You need to have it! or what keeps you flat on your arse

needinessDarn, these power outages… I lost a whole article I didn’t name, didn’t save. It was a stream of consciousness…. then oops, the power went out… and with it the article disappeared as if it never existed.

And now the inspiration is gone as well… let me see if I can re-generate it.

OK here you go: I noticed that occasionally, when I play Freecell, I have a phenomenon that deserves being talked about, analyzing, and see what it’s all about.

I play Freecell when I need to puzzle something out, when I need to pay attention to a movie, a video, an audio, your partner calls… so I play a lot of Freecell. It keeps me sitting, lol, and it keeps my attention on you.

power outageAnd sometimes I just play Freecell, to test if my brain is in good shape, or just for fun. Really, fun, Sophie. Yes. For fun.

So this morning I was playing for fun. And I saw a quick path to win the game I was playing, an…

I noticed my breath quicken, the speed with which I move the cards quicken…

….and I got suspicious. WTF is that all about?

I suspected a mischief. In fact an integrity issue.

Inside my principle, “It is all in a day’s work” winning and losing has no difference, it is all in a day’s work.

  • Being right,
  • doing something I am good at or
  • learning something I am really bad at…
  • Making more money,
  • making no money,
  • having people come to read my articles or not,
  • sharing my stuff or not… is all the same.

It is all in a day’s work.

  • Hearing a student getting it… or not getting anything… It is all in a day’s work.
  • Getting a good testimonial… a damning testimonial… It is all in a day’s work.
  • Inside my principle, “It is all in a day’s work”, Source telling me to quit drinking coffee, changing my diet dramatically, or not buying something, (all not what I want,) are getting a shrug from me… It is all in a day’s work.

Surrendering to Life, surrendering to the way Life is. Surrendering to be the one to do what Life wants to be done… not that some deity does it, not someone else… NO. YOU.

Bummer, eh?

That doesn’t mean I won’t generate more business, or won’t play to win. But I won’t hang my mood on the results.

  • I won’t hang my mood on what other people say.
  • I won’t hang my mood on the weather: very important in Syracuse.
  • I won’t hang my mood on the attitude of my downstairs neighbors.
  • I won’t even hang my mood on running late to my exercise class! Now, that is a biggie, this last one. I haven’t been late in decades… But that I won’t hang my mood on even that, longer than a few minutes. I did that yesterday, by the way. Just a few minutes of that hanging my mood on that, and I leaked more energy than a full day’s of work uses normally.

That makes my life, makes me, mostly even keeled… a very important element of being emotionally intelligent.

My hunch is, by the way, that the predatory genes have a lot to do with this “needy” behavior: in spite of my high vibration, until the predatory gene adjustment, back in August, I wasn’t quite this even keeled.

Both too few (less than 3) and too many (more than 3) predatory genes pull your strings to want only good things, and want them strongly.

Desire trap, one of the extreme forms of this wanting, have been successfully eliminated or tamed with this simple energetic DNA adjustment.

I like to watch Tom Bilyeu’s shows on youtube… me and millions of others. (I have other things to say about him and his wife in another article… will be worth reading when I am ready to publish it. Fascinating people.)

Tom (vibration 100) is one of these overeager individuals… with too few predatory genes. Yesterday I watched an episode where he talked to Daniel Amen, the brain imaging doctor, and shared that obesity runs in his family. I would not have guessed: Tom is like a greyhound: skin and bones.

He runs his shows exactly the opposite of how I run it: he is eager, needy, jumpy. It’s not always pleasant…

His wife, Lisa Bilyeu (vibration 200) has 10 predatory genes… I am thinking of adjusting their predatory genes, both.

Anyway… who am I to make a difference? lol.

The two drawers and emotional intelligence

My day, yesterday and today, was filled with listening and giving feedback on partner calls.

It is getting clearer and clearer to me that what keeps people stuck is their systemic judgment mentality:

  • a situation is either good or bad,
  • they are either a winner or a loser,
  • they either fit in or they are nothing…
  • either the “universe” delivers what they pray for, or they are disappointed, dismayed, angry, furious, vengeful, or miserable.

One of the invisible dynamics that deals with exactly this phenomenon is the “pendulum” process: no pendulum involved, it is just an analogy.

In this process you diligently enlarge the “ballroom” you live your life, so you can dance your heart out… instead of banging into the walls of the narrow ditch of a ballroom.

What you should do if you have this pendulum-like existence?

One of the tools I have, energetic tools, is the Avatar State Activators, where for a length of time, months or years, you practice a certain way of being with the help of a strong vortex of an energy… reminding you and helping you alternately.

I am offering a 30-150 dollar bonus: finding the next accessible beingness for you, so you don’t go for something that you can’t even imagine being.

It is not an easy job for me, unless I know you really well. And even then: it is not easy.

If you buy an Avatar State Activator before Monday 7 am… December 9, I’ll give you that bonus…

But not after 7 am on Monday…. After that it will cost what it will cost, probably $60… haven’t decided yet.

OK, here is the link to buy

Go and pick your activator and then email me…

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