Case Study: David R. Hawkins, Muscle Testing and Other Mysteries of The Universe

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Muscle Testing and Other Mysteries of The Universe

I have a guru friend who calls me on my birthday. And I call him on his birthday. So we speak twice a year, every year.

His birthday is in December.

As usual, he asked questions about me and my work. He wanted to know how I have the numbers that I have. I told him about muscle testing… and then I said: let me see if you can trust your muscle-testing to tell you the truth.

He didn’t like that his vibration was too low for him to trust his body to tell him the truth.

I admit, it sounds like discrimination, and that is a big ugly word in this country.

But his incident made me ask some questions I hadn’t asked. From where does the body know what it knows? What is the difference between someone who can trust their body to tell the truth and the one who can’t.

Wasn’t David Hawkins study conclusive?

And why didn’t David Hawkins ask this question?

A little history of how David Hawkins came to be such a spiritual teacher and a know-it-all.

1930/age 3: Sudden awareness of existence—and the polarized fear of nonexistence. (i.e., “If I exist, it could have been that I didn’t exist.”)

1939/age 12: As a paperboy in rural Wisconsin, he found himself in a 10-below blizzard, and while nestled in a snow bank for safety, he had a miraculous transformative experience. I became oblivious of my physical body and surroundings as my awareness fused with this all-present illuminated state. My mind grew silent; all thought stopped. An infinite Presence was all that was or could be, beyond time or description. (P vs. F, 293)

~ 1943/age 16: Walking in the woods, he saw the collective suffering of all of mankind and became agnostic as a consequence. (He explains that he mistook the consequences of the ego to be the actions of God.) Additionally, after his spiritual experience in the snow bank, traditional religious teaching lost significance. “Compared to the light of Divinity which had illuminated all existence, the god of traditional religion shone dully indeed; thus spirituality replaced religion.” (The Eye of the I, 336) Dr. Hawkins was raised High Episcopal and went to Jesuit University.

~ 1945/age 18: Hazardous duty on a minesweeper during WWII with no fear of death as a result of the Presence.

As you see, David Hawkins never really experience himself intending to connect and as a result connect. So he doesn’t quite get that most people, normal people, don’t connect, have never connected, and they don’t know that they could and don’t know that they should connect.

So, with that background, he started to make up what was true and what was false…1 but his method of proof is flawed in that it looks to prove something that he knows… and that is Tree of Knowledge stuff. He is a typical example of someone who has and idea and goes ahead to prove it, never asks Source if the original idea came from the right place, if it is a valid question at all… like most gurus.

So, that I don’t make the same mistake, I asked Source what makes one able to test their muscles and get reliable answers. The answer will disappoint you… it will sound that I keep on pushing my agenda…

The answer I got is as follows:

You can get accurate answers if the question has an accurate answer in the Tree of Knowledge. I.e. if the world has the correct answer, and if you have, somewhere deep, maybe in your subconscious, that same answer.

For example: it is a common Tree of Knowledge truth that vegetables are good for you. If you believe that and it is true for your body, your muscle test will be consistent.

On the other hand, if you are like me, (I get sick from vegetables,) you need to go to the Tree of Life for your answers.

And herein lies the problem: you need to be connected to all of it, at least in a one-way fashion (Tangerine Method) to get an answer that is inconsistent with the Tree of Knowledge, while you are doing the muscle testing.

Which means, you can get an accurate and reliable reading if and when you are connected to Source.

19% of all those that have read the article on the Tangerine Method have connected that way.

That means 81 percent didn’t. Probably didn’t even attempt to connect.

The tangerine method is really easy, and it is possible to do stuff while connected, especially things that do not require you to give your entire attention to.

I can’t add up numbers, or multiply and stay connected. I can read short paragraphs, but not a whole book. I can’t watch an interesting movie, but I can coach… You need to experiment.

The more you are connected the more intuition, the more inspiration you will admit into your life.

One of the reasons life looks the way it does is because of our repetitive and mindless actions that are triggered exactly the same way by circumstances.

If you were connected while the same circumstance happens, you would suddenly see an alternative way of being. And eventually you would act on it and change the course of your life.

And, of course, being able to get accurate answers (while you are connected) to your dilemmas with muscle testing is a big deal.

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  1. the most startling is that his philosophical underpinnings were right on, and his theory was disconnected from his philosophical view… quite a schizophrenic setup if you ask me.

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