thinking, my choices, healing my body, the work it can do… the work homo sapiens is not yet interested in.

Your actual useful and used intelligence depends on this number and on your habits.

On how you use what you have. I cannot much help you with that. It is driven by your values… and your values are driven by your soulcorrection.

The quality of your life depends on a few factors

  • 1. To what degree you fulfill your potential. Do not discount this: this is the source of the most misery you experience. (we could call this accomplishment)
  • 2. To what degree you keep your eyes on where you are going, instead of where you could go, or where you are not going. (We could call this focus and consistency)
  • 3. To what degree there is peace and harmony between your two selves: the pretend self and the actual self that does what you do. (We call this integrity)
  • 4. To what degree your desire and your ambition (the willingness to do what it takes) are in balance. (We can call this groundedness)

But more than on anything else:

the quality of your life depends on the kind of work I am doing with my students AND on myself right now: getting well, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What am I doing? What are WE doing?

  • using the big bundle religiously
  • adjusting predatory genes
  • living in reality by gradually removing unreality, removing all the perceived wrongs from your view of life

The Big Bundle

The Big Bundle returns your body and your brain closer to its potential, so you can get a new lease on life. You can get smarter, you can get more energy, you can make better choices than you have made in your life. The biggest gift anyone can give you.

In a movie I wrote an article about, Mr. Nobody, the main character is given the chance to make different choices, and have different outcomes, and then go back to the beginning armed with the knowledge of what was the best decision.

When, with my programs and tools you return to innocence, you can do the mental work needed to make different, better choices, most likely by different criteria than you made your life-choices originally.

Because now you know, hopefully, what matters most.

  • Loving yourself
  • Being well
  • Making a difference.

Why making a difference?

I don’t know. It is unique to humans.

Werner Erhard said that every single human being is like an onion: when you peel off the layers, what remains there is the desire to make a difference. The desire to make a contribution. The desire to matter, to others.
When that desire is blocked, people have two possible paths:
1. forever teenager: let’s have fun
2. become a criminal.

Quote from my article from 7 years ago

Either of that choices, forever teenager or criminal, is wretched… and therefore no matter which path you have chosen, you are wretched.

With the tools I provide, you can go back and become a person who makes a difference.

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