Witches, Sorcerers, Dark Side Practitioners, Sociopaths and YOU. What are you going to do?

yin and yang, light and darkness, goodness and evil
There is no light without darkness and there is no darkness without light. If darkness ever takes over for a moment, in that moment light will be reborn.

The pitiful world of internet witches and sorcerers also known as energy practitioners

Lots of women fancy themselves really powerful and really lethal. They have a good story, the typical one is that they knew early on that they were special, blah blah blah.

They can wield energies, and they make money hand over fist (I think), have fan group groupies, tribes… like Teal Scott’s.

You see, there is no need to invent dark spirits, reptilians, ghosts, extraterrestrials… we have our own full house of all-kinds-of people.

I have been attacked, psychically, with energies, for a week now. First one person, then another joined in, and now if I feel it correctly, it is up to five people doing it in tandem.

This is the second such incident 1 that I can detect, although my awareness has increased: it is possible that I was attacked before, but I didn’t realize it, I just felt bad for days.

What the heck do these people want? If they want to kill me, then they are delusional: their energies are not strong enough to do that, even combined! Though, I must admit, the attachments I have removed could eventually kill me… the two times I got too busy to cloak myself energetically. But

  1. I know how to remove attachments, no big deal
  2. I now know that resistance is what makes their energy attacks effective, so now I loosen up, take my Heaven on Earth, play the HOE Long Range on 3 speakers, and I am as functional as ever.

Now, does the fact that they can’t kill me mean that they are nice people? No. Does this mean that they are sociopaths? Probably.

sociopath animated gif

So, what is a sociopath?

According to an online dictionary, a sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Now, what is conscience?

according to the same dictionary, it’s an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

Now, most of us, at least at this point, are sociopaths on some level. The levels differ depending on our socialization, or how successful it was.

Society has taught us what’s wrong and what’s right. And if we grew up in a society with different rights and wrongs, our inner guidance (NOT the soul!) will make us behave consistent with the social mores we learned. Easiest is to see it on children who grow up among criminals, children born into the different maffias, children born to royalty or other aristocratic families, children born to cannibals.

They have a different social norm, and their “conscience” will pull them to that direction.

So, as you see, different societies consider different behaviors sociopathic… darn, right?

Where I live, in the Northeast United States, our social norms are slightly different from those of the South, or from California… what is OK here is not OK there and vice verse. Which shows that inside the same country there are still 256 shades of gray…

But if we go to the most commonly accepted social mores, don’t kill, love your neighbor as yourself, etc. then you will see that most of us are really sociopaths to some degree: show me a person that loves their neighbor as themselves… and I will show you a person who hate themselves, lol.

So, it is a degree thing, not an absolute.

Now, joining forces to kill another person definitely violates social mores: it is now not just a feeling of hatred, not just a feeling of vengefulness, or anger, no… this is now action with the intent to harm, maybe even kill.

There is a big difference between thinking something, maybe even planning it, and acting on it, no matter what your bible tells you. It is not a sin to think it, it is a sin to do it. Sin here means being off the acceptable path… the social norm.

It is ridiculous when they are attacking me, but not so ridiculous when they are doing it to you. Why?

You haven’t learned to relax your body, detach yourself from the feelings and the mind, and let them do what they want to do, like a rag-doll…

Because you haven’t learned that, you’ll resist, you’ll want to fix it, and cause more trouble in the process.

How do I know it? Because I did that for a week last time. This time I wanted to fix “it” only for about 2 hours, and caused myself more trouble than the original trouble was, thank you very much. I can kill myself much more efficiently than any of these witches and sorcerers will ever be able to, if I act reactively.

Here is your problem: Whether your pain comes from sociopaths, witches, or sorcerers, or bad food, etc. your resistance is what makes you sick, not the actual cause of the discomfort. It is your reaction, it is your propensity to want to fix everything, right away, without delay, is what will ultimately kill you, and all of humanity.

You need to raise your vibration

Higher vibration means less reactivity. Higher vibration means the ability to just observe, and allow your intelligence, your body, your life force, to deal with it.

Very few issues need to be fixed. Whether they are inner issues or outer issues.

So, how do you become someone who can stand, without blinking, without doing anything, in the face of some adversity, some discomfort, some offense, some threat, something that most people react to?

The tools in the foundational kit are perfect for that, if your vibration is at all ready to be shifted. Alas, some people, namely people with certain attitudes, are not interested, and therefore can’t be shifted. I have had a few visit the site lately.

The ground rule: Free Will, cannot be violated.

So, what is the foundational kit to raise your vibration?

  1. The first, and most important item is the Heaven on Earth. Many people have to start on the bottled version. But even if you are ready for the audio version, HOE Long Range, supplementing it with the bottled version is a good idea.
  2. Energized Water, or the Water Energizer audio: it takes energy to tear yourself away from what you already know, to start behaving differently. The Water Energizer audio energizes your water, and consequently energizes your body: makes your body water more coherent.
  3. Harmonize Your Vibration: this is an avatar state audio, and the only one that doesn’t need you to know what to do with it. Just playing it in the background, the huge and irresistible energy of the Avatar State sweeps your big incoherencies away, so you can become ready for conscious evolution.

    No matter how high your vibration, I always recommend starting with this audio. I myself started with that, and played it for three and a half months, and only stopped and switched to something else when I could feel that it has nothing more to work on.

  4. Sleepy Time. This is the name I lovingly gave to the Unconditional Love Activator, the version that you can play while you sleep. For this to work you need to sleep. But it works whether you can connect to Source or not. It effects your conscious and subconscious layers, and establishes a sense of self-worth, self-reliance, and independence without which there is no Human Being.
  5. Path to Enlightenment coaching. In this coaching program you get personal coaching, and hear me coach other people that are either ahead of you or behind you on the path to enlightenment. Very useful, very enjoyable, and recommended if you are up to something bigger than just mere survival.

You can get a package deal and a discount: click here to get it.

So, you see, if you can learn to become, at will, supple, unresisting, no one and nothing energetic can hurt you.

Not even if they team up and send killer energies your way.

UPDATE: I stand corrected… some dude from Eastern Canada joined this crew of killers and he has a serious hex… OMG! good for you dude! You are a killer!

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  1. the first one lasted 10 days or so, just before and during the Upgrading of the Human DNA “event”, end of August, beginning of September, this year

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