On procrastination… again and again

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I am procrastinating right now. I should be writing a sales letter, and I am having cold feet. Weird. Normally I don’t procrastinate a lot… but the past 2 weeks I have been shying away from doing what I said I wanted to do, every opportunity I have.

I got lucky today, and found an email with the exact same topic from a famous marketer, and I want you to read what he has to say: very useful, and in a way surprising.

At least I was surprised for myself, and now I have at least a general idea how to get myself into action on my project.

If you want to read it, you can do that by signing into the membership area where I have my free downloads.

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By the way, after your read the pdf you’ll understand how the Cure Procrastination activator works… if you use that activator, reading this pdf is a must. If procrastination is an issue for you: ditto.

You’ll find that all the things that other people teach are plain bs, manipulation, and trying to change the effect instead of getting to the cause.

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