Is Becoming Like Jesus The Same As Becoming Like God?

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Jesus Love: model after the behavior you see or the behavior of connecting? Is Becoming Like Jesus the same as becoming like god?

I need to state first, that I am not a Christian.

I have a Jewish heritage, grew up atheist in a Communist country, had people been allowed to be religious, they would have been predominantly Catholic there, attended one year of religious education in Israel and left for profound differences in world view. Have been studying Kabbalah for 8 years.

I am not religious. But I am very interested in the heritage of the world I am here to help connect, help ascend.

And in Jesus, and the tale, I was always interested in. I even read the bible in Hungarian… didn’t understand much, but I read it.

Anyway, Jesus the man is interesting to me.

In my conversations with Source, I learned that Jesus was not an incarnate being. He was sent to do the work I am doing now. He failed. People did not connect as a result of his teachings.

Returning to the question of the title: Is becoming like Jesus the same as becoming like God?

I know a lot about modeling. Modeling is an amazingly effective teaching/self-teaching method. You model after a person who has accomplished what you are after.

But… did you notice that there is always a but? lol

The question is: are you identifying the behavior that is causing the success, or GASP! misindentifying it, and emulating something that is not relevant to your success?

I have a little tale to illustrate what I mean.

In 1985 I did the first Landmark Program 2 called Communication Workshop. I did it in Israel, and my Hebrew was rudimentary.

In an exercise we were taught the different ways of saying the same thing:

  1. as a description of what’s out there,
  2. as an assertion (like a statement that I am willing to prove), and
  3. as a declaration (declaration is something that becomes true by virtue of saying it).

To me, a foreigner, it sounded like the tone of voice was the main difference, and because I am so good with my voice, I was really enjoying this exercise.

It seemed to me that when I spoke in a “declaration” tone of voice, the world was obeying me. I liked that.

I got myself a tool that seemed to carry me to success that was unimaginable… for a few months. Then it stopped working.

I turned on my booming deep “declaration” voice and nothing happened.

I repeated the the class a few years later, already in the US, and found out that it wasn’t the tone of voice that created the magic. It was the courage, the boldness, the mindset that was there whether I was declaring, or whether I was describing: that first course altered my view of myself and the world. But after a few months of struggling in the US, that change wore off, and I went back into my victim mode. No amount of booming voice was going to change that into the attitude of a bold winner.

When we examine Jesus, what was the secret of his being, most people look at the behavior. Most people talk about love, talk about compassion. And they try to emulate that.

love is a pretense if it has a reason, if it is on the top of something to cover up, like dislike When you ask a person like that, when they say the word “love” it sounds like “loooove” or “luve”.

Sounds a little phony, wouldn’t you say? Putting out when there is nothing there…

Where did Jesus’ love come from? Did it come on the top of feeling superior, better than, and despising or even pitying those he professed to love? No. There was nothing underneath it. It was there, by itself, pure love, nothing else. No reason.

Where did it come from?

Given what I do, you could guess if you paid attention. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

It came from his constant and unbroken connection to Source. He called it the Father, but it doesn’t matter what you call it, it is either there of it’s not.

You can’t despise another person when you are connected. You can’t feel superior. You can’t feel better than another. And you can’t feel pity. Why? Because when you are connected, for those seconds, minutes, or hours you are tuned into the consciousness that is Source, and there you can’t even find those feelings, those beings…

So, Jesus’ love wasn’t the man loving other people. He didn’t love them as himself. He loved them as Source, because in the connection he could do no other. Source loves and he was tuned in.

Which answers the question in the title: if you want to model anything after Jesus, model that he connected. And stayed connected and connected and connected. He lived in that connection.

Don’t emulate his behavior. Your behavior may look different when you are connected. But you will be extraordinary, no matter how you express it.

Chances are that you won’t connect.

At this point 1,000 people connect directly to Source. Out of the 1,000 10 are Christian. None of those Christians is a person of the cloth. Christianity commands that you connect to Jesus, without understanding what he did, and why he did what he did.

It will take all you got, if you are a Christian, to believe in that dogma and connect.

I am rooting for you. I believe that you can. Now it’s up to you. You have the tools.

PS: As I was looking for a picture for this post, I realized that there is one other behavior of Jesus people emulate.

You see, Jesus was sent to connect people to Source. He chose a vehicle, and he chose to preach. It was ineffective. It made the past 2,000 years darker than all the millennia before.

I used to have a student, a Black Reverend, who taught that the “End of Times” that the bible talks about was 2000 years ago. When the Second Temple was destroyed.

Whether it is true or not, whether he was supposed to be the Messiah or not, he dropped the ball.

The only thing that elevates humankind to where they should be is direct connection. No nice acts, no amount of love, no amount of preaching makes any difference. I mean zero difference. I mean nothing.

The only thing that has and will ever make a difference is each person connecting. Not through a religion. Not through a church. Not through another person. Not through some scripture. Not through meditating cross legged for 20 years. No. Using the simple tools I was guided to, and have proven with now 6 people that they connect and it is easy.

Now go and connect. You don’t need a reason. You don’t need to wait. You don’t need a goo time to do it. Just do it.

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  1. The company was called Werner Erhard and Associates then
  2. The company was called Werner Erhard and Associates then

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Is Becoming Like Jesus The Same As Becoming Like God?”

  1. Jezus is more than about love. The concept he introduced is forgiving, no matter what.

    That's why Western Europe is at Peace even after two World Wars.

    Some of us missed this point completely and that's why Israël and Palestine are involved in an eternal fight.

    It wil only stop when they forgive each other and then they can have an eternal life together instead of eternal WAR!

  2. Peter, you may be absolutely right, and absolutely wrong at the same time.

    Forgiveness is not something you model after. You acquire the capacity to have nothing to forgive, the mindset that no one can every do anything to you, and then you have no problem forgiving. But if you have a reason to forgive, that also means that you already thought that someone did something to you, which is not what Jesus was about.

    I am glad that Christians are answering. I hope you are not proving that being right is more important to Christians (or any religion, for that matter) than what is the outward purpose of that same religion: connect to God and create heaven on earth.

    Thank you for your answer. I hope you come around. I would hate to fail at the job like Jesus did before me, 2000 years ago.


  3. Jesus did not fail because love never fails. Jesus is the true example of what love is. He only did what He saw the Father doing. Connect with that.

  4. Sophie, there is a lot of wisdom (as your name suggests) in what you say. I resonnate with much of it. People do model the behaviour and that can be a mistake. In Jesus they worshipped the messenger while ignoring the message. I agree it seems harder for Christians (for some reason that religion always left me cold), I think it's because they think it's all done for them. It's like someone hijacked the message and created a Church. Not saying there aren't many spiritual and evolved, loving and compassionate Christians too, there are.

    I'm puzzled by two things you write:

    1. How can you say Jesus failed while also knowing he connected to Source, which as you say he called the Father (the same word really)? That's all one needs to do, connect. When you do you cannot fail. Indeed fail/succeed are relative terms. In the end we cannot succeed or fail as there's nothing to succeed or fail in, we can only BE. Do you mean in not managing to “convert” all the people at that time, or since? Surely that itself is a very Christian attitude. Maybe I misunderstand you. If people chose not to listen to Jesus, chose another path, that is their choice, it doesn't mean he failed in anything. Likewise with you should your readers choose not to heed your words.

    2. What do you mean that only 1,000 people so far have connected to Source? How would you know? Just curious!

    Overall I sense you are doing really good work, and I send you my blessings. Looking forward to more articles.

  5. Eoin (is that really your name?),

    Source speaks when you connect, but we do whatever we do with it.

    Jesus chose to preach. Jesus chose to pick disciples who would do his work.

    As an employer, as a teacher I know that the essence gets lost in the transmission.

    I also know that the job is to restore the Original Design. What was the Original Design, you should ask. In the Original Design the souls wanted what Source had to offer, and there was a wonderful circle: giving, receiving, giving receiving. The souls received what they got, and in return they gave Source what Source wanted: have a recipient of the light. Simple design, a little too simple if you ask me. The free will or receiving or not receiving, the free will to earn one's own light, put a monkey wrench in the whole design.

    The choice of souls is expressed by connecting to Source. You connect: you wanted the light. You don't connect: you didn't.

    Now, back to Jesus: by the time of Jesus, people didn't even know about the possibility of connecting. They were told that the Creator's light is burning, that they needed a go-between. By Jesus' time, his job was to connect people directly to the Light, to Source, To The Creator, To God, To The Father… so they can experience the relationship and find their bearing, and start living their earthy life with that connection now in the mix.

    Jesus didn't do any of this. He didn't even teach his disciples to connect. Because he was a non-physical entity, an envoy, he didn't even understand that for a human connecting is an effort.

    He connected to Source, but even Source could not explain to him what was missing, because Source doesn't know. You can only know from the level of disconnection, from the level of human, what it is you need to connect. How much effort it takes.

    He failed us. He succeeded in his plan, but humanity was left worse off than it was before him.

    1,000 people are connected… I didn't say “connected before.” Do you see how the meaning gets changed in the interpretation?

    The number came from asking the question: How many people connect regularly. The number of people who have connected is irrelevant. I know spiritual teachers that connected, by accident, and that was it. Now they don't connect.

    Another way to interpret that number: the number of people who regularly get their guidance from the Tree of Life, and not the Tree of Knowledge. Alive people, living today.

    I have some interesting numbers: 10 Christians, 1 atheist, 10 Jews, 1 Hindu, 10 Muslims, 100 agnostics, 600 Buddhists, 1 American Indian, 10 or them live in Africa, 300 of them live in South America…

    I know the one Hindu. She is from a Brahman family, but she was born with darker skin, bushy hair, and she felt different. She was a kind of black sheep and she connected to have support, because her family looked at her without love.

    According to muscle testing I am not an atheist I am an agnostic.

    Five of the testers/Pioneers now regularly connect to Source.

    I had a vision in a dream of people supporting people to connect, and like thousands of lights, the planet started to glow.

    Connection is a right… and you connect when you choose to, and then do what you will… Your free will to screw up your life is never taken away.

    Thank you for writing.


  6. Hi Sophia, I just want to say thank you so much! This, I must say, have been the post I've been looking for. I needed this so much. I love to connect, inspire and be inspired. My problem was trying to figure out why people of my facebook and in my circle of friends and family don't connect with me. Ever since my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and me staying optimistic, people just don't like to connect, share, give love with words at all. But if I had something negative to say, they're all over it. I couldn't understand WHY. I love to connect without any reason why. But most just ignore me. Why? You're amazing in how you explain how Jesus was. And what he represented, and yes, people miss his message by far. I can't wait to read more on these subjects.

    I will read this post several times to get it completely understood. This is so amazing and true. Thank you for that again.

    Have a sweet day!

  7. Hi Erika. I read your post on your blog from Sunday, and that gave me a nice picture of who you are, you and Louis. You do connect, in a one-way fashion, and that fact raises a new question for me: is it possible that people aren't attracted to the connected energy? Hm, that is terrible news. Maybe it isn't the connected energy, maybe it is an attitude that goes with it… I'll give this some more thoughts and conversations with Source.

    One thing people used to tell me is :” I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care…” Which in this context, facebook friends, etc. may translate to “until I know that you have room for me to be exactly the way I am, even if it is small, or despicable… or disconnected, or ugly, or whatever.”

    You and I, in a way, are on a similar journey, and it separates us from the masses. The masses are not up to anything, not really.

    So, if you don't find a way to relate to where they are, there is no one to bridge the gap: you can't expect that from the masses.

    As I am writing this to you, I am tracking it on myself, and my experience of being isolated, and my teaching ignored. Would that same “advice” work for me too?

    Another, and more specific thought about your situation is: people want to feel superior. But if they had cancer, they would be crushed. Many people with cancer hide, or hide it. The Tree of Knowledge truth is that it is a death sentence. The Tree of Life truth is that it's a gift. Depending on how you look at it, you will make that truth true for you.

    Ask your husband to learn the tangerine method himself: you cannot do the work for him, that is not how the Universe is set up. The Tangerine method is innocent enough for even a man… lol. I am testing the yarmulke (skullcap) method, and it is amazing, very soothing. Of course, the key of the Tangerine Method is in the eye looking up and backwards, so please make sure he gets that…

    And please keep me informed. If you want, you could become a tester… it gives you personal access to me, which is, many say, a lot of fun. And a lot of work.


  8. Hi Sophie,

    thanks for taking the time to reply. My name is indeed Eoin (it's Irish for Owen, and pronounced the same).

    I still think you don't understand what Jesus was about. All that about preaching and picking disciples was how people interpreted his life years (centuries) later. He had many people who followed him, I suppose you could say the spirit drew them to him. It's convenient for the church today to recognise only 12, and all male, it gives legitimacy to their 'ministry'.

    The old argument whether Jesus was human has been with us since the first century. I would say we are both human and divine. Divine beings having a human experience. Jesus managed to transcend his humanity however. Essentially we are all beings of light anyway, and in the end we cannot not succeed in reaching our true home.

    You are wrong to say Jesus didn't show people how to connect to Source. In teaching the Kingdom of God is within, and the Kingdom of God is at hand (the same thing) he did precisely that. The only way to connect is to go inside as Jesus taught us.

    The problem is that later we were taught Jesus himself was 'it' and so we didnt have to do anything, except worship him. In this way the method was lost and humanity failed. But it wasn't Jesus who failed humanity. On the contrary he was one of the few people in history to show us the way to the light.

    I hope you don't think I'm being cross, there's been so much rubbish written about Jesus it's easy to get confused. We can be confused and still enlightened. Terms such as the tree of life, and tree of knowledge are metaphors.

    Lastely, you mention the word 'effort' a few times in relation to connecting. We are taught it's hard to do this, or pretty much anything, that's a childhood script. Actually, it takes less effort than you might think to connect.

    Blessings again and keep up the good work.

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