Witnessing is noticing. Noticing is giving value. Giving value is appreciation…

Without witnessing nothing happens.

Witnessing is noticing. Noticing is giving value. Giving value is appreciation… The word comes from precious: valuable.

So witnessing is giving value.

Why does something needs to be given value?

Because just like nothing is wrong in reality, nothing has value either. Value is always in the eyes of the beholder, value is given. Individually. You give value to something you got: you got something valuable.

Most people don’t know this, and therefore never acknowledge the value they got… if they got any value.

Now what happens when you do that? When you don’t acknowledge the value you get?

Something that is making all the things you hope for for another person, won’t do the same thing for you.

You bought it but you were stingy, you ARE stingy, and never acknowledged the value you bought. And it won’t give you what you hoped for.

Some soul corrections are more stingy than others. The “evil” soul corrections.

But it is not just certain soul corrections.

If you are in survival mode, temporarily or permanently, you’ll feel a need to only care about yourself, and even GIVING value will feel like you are betraying yourself.

So you spend your meager resources (don’t forget you are in survival, so whatever you have will feel meager to you!) on something that promises to give you what you want, health, energy, focus, knowledge you need, peace, whatever you wanted, and you get nothing. Not a thing.

Only spent… got nothing.

It is not an accident that they teach you in the Abundance courses to assume the attitude of gratitude. But what they are doing, albeit it is on point, is not what you need to do or how you need to do it.

Pretending to be grateful is pretending to have a feeling, an emotion you don’t have.

Giving value, appreciating, is simpler and not fake. You say: this thing gives me this and this and this, therefore it has value to me. You can say that even before you buy it.

This speaking allows your “reticular activator” home on the value you said you bought, and notice it. Keep on valuing it, keep on WITNESSING it, and it keeps getting stronger.

So instead of waiting, passively, arrogantly, doubtfully for the thing to do what it is “supposed to do”… you are causing yourself to actually be in a co-creative relationship with it.

Whether that “thing” is an energy, a book, a course, a person, a new method, your attitude changes it all for you, and you get all that you can get from that thing. Really.

But, of course, the prevailing attitude is “give it to me”… in everything.

I can tell how you’ll benefit from my STUFF, energies, courses, workshops, articles, etc. just by watching you for a few minutes… especially when you eat.

Because it is possible to get all you need from the food, or it is possible to get all the bad things from the food you eat. Same food. Only your attitude changed.

The rare people, the rare buyers, users of the Big Bundle, or the Predatory Genes Adjustment who let me know what changes they are experiencing, what they are witnessing bought what you bought, but they get a whole lot more out of it.


The reticular activator, a function not a physical part or the brain, is a targeted missile. It looks to you for what to target. Target what you want? Target what you don’t want?

It is all the same for the brain. The brain doesn’t care. Only Consciusness does.

The brain, when Consciousness is away, fancies itself the boss, so it will go for quick pleasure, it will go for avoiding pain, it will not have the long view of things.

If you have a lot of attention on food, sex, excitement, drama, slights, upsets, pleasures, then you can be sure that Consciousness is not playing. Only the brain going for short term gains.

The moment you clue Consciousness in, you can start noticing the shift to long term gains… but, and this is the interesting thing: your attitude of not giving power, not giving value to Consciousness will disempower it.

In the Playground, both courses, the participants just hit that magical threshold where they are starting to acknowledge value, thus giving it value. Just now.

It’s now happening faster than it has ever happened before…

Due to the Big Bundle? I think so.

It seems that life for me and my students and clients can be told this way: before the Big Bundle I used to… after the Big Bundle I am…

It is definitely true for me. Acknowledging it this way gives even more power to the energy, to Consciousness, to the Life Force that you are activating with the Big Bundle.

My energy level, since I started using the Big Bundle, August 24, rose from the energy level of a 90 year old (that was my biological age then, just a short year from my expiration date) to the energy of a 40 year old. Big difference. My other functions operate at the level of a 30 year old…

All this in two months and a few days.

The results of other users lag behind mine.

I use the Big Bundle, virtually all day… I do everything while it’s on my ears, including talking, recording feedback, so about 12-16 hours a day.

And, of course, my attitude is utter appreciation. And another thing I do: as soon as I turn the light off at night, I take an inventory (witnessing!) of all my body parts, of my energy level, my mood, my day, and I EXPRESS my appreciation to Consciousness. I EMPOWER consciousness.

Why aren’t you empowering anything or anyone? It is again your experience of yourself in scarcity: giving power to anything or anyone feels like a threat to your survival.

So you are greedy and stingy about it… and your results are pitifully few and far between.

You know who you are…

I just muscle tested all my Playground participants. Some of them has 70% about-me score. The rest has 30% about me score.

The three people whom I removed from the Playground: their about-me score is 90% as is my brother’s… my beloved brother’s. I gifted him the Big Bundle, made him promise to use it… and no, he cannot give value because he cannot SEE value.

Seeing is witnessing.

Where do you SEE? I measure it in your inspiration score in the Starting Point Measurements.

To the degree you can be inspired, to the degree you can SEE value.

Inspired “means” the spirit is working in you… because the value is in the invisible realm: in reality there is no value. There sre things, things are happenings, but value is uniquely given… given by words. Value is a phenomenon that doesn’t have any existence outside of languaging.

This is probably the most important principle of all: if something doesn’t have existence outside of languaging, then your language gave it what it seems to be.

Taking, giving, is independent of languaging.

Value, appreciation, gratitude, humility, authenticity, stingy, greedy, right, wrong, are all phenomena that only exist in languaging. Unless you say so, they don’t exist.

So when you live in a world of those words, you live in unreality. And you are probably waiting to GET value without GIVING value: i.e. speaking value.

I probably have lost 99% of the readers at this point.

I am OK with that. I want the 1% that gets it and start living knowing their own power.

You live in a world of your own design. Design a world that gives you all you need. Really.

And with the Big Bundle you can get Consciousness’ help with it. Guaranteed.

Put the pleasure seeking, excitement seeking, short term reward seeking brain where it belongs: a servant… not the boss.

I know that you are more interested in your physical health than in any other aspect of yours, like living like a human being… 🙁

So here is my health measures, intended to inspire you:

11/3/2019 (10/17/2019)

biological age: 28 (compared to 50 on October 17)

overall health 50% (40% on 10/17)
cell hydration 30% (30%)
brain 70% iq: 150 ( 30% and iq: 120)
circulation 40% (10%)
heart 30% (10%)
arteries 40% (10%)
lungs 60% (10%)
digestive system 50% (10%)
stomach 10% (no change)
intestines 50% (10%)
liver 30% (10%)
lymph system 10% (no change)
eyes 10% (no change)
ears 10% (no change)
smell 20% (10%)
balance 10% (7%)
taste 30% (7%)
kidneys 30% (10%)
mitochondria 60% (didn’t measure)


hypothalamus 70% (didn’t measure)
pituitary 30% (didn’t measure)
thyroid 40% (didn’t measure)
parathyroids 40% (didn’t measure)
adrenals 10% (didn’t measure)
pineal gland 40% (didn’t measure)
ovaries 40% (didn’t measure)
pancreas 30% (3%)

the issues come from or will come from mostly

—>eating with wrong eating style (I need to only eat one thing per meal)

OK, if that doesn’t inspire you, then you have a bigger fish to fry, so to say…

One of the behaviors that indicate to me whether you give value or expect value is whether you ask me to muscle test these numbers for you every month.

Obviously… If you value, if you SEE value in getting well, having more energy to do life, and you SEE that the Big Bundle, used generously, can do that for you, then you’ll want to make sure you track your results.

Where attention goes energy flows.
What is measured grows. What is not measured doesn’t.

And this is your life… you don’t measure anything… you are like a boat without a rudder… not going anywhere.

Whatever is measured is witnessed. Whatever is not witnessed it is as if nothing happened.

Without witnessing as if nothing happened… or said in another way: without witnessing nothing happens.

But witnessing needs to be awakened… only consciousness really witnesses.

Get the Big Bundle, my secret weapon and for another few hours get a free headset that can play the audio…

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