Your biological age… are you younger or older than your calendar age?


I have been looking at biological age as an overall indicator of how a person is doing health-wise.

Including myself.

At this point, please forgive me, I am more interested in myself, my own health than in yours. Selfish? Yeah. Selfless? yeah.

How can it be both selfish and selfless?

I am interested in getting a second lease on life, so I can do more of what I've been doing: pump Source for solutions for you, for your health, for your peace of mind, for your fulfillment, for you becoming all you can become.

So if I didn't have you as a "client"... I would not be interested in extending my life either. So thank you... very much.

I would not be interested in most of the things i am interested in... I can thank my life to you.

I am your archetype of the Kabbalistic distinction: Desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

As opposed to what 91% of humanity practices 99% of the time: desire to receive for the self alone... no matter how it looks for the onlooker... they do everything for what's in it for them. The rest, the 9% practices it 40% of the time...

This is the current state of humanity...

Nothing wrong, but don't be delusional... this includes you.

OK, now that I have managed to offend you, and you are leaving, I can get to what I wanted to write about.

Biological Age

OK, your biological age is your body's age... as opposed to your calendar age.

I have two acquaintances in my exercise class who give me rides to get back home on the top of a steep hill. The man is 92 years old, the woman is 77. The man's biological age is 70, and the woman's biological age is also 70. My biological age back in August was 99 years old. Ugh.

There is another woman in the exercise class, she is, I think, 65 years old. Her biological age is 50.

So after I measured my own biological age and compared myself with her, I wanted to know if I could be, ever again, walking like her: fast, without effort, without pain... and Source said: yes.

My legs have been hurting for 20 years... So my real question was: could I have my legs get younger? Could I have no pain?

Source answered: yes. Then I asked: will I? And Source said: no.


Turns out, won't bore you with the series of yes/no questions I had to ask to get to this point: the treatment I need to do is very painful, tedious, long, and will seem hopeless. But it works.

Stretching my Achilles tendon and my calf, lengthening whatever gets lengthened by stretching, maybe even tearing (ugh) some fibers.

I am deadly afraid of pain. But I have gone to search and found and ordered the equipment on Amazon, and it will be here tomorrow. I did that because I am not going to be stopped by my fear... I might be slowed down, but not stopped. Goddamit... lol. Hear me swear...

How do YOU get solutions?

I get to talk to quite a few people, on the phone, in email, on webinars, and I know that my method of asking questions is not how people get to solutions.

Most people use the shotgun method.

The shotgun method of understanding things, of finding a solution, is an indication of narrow cone of vision, coming from what you know instead of curiosity and wonder, lack of humility, and low vibration.

I destroyed my health exactly the same way... so I am not exempt of this humanity-wide delusion that what you know is good enough even to ask intelligent questions. It isn't.

I am aware that this will make you groan, but you need to go back to the pie chart of all knowledge as often as you can, as often as you'd like to find something out, and ponder it.

All answers that come from the "I know that I know" and the "I know that I don't know" slices of the pie are going to be solutions that cost you. There is a Hungarian saying: the broth cost you more than the meat...

This is how I destroyed my health and got myself to have a biological age of 99, a whole 27 years older than my calendar age.

All solutions that are worth their name "solution" come from the "I don't know that I don't know" big-big slice.

Takes humility to even look there... and humility is the rarest thing in humanity.

I've said before that even to connect to Source, you have to have a minimum level of humility. According to my observations, the magic level is 50%. and none of my current active students have managed to work their way up to 50%.

My level of humility is 70%... Higher than needed, lower than I'd like. After all this lack of humility was at the root of my destruction of my health...

You see, Source can only answer the questions you ask... and if you ask the questions from what you know, you'll get answers that never come from the "you don't know that you don't know" field. And then your solution to your problem will create the next BIGGER problem... as it did with me.

This is true in every area of life.

having the necessary minimum... etc.

I am now taking this newfound attitude to the area of money.

After all, if I am going to live another ten years, I won't be happy sitting in my apartment, hoping for a ride... I will want to get around.

So I asked these new questions of Source this morning: will I be able to buy a car? yes, will I be able to travel? yes... wowzie...

I better make more money then... lol.


One of the things I notice about humility is that when I experiment, try things out, I am able to maintain my attitude of curiosity... so I can learn.

Without curiosity every failure will shake me, and make me not only what not to do, not what actually happened.

For example, this morning I tried to fry some eggs in rings of onion. but the onions I have are not big... so I thought: what if I scrambled the eggs? Turns out that what scrambling does is break the cohesion of the egg white, what holds the eggs together... and the dish was a disaster... I ate it, but not what I wanted. What I wanted can only be done with unscrambled eggs... and large onions...

I learned more than I thought I could learn.

And the lesson, for me, is to live my life through this attitude of curiosity...

I wish some of my clients adopted this attitude: they would get offended by my articles or emails a whole lot less. And would be able to learn a whole lot more.

My aching rock hard calves

By the way, the aching, rock hard calves run in my family: my father, both my brothers, and me.

When I ask Source, and I have never asked this question, never suspected this as the origin of the pain... when I ask Source if the reason for this pain originates in being born flat footed... i.e. having a weak arch, the answer is a big yes.

My mother didn't have flat feet... and she could walk a lot and fast till she died, while us, the children, hurt... all three of us.

Would my brothers listen to me? Hell no. They have known me as the stupid sister, not as the smart sister who can teach them something. Both have, in additions, a less than 10% humility. So it doesn't matter what they think about me, their willingness and ability to learn in next to nothing.

What am I saying?

  • That if you want to increase your chances to live long and well, you need humility? yes... I am saying that
  • That I can measure your biological age and can even tell you where you are weakest? yes, I am saying that too.

If I were you, I would use my idle curiosity (the curiosity that wants to know many things it knows it doesn't know.) to get a "reading" from me: what is your biological age.

I'll price it rock bottom, so it is a no-brainer...

What is my biological age? Please muscle test it for me...

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