Connecting To Source, Connecting To Higher Self, Connecting To Intuition: Which Is The Easiest? Which Can Be Taught?

Connect To Your Higher Self By Connecting To Source

Connecting To Source, Connecting To Higher Self, Connecting To Intuition: Which Is The Easiest? Which Can Be Taught?

Warning: this article is written so a 9-year old won’t understand it. If your comprehension is on a 9-year old’s level, go, find another website to read… and if this warning insults you… Good. I woke you up!

  • What is the difference between getting guidance from Source and intuition?
  • What is the difference between connecting to your higher self and connecting to Source?
  • What is inspiration and where does it come from? How can I access it when I need it?
  • How do I pick a path and stay on it? Where does it come from?
  • These are important questions to answer. Why? Because they actually bridge, linguistically, between what people know that they want, and what they need.

    You see, what you need it to connect to Source and get guidance from it.

    What you want is to be able to check in with your higher self, and find what lights you up, find what will make you happy, find the path that will make you fulfilled and maybe even rich.

    Get Inspiration By Connecting To Source What you want and what you need look slightly different, don’t they. But the difference is the language. You say what you want in the language you say it, and somewhere there, in the languaging or that want, there is a hidden word: “magically.”

    It is there, if you pay attention, and it is there for two reasons:

    1. You know that you don’t know how to make it happen.

      No one has been able to connect you to the power source. The people that produced the results you crave have connected to the power source to get it what you crave, like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. But when you read their story, there is an element of magic, an element of miracle there… A piece of information is missing for you to be able to duplicate it.

      But everything that you don’t know how it works looks like a miracle, even though it may not be a miracle at all. Once you find out how it works, like the TV, like the Internet, like a PC… you can use it, and it is no big deal.

      The piece that is missing is that they connected to the Source of Power.

    2. get intuition by connecting to Source

    3. You don’t think you know what they connected to, sometimes even they don’t know it. That’s why they don’t talk about it. So you don’t know what to connect to, you don’t know how to connect, you don’t even know if you want to connect, you only know that you want what you want, and when you get the result you’ll recognize it.

      You know that you will feel the difference.
      You will “suddenly” feel right about what you do.
      You will miraculously want to get up in the morning and do what you need to do.
      You will be hit by some inspiration and you’ll clean up that cluttered corner of your universe.
      You’ll, out of the blue, pass that exam, you’ll read that book, you’ll make that phone call.

    Can you hear that hidden “magically” element? Good. Can you also hear that you never implied that you have to DO something for it? You always speak as if it happened to you. But maybe you gave up being right about how the world works… or did something new that you were not sure of, that may look and sound silly. That you will have to hide from your friends, lest they think you are off your rockers.

    So you keep on wishing and hoping for a miracle. So you may buy all the mind-altering books, courses, audios, videos, you read your horoscope, buy coaching, all the socially acceptable ways that don’t rock the boat that hopefully bring about a miracle.

    Activate Your Higher Self By Connecting To Source The only thing you won’t consider is that you have found the path and this is it.

    You yell: It can’t be this simple! It must be magical! It must be miraculous! I must feel different as soon as I try it!

    But it is simple. And if it works, God forbid, your whole life will have been wrong. That is too much price to pay for the fulfillment for the rest of your life, right? And if it doesn’t work, then you wasted, how much time, a few hours? It is better to be right about having been right…

    …And continue giving lip-service about soul’s purpose, living on purpose, and love, and oneness, and hope, divine blueprint, and connect to your heart, and bliss, and raising your vibration, and finding your soul mate, and similar important things that you have no power over, without connecting to Source…

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    Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

    True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

    2 thoughts on “Connecting To Source, Connecting To Higher Self, Connecting To Intuition: Which Is The Easiest? Which Can Be Taught?”

    1. Hi Sophie,
      As you know, I browse your web site from time to time . I like your direct style and informed take on spiritual matters. I have pretty much done all the things you trash on your site and I am now back to Kundalini practice and meditation. Which I find powerful if you keep your practice regular. Connecting to source comes easier, but sometimes I lose it completely and seem to be back to square one !! I have taken my time in contacting you as I don’t in the first instance want to waste your time and at times too over whelmed.

      Best regards

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