You don’t love yourself. You don’t respect yourself.

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A little understood aspect of integrity that screws up your integrity…

Integrity is between you and you. There are things you do with other people, but integrity is an inside job… if you don’t like what you did, if you don’t think you did a good job, it doesn’t matter what other people think… you are not happy with yourself.

And so far so good, most anyone can get that… but the story doesn’t end here.

Sometimes you do everything you said you would do, you do it on time, you did it complete and thorough, and yet you are not happy with yourself.

What is the reason?

The hidden, the invisible element is to blame.

What is that invisible element? It’s the context.

Context is always there, it is the “wrapper” of the gift… doesn’t call attention to itself.

Context, nevertheless, is empowering or disempowering. A poorly wrapped gift says that the giver didn’t really care… disempowering context. A Tiffany blue box means: you are precious for the giver. A very empowering context.

Your thank you will be inside that context… Fake or real.

Anything that you do inside a less than empowering context, you’ll be unhappy about. Unhappy about yourself.

The most disempowering contexts are having to, needing to, wanting to, and should.

  • You do it because you have to do it
  • You do it because you need to do it
  • You do it because you want to do it
  • You do it because you should do it

And there you go, you did all that, and yet you are not happy with yourself.

Why are those four disempowering?

Empowerment is when you, standing fully in your power, cause yourself to do something. You cause. Not the “because”…

All those four are because’s… therefore’s…

You are not causing anything… you abdicate your power and assign it to those four.

There are two ways doing things where you cause yourself to do something… the language of full power, the language of full responsibility… the language of self-empowerment.

  • 1. I am doing this because this is what I am doing
  • 2. I am doing this. (emphasis on the I)

Try it out.

There is a third way that I don’t like, because people abuse it…

I choose to be doing this.

Depending on the tone of voice, this works or this doesn’t. I have heard it said: I CHOOSE to be doing this… but the emphasis has to be on the “I”

And I have heard it said: “I CHOOSE to be doing this” with sniffles…

Emphasizing the “I” makes YOU the cause. Not the word “choosing”.

I have also heard it said, when the doing was stupid, the being was belligerent and willful, spiteful, ugly… I choose to be angry now. I choose to say “f… you”, I choose to break my word… I choose to steal, lie, cheat, etc.

You can say “I chose” but unless the statement is empowering, you are lying. The “I”, the Self did not choose what you are saying you chose… So it is the machine that chose those actions… not you.

So lying isn’t empowering. Being the puppet of the machine, the “bitch” of the machine isn’t empowering.

And that is who you have been, you can be 99.99% sure. The “bitch” of the machine.

And of course you hate yourself. Because the two selves are not in harmony.

Integrity and Responsibility, the ability to cause your actions, arise as possible only at the vibrational frequency of 200, not before.

Integrity comes as a consequence of responsibility. Without responsibility there is no chance for integrity.

And to the degree you master responsibility, to the degree you can love yourself.

So if you don’t love yourself: responsibility is missing.

The fastest and most effective way to activate responsibility is with an Avatar State Activator.

It still needs you to co-create, to put your attention on the capacity at least some of the time, but the energy, playing in the background, is pretty irresistible.

This is why I am running this special deal for you. Special deal till Monday 7 am, on December 9.

You get any of my Avatar State Activators and I give you two gifts: I’ll measure if what you picked is a good match for you, and if it isn’t, I’ll measure what is a perfect match for where you are.

And I’ll also activate the DNA capacity of directing your attention, controlling your attention.

Here is the link to the page that lets you pick an Avatar State Activator.

Go and pick your activator

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