Today’s solution is tomorrow’s bigger problem… if you are not connected to Consciousness

your holy grailI have updated this post… clarified some things, so read it again…

Humans, YOU, want to fix things…

Fixing is forceful, and narrow cone of vision.

Fixing is low consciousness

Today’s solution is tomorrow’s bigger problem.

frankenstein... cobbled togetherYour identity, the things you are known for, your typical behavior have all been fixes… solution to some perceived problem and now you are like a puppet on a string… powerless, inauthentic, and incapable of being happy, peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled.

1. For example, as a kid, I experienced getting hurt because I trusted someone… so I decided to never ever ever ever trust anyone again… I became fiercely independent… in everything.

2. I got punished for asking my mother for supplies for my architecture studies… so I became someone who can do anything, and never ask for a thing.

3. I wasn’t allowed to have what I wanted… so I decided to become a rule-breaker… societal laws… like being a sheep, like believing everything, coloring within the lines. This work is the result of that decision…

You decided to be a slacker, a thief, brilliant, overachiever, dutiful or diligent, or talk too much, be forceful, be whatever… to solve a problem you experienced as a child.

Those solutions created a Frankenstein monster: YOU. Cobbled together from borrowed body parts.

I have students who clearly show this:

One student has meek and cocky… it’s like a Frankenstein monster with two left hands…

I have a student who is super nice and super nasty… another Frankenstein monster: you never know what you are going to get with her.

And so on, and so forth…

Why? Because there is no organizing principle, there is no authentic self.

Now, given that this is everyone, it is not just them, it is not just you, but also the person you married, and your parents, and your children.

I was contacted by the mother of one of my students this past week.

Only after I looked at the mother, her soul correction, her starting point measurements, that I fully understood my student’s otherwise nonsensical behavior… poor kid.

here i stand i can do no otherI am inspired, called to experiment with you to see two things:

1. is it possible to undo the decisions you made when you were fixing stuff?
2. is it possible to find new ways for you to be (not necessarily an identity, but we shall see) so you can finally get access to all the happy ways a human being can experience themselves and their life.

I am going to do that in three webinar workshops, or if necessary, more than three.

This is going to be most useful for my clients and students who have done work with me before, and who own the Big Bundle audio.

So if you do: you are invited. If you don’t: I recommend that you buy the Big Bundle… because without it the new approach will not be really available to you.

While you are under the influence of the Big Bundle, you are a higher level human… maybe even a human being…

Why? Because the main difference between today’s human: homo sapiens and tomorrow’s human: human being is to the degree Consciousness is available to run the show.

  • Homo sapiens conduct their life with their minds.
  • Human beings conduct their life with Consciousness: being connected to all of it.


  • So homo sapiens asks: how do I fix this? how do I compensate for this?
  • While human being asks: what’s missing the presence of which would make a difference.


  • Homo sapiens looks to cobble together things…
  • while human being always strives to whole and complete


  • Homo sapiens points the finger to things outside of the Self…
  • while human being first looks for the cause of disharmony in themselves, their attitude, their behavior.


  • When getting negative feedback: Homo sapiens makes another wrong, so they don’t have to consider changing their ways…
  • while human being looks at the feedback as guidance to make themselves a better person.

Unfortunately, human being mode is not available to homo sapiens.

And until today I haven’t see anyone with any method who was able to stay connected and teach getting and staying connected to Consciousness.

It is like a prison with the prison-guards locked out. Like a kindergarten with the teachers locked out. Lawless, rule-less, anarchy.

Having stumbled on a solution to connect and stay connected to Consciousness has been the biggest gift I have received in my 72 years, and a gift that luckily I can pass along.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility.

Consciousness is what gets awakened and alerted by the Big Bundle, my secret weapon.

Consciousness is what connects you to All-Knowledge, to All-There-Is, to what is higher in you.

Now that we, Big Bundle users have the great power, it is my job to teach you how to use it to unlearn all the stuff that homo sapiens does, and learn all the things that human being does.

The differences between the two states are many, but the most important ones for you are

  • being healthy,
  • live long,
  • live productive,
  • live in a way that causes fulfillment and enjoyment

And for people around you:

  • live in a way that doesn’t encroach on their lives, on their Life-Force, on their real interests.
Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love

And of course, what is underneath is

  • living authentically and
  • with integrity,
  • being someone who can and do love yourself.


So what is there to do?

If you have the Big Bundle, then just make sure you pick your webinar workshop… or if you are smart, pick them all…

Each of these workshops contain the whole process… they are not a course.

Wednesday Nov 6, 2019 4-7 PM EST
Saturday Nov 9, 2019 4-7 PM EST
Wednesday Nov 13, 2019 9 am-12 noon EST

Figure out your local time here

I will email ONLY my Bug Bundle buyers with the registration links to the workshops. One link registers you into all three

If you don’t have the Big Bundle yet,

get a the Big Bundle and get yourself prepared for the webinars.

Go get the Big Bundle

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