You have a gossipy relationship to life, and to your life

When I look at how people live, I notice an interesting thing: people have a relationship with their life I could best call gossipy. 1

They talk about it, they complain about it, they wish it were different, but the one thing that would make a difference, own it, they don’t do.

This is, I think, is the result of millennia 2 of brainwashing.

In the beginning there were planetary events, that often became catastrophic. They came fast, they were impossible to interpret correctly, and they wiped out the population of countries, entire species, brought about floods and ice ages, starving, and epidemics.

Life was not in your hand, at the time, you were thrown about like a pebble, and with about as much care, by nature.

It makes sense to me that humans wanted to make sense, wanted to understand why those things were happening, so they made up stories by the look of things, a whole parallel world of gods battling it out in the skies, while the unfortunate humanity was reduced to watching it and suffering as collateral damage.

No human could change the heavenly storms, poor, rich, educated or not educated, all fell victim equally.

Understanding, being able to predict it, became a lot of early scientists’ passion, after all if you can understand what’s happening, you may be vastly better off than if you didn’t understand it at all.

This desire to understand everything has been a passion of humanity: the goal is survival.

This desire to understand is also a vulnerability. Understanding became more important than adapting, growing, living, creating… especially because hordes of people volunteered and still volunteer to explain it all to you.

Except that they explain it in a way that it is skewed to their self interest, and you, the majority, do not understand, you just take what other people hand to you and call the truth.

They invented monotheism, they invented a jealous god, and told you that if you have faith, if you worship, if you worship no other god, you will be saved. They invented that if you weren’t saved, that meant that you were a bad person. They invented angels, and heaven, and Jesus, and spirit guides, and ghosts, and ascended masters, and all kinds of other bull. All to show you that you have not power, that you should just be patient about your miserable life, and hopefully something will help you.

But no matter how many explanation, your desire to have power in your life never happened, because information can never give you power. Information is mind-stuff and there is no power in mind-stuff, in fact there is only slavery in it. 3

The more you got enslaved the more you wanted: this is how all addictions work: you get a little, then you get more, and more and more. It didn’t work… so maybe if you do it more, stronger, then it will work… it won’t work, it can’t work, because it is based on a lie created to enslave you.

I’ve heard somewhere that rats are a lot smarter than people. If you put a rat in a maze with three tunnels and put some cheese into tunnel one, the rat runs down tunnel 1, gets the cheese and eats it. Next time you put the same rat in a maze, the rat remembers that there was cheese in tunnel one last time, so he goes there first, but this time you didn’t put the cheese there, you put it in tunnel 3. The rat comes back from tunnel one, and without missing a beat, runs down tunnel two, and then tunnel three, finds the cheese and eats it.

By the same token, you put a human in a maze, there is cheese in tunnel one. Next time the human goes directly to tunnel one, no cheese. Comes back, and then goes back again. “There must be cheese there, I must have missed it” he says. He keeps on going back. He never even tries tunnel two and three.

This is how the human mind works, and while you are miserable and suffer from “no cheese” syndrome, you also want to entertain yourself, so you talk about your miserable lot, and listen to others talk about their miserable lot, and then you blame the government, then you say that the reptilians did it, then the fourth dimension STS did it… blah blah blah. 4

It is all serving to pass the day. None of it matters, none of it is true.

Instead of getting off your butt and start going for what you want, you resort to gossipy living.

Congratulations. Your vibration is seriously under 200.

Oh, forgot to mention, that you also believe in manifesting: after all anything to avoid doing anything, to actually lead your life as if it were yours.

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  1. gossipy is the direct opposite of ownership I talk about in another article.
  2. thousands of years
  3. All teachings about mind-power are enslavement, the mind has no power, it is a stupid storage device.
  4. All those distinctions try to explain away why you are so miserable, placing the blame on alien invasion, and such. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again and again: there are no aliens, we pretty much see what is, and that is us on a fragile planet trying to avoid being responsible, trying to avoid to become fully human beings. Simple and horrible.

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