Desire: is it good to desire? Is it really the Everyman’s Super Power as Mark Joyner teaches?

the everyman's superpower mark joynerI don’t remember why, but I signed up to Simpleology, Mark Joyner’s program. 1

He created a new comic strip, the everyman’s superpower, and, of course, sold it with the same thing he advocates in the comic strip: desire.

Desire, what YOU know as desire, is a lower self vibration, fueled by greed, sexual energy, hunger, anger, vengeance, jealousy, anger… not something you want a lot of.

And even though it is a strong energy, and it may take you to success in some areas, it is destructive of who you are as a person, who you are as a higher consciousness specimen of the  species.

I should already be used to it!

“Source”, or whatever it is I am talking to all day, is steering me to do work I didn’t intend to do: experience, test, fall flat on my face, half-kill myself or my business or my relationships.

OK, here is the havoc I have wreaked as a result of this “steering”…

  • 1. I destroyed or almost destroyed my relationship with one of my best students.

What happened? The desire for control and domination and results got strong enough that I reacted to my students lack of results with extreme anger and intolerance.

In addition to the potential for the loss of relationship, I also lost about 6-7 hours with this and two night’s of sleep.

I was too high strung to fall asleep and get rest. I WAS RIGHT! lol

  • 2. I did what I did back 3-4 years ago with my Amazon business: I started to count my chicken before they hatched.

I am getting better, smarter, healthier and younger… I am regaining a lot of my lost capacities by using the Big Bundle energy every day. 2

So I suddenly pictured myself young, vibrant, and rich… Driving, traveling, on the top of the world.

I pictured not the pathway, not the work, not the efforts that it will take. No. I pictured just the results… and of course, fantasizing about the “done deal” future stopped me from doing what it will take to get there: time and effort.

  • 3. All that wasn’t able to wake me up, and 🙁 it wasn’t…

I found myself refunding people’s payments because my audio recorder stopped working, and didn’t correctly record my Sunday Rants calls I’d sold to subscribers.

Luckily, I always wake up by the third warning. I start smelling the scorched coffee, the burned remnants of my life, my business…

I am waking up faster and faster.

Now, what am I trying to say in this article?

There are teachings that are designed to whip up your desire. And they are really good at it.

But the only reason they are doing it to sell you something that will whip your desire even higher.

When I do your Starting Point Measurements, I measure your level of desire, and your level of ambition.

Ambition is a future you are willing to invest in. Learn skills, acquire knowledge. Do things that can lead you there.

In the beginning the attitude needs to be: life is more important than my lower vibration compulsion to acquire, to win, to be right, to dominate, to hate, to kill, to eat, to sex, to revenge, to look good, to whatever your dominant lower vibration compulsion is.

This sets a general direction, akin to “I intend to go West…”

Unless life is more important than those… you have no direction, and your actions will be hodge podge, if any, and they will be decided by a lower impulse… not the direction, not ambition.

When you keep on keeping your face to your direction, let’s stay with West, then eventually you’ll start to see outlines of a continent here and there, a mountain that could be climbed, a river to be crossed… all in the direction of West.

The many offers, invitations, seductions, the songs of the sirens that want to lead your ship to the rocks, will be clearly NOT from the West… so you can say, after consideration: no, I am going West, you want me to go North, or South, or backwards… I am not going there.

Most people I measure in the Starting Point Measurements (Mark’s desire is 70% which is very high.), the desire number is very high, or very low.

The reality is only shown in the desire/ambition relationship.

  • Mark: 70 desire/20 ambition
  • my desire (now that I have seen the wreckage desire created) is down to 10%/my ambition is 60%. (ambition is what you are willing and able to work towards. Desire is all about getting)

My desire while this seduction was going on, was 90%… So even if my ambition stayed at 50%, I was driven by desire, not ambition.

Do you know those two numbers? YOUR two numbers?

If you are miserable, if you are spinning your wheels, if you have pressure in your chest… your desire is probably higher than your ambition.

If you jump on every offer that offers a discount in addition to what you would want… what you desire… your desire number is sky-high.

If you feel a religious fervor for a teacher… your desire number is sky high.

Why is that bad? After all everyone says that you need to have high desire!

The problem with language is that it is “approximate”… imprecise.

Someone says: desire… and you think you know what they mean. After all even the Kabbalists said: desire, didn’t they?

The Kabbalists distinguish two desires: desire to receive for the sake of sharing and desire to receive for the self alone.

When I worked with a Kabbalah teacher who specialized in helping business owners to create a “desire to receive for the sake of sharing” seed level in their business, I learned that unless the desire goes beyond the personal benefit, even if there is an “afterthought” of sharing, the desire still desire to receive for the self alone.

Gnawing, tormenting, keeping you up at night… and ultimately rendering you a puppet on a string.

Although it is not obvious in the visible part of reality, people with that kind of desire are either shysters, con-artists, or people with their hands out: beggars.

But what about religious guys? Who say: I am good therefore I’ll receive, I’ll succeed… blah blah blah.

Receiving is always a transaction. Success is also a transaction.

If you only have your goodness in one side of the scale… you won’t receive money or even love. Your basket, your offering is thinny thin.

I’ve written about the Law of Attraction teacher who asked for my help the other day, after she paid the first of four payments for my Effortless Abundance Activator Suite: Effortless Abundance Activator audio, Effortless Abundance Activator meditation, Effortless Abundance Activator pdf….. My diagnosis was that she got caught up with greed and envy, watching her more successful “colleague”, and that is what happened.

If she can see this, if she can return to her original purpose of taking women to a healthier more productive path, she can regain her power.

But the moment her business became about what she wanted… business left her.

When helping is an afterthought, you are in “desire to receive for the self alone”… bummer, eh?

So what can you do?

  • Whether you are in business, or work for someone… but want to make more money
  • Whether you want more in the area of health
  • Whether you want to have better relationship

You are either in “desire to receive for the self alone” or in “desire to receive for the sake of sharing”. Or… of course, dead…

I suggest that you start designing yourself and your desire so it fits the requirements of Kabbalah, the art of receiving… if translated from Hebrew.

This is what I suggest to you:

If you have an original purpose, how you want will benefit others, and make that the overall context of your activity, or
if you don’t already have an original purpose: start with inventing your West…

Say: “Life is more important than my lower desires… my lower inclinations.”

You can also look who else benefits if and when you get what you lust for… And set that as your priority.

If you have a difficulty with that, you are really deep into desire to receive for the self alone… you need the Second Phase Activators, that set all your vibrational components on a higher stage… so you can actually start living your life from your higher self.

Some of my students suffer from “I don’t need to learn anything, I already know” syndrome of delusion.

Of course no one is born knowing anything: we are all born with a blank slate. If they are in adult age and have had this attitude until now, they are probably totally ignorant, and have a lot of foundation to fill before they can even consider that they know anything.

Whether this is school stuff or relationship stuff, or life stuff… everyone has a certain arrogance… so this is probably more than just some of you.

Your results are consistent with what you REALLY know…

If your results are not up where your imaginary knowledge is, get some humility and learn some stuff, unlearn some stuff…

Without a solid foundation there is nothing that you can build.

You need to release your lower self desire to get everything without having to do the work, and set yourself on a higher plane.

The Second Phase Activators, 100 or so, delivered in videos, attempts to do the trick.

Some of you don’t live on the higher plane, out of your higher self, because you have no idea what that is like.

You have no idea that you are living out of your lower self… At least partially.

I can tell when a student moves upward… and it is like heaven… even when it is temporary.

I could recommend the Effortless Abundance Activator, but it’s a bit tricky.

It has all the energies of the Second Phase Activator, but if you have no idea what keeps you tied to your lower self and its desires, the energies will not be able to unstuck you… you need the help of your Consciousness, the divine part of you, that is slumbering.

The capacities the Second Phase Activators activate are spiritual capacities, embedded in every human’s DNA, but they are set to “not active”.

The individual Second Phase Activators help Consciousness decide if you got the message or not, and if you are deserving of the activation of those capacities, or not.

If your entire behavior, entire attitude in life is all about you, you may need to change your ways first, before Consciousness will grant you permission.

If you think, if your whole worldview is that the energies are doing it to you and for you, and you don’t have to do anything, this, my work, may not be appropriate for you, until you can change your mind… and offer something in return… to the energies.

If you feel that you are ready and willing for a give and take course, The Second Phase Activators course may be a good fit for you.

I have it on a special till the end of the week… with a coupon.

The special is for the compact version of the course. In the original 20-week course, there were a group of people who could not come to the live calls during the week, so I did a Sunday shortened, compact version of what I taught during the week, including the energy downloads.

Those Sunday sessions are the Compact Version… it has everything, but a whole lot less sessions, a whole lot less explanation.

Until this coming Sunday you can use a coupon and slash the price of the course.

Slash the price of this 20 week course that created more high vibration students than all my other courses together

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  1. Mark Joyner: vibration 150… Why is it so low if he is so successful? Success and vibration are often go in different directions. If a person has too many predatory genes, like Mark Joyner (10) success is fueled by predatory needs. Predatory needs, like hunger, the need to procreate, the need to win, the need to be right, the need to dominate, are low vibration energies… lower needs.
    The interesting thing about Mark is that he also has high aspirations… but his methods all come from greed.
  2. The Big Bundle works in unexpected ways. It actually talks to Consciousness, and alerts it in the troubles you have, either physically, or spiritually. What does that mean to you?
    The Big Bundle alerts consciousness about your lower self desires… and attempt to redirect you to use your higher self desires…
    But if you have no idea how that works, what are the thoughts underneath either, you won’t be able to do it… no matter how much consciousness wants you to do it.
    But when you are given directions in the Second Phase Activators Course, suddenly it is as if new vistas opened up, and you are able to use the new capacities, so they don’t turn off.
    Nobody expects it, but the body will turn off a capacity that you don’t use.
    Over the years I had hundreds of students pay me to turn on capacities that they didn’t intend to use… generosity, seeing the big picture, The Sight, seeing things from a different vantage point, integrity, humility… the 100 different capacities I can ask Source to turn on for you.
    Chances are, that even after doing the Second Phase Activators’ course, you won’t add more than 4-5 spiritual capacities to your “arsenal”… But without the Second Phase Activators’ course, without needing those capacities, you will add NOTHING.
    Another incredibly valuable resource I offer is the Discussion board, where you can set yourself up to publicly practice a capacity or a skill.
    And, of course, the Playground… especially the Partner calls part of it.

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