The Inner Authority that you COULD have but you don’t…

It snowed yesterday and last night. Everything is covered with two inches of snow, the trees that haven’t lost their leaves, the cars, the street, my deck that I can see from my computer.

This is not the first time snow comes this early. And for most people in Syracuse, where I live, it is a snooow issue… not good! not good! Time to move to Florida! lol.

The snow comes from Lake Ontario that is an hour North from here as the crow flies. Whenever it is mild first and then the wind turns to arctic… meaning coming from the North, snow comes with it.


Nothing wrong: as long as reality works the way reality works, all is well… even if it snows on your parade, even if you hate removing the snow from your car, even if you haven’t taken your winter shoes out of storage.

Your relationship with reality is a love and hate relationship: mostly hate.

You have a fake news generator in your head (I love that expression from the book The Art of Hunting Humans), and you are pissed. Reality, goddamn reality isn’t willing to match your personal reality, the one you made up, mostly by what you want, what you desire, what it SHOULD be.

We dealt with exactly that in the What’s Missing workshop this Wednesday. That was the major obstacle that was in people’s way to live a life they can love and they can live powerfully.

The What’s Missing workshop is very simple. Not easy, simple.

  • You look at an area of life that isn’t working up to your liking.
  • You look at what you are doing, who you are being, what is your attitude there.
  • And then you ask the question: what is missing in that area?

In every single case, if you dig further than our time allows on a 3-hour workshop, you find that what is there is a delusional expectation: that reality should conform to your standards and ideals.

  • When you moan: it isn’t fair… what you are saying really is: reality isn’t playing fair.
  • When you moan: it should be easy… what you are saying really is: reality should be different… there should not be a process to learning things
  • When you don’t honor your diet, reality should honor your excuses and still keep you healthy.
  • When you don’t appreciate anything, when you are a gaping bottomless pit, reality should volunteer to feed your insatiable appetite for stuff, and love, and support… while you are still hungry and unhappy.

Hell, reality is reality, and like in any fight between a powerful opponent and a puny human: it is always the powerful opponent who wins.

Homo Sapiens is really stupid in this regard. Stupid and arrogant. Moronic.

Any and every other species is smarter.

  • When the resources are scarce… the birth rate goes down… but not for humans.
  • When there is uncertainty of where the next meal comes from, other species aren’t kidding themselves and think positive

Humans do.

Every and each complaint you have comes from this unwillingness to dance with life, instead of being the little kid against the sumo wrestler.

Stupid as stupid does, says Forrest Gump famously.

  • I love that character. He takes life the way life comes. Runs when he needs to run, grieves when he needs to grieve. Never needy, never demanding, never pissed.
  • My other favorite character from a movie is Wesley from The Princess Bride… fully in reality, never in his head… doing what is an appropriate move in a dance with reality. Brilliant.

It takes intelligence which is definitely in short supply in homo sapiens.

You cannot be intelligent if you are not in touch with reality.

Now… the design of humans includes a guidance system that is hard to tell from all the other things that talk to you, jerk you around.

  • Is your headache telling you something?
  • Is your gut feeling, that pain, that sense of hunger telling you something?
  • Is that disembodied inner voice saying: go for it… or nay… to risky… is that voice guiding you or misguiding you?
  • Is that tightness on your left side, by your heart: is that a guidance and if it is: what is the guidance?

One of my students wrote to me yesterday to tell me how he is going about accessing his inner authority, his inner authority that can be trusted to guide him, to keep him safe, to nudge him to go for it when that is the best decision.

And it was clear to me that he was attempting to learn this starting on the PhD level… before going through the process of feeling everything and nothing, before being able to direct his attention, before being in possession of his faculties… where you can be guided.

It’s a lot like training a wild horse, or a dog… it’s a process.

I saw a great little video about this rescued dog, how she was taken from a crying, whimpering thing to a happy creature…

It is always a process… If you think you can jump to the PhD level, you are stupid… and you’ll suffer.

For the child it seems that people just know things… the child never sees, never notices, never observes the process adults have taken to actually know the things they know.

If you got stuck in that child… mostly 3 years old… you are screwed, unless you learn to follow a process.

To learn to use your Inner Authority to get guidance, answers to intelligent questions, I recommend that you participate in my newest workshop: Inner Authority.

Mondays at 3 pm New York time. Will probably start on November 18. One hour long sessions.

I will raise the price, so the faster you register, the lower the price.

Why? Because the wafflers, the last minute desperate jumpers, are not the people I want to work with.

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PS: there are disciplines that teach inner authority… From their vantage point mine is a kindergarten level workshop… but when you honor the law of process, you need kindergarten before you go for elementary school, high school, university, graduate courses, and your PhD

Those other courses are PhD level courses… and therefore not for you… NOT for me either…

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