Reluctance to find out the truth about themselves.

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I have been noticing a strong reluctance from people. They don’t want to find out the truth about themselves.

There is, there are signals that you are not in perfect alignment with who you would need to be to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be healthy, vigorous, the world is my oyster kind of guy or gal.

And you hate it, because it niggles away on you, like the thought of getting a C diagnosis from a doctor, the diagnosis of almost certain death.

So you procrastinate.

But I have good news for you: 99.99% of what is wrong with you, what is not in alignment, is covered by some energy Dr Bach or I have discovered.

dr edward bachDr Bach was a sickly British doctor, who invented the Bach Flower Remedies.

That system was my second foray into this murky ‘science’ of energies. The first was a little known system taught by a dude from California: I still have those energies, by the way. They don’t go away.

One time, back in 2000, while I was in the room, my then boy friend was on the phone with the California dude, as he was doing attunement, and the strong energy sent me into a seizure that lasted for 20 minutes, and forced my brain to make some adjustment so it doesn’t fall apart. Unlike most people, it didn’t scare me: it made me excited, wanting more.

It was probably the most significant moment that lead me to the path I am walking now: causing transformation of humans with energies.

Back to Dr Bach and his plant energies:

Dr Bach didn’t use energies like the California dude (or me), he recognized energies, attitudes through painstaking testing.

He observed nature in the English countryside, and found behavioral matches to human behaviors, jealousy, fear, timidity, aimless seeking, etc.

It’s all written up in a big book that I bought, Form and Function, quite fascinating.

Dr Bach died after he discovered 38 remedies and declared his system complete. But I dared to differ, and added another four… that are, actually, more damaging, that all the 38 combined.

Dr Bach was a doctor, so he did what doctors do: tried to fix people’s health.

I am not a doctor, even though sometimes people get better with my stuff. But unlike a doctor, I am not giving pills.

People claim they want to get well, but they are lying. YOU, my dear, who is reading this post, you are lying.

How do I know? I tell you want will get you well, and you are arguing. You are negotiating. You want your health, AND you want to continue what got you ill.

Like the woman whose child is misbehaving… The child is now throwing desks in school… now, that is serious. She says he is testing the boundaries… What?! If throwing books wasn’t OK, the child would go and test if throwing desks is OK? Is that child a moron?

No, the mother is a moron, or at least thinks like a moron… The child is out of whack. No amount of punishment, bodily or otherwise will get the child back to being normal, other than following the f… ing food list I have given the mother. The child likes milk chocolate? Like cheese? f… the child… don’t have milk chocolate or any milk products around!

So you see, I don’t want to be a doctor. I really don’t want to deal with people who lie.

Like this other dude… He has cancer. He wants to live at least another decade, get rid of the cancer. But he doesn’t even follow the easiest instructions to follow: energize your cells… hydrate your cells. His cell hydration and his mitochondria… the cells energy producing part, are both at 1%.

But you can’t energize your tap water: you need either the recommended filter, about 50 bucks on amazon, or certain brands of bottled water that are not already destroyed… So he pretends to do what I told him to do, but he uses his tap f…ing water…

Or the little girl I mentioned in yesterday’s article: writing a long email to me arguing for foods that are not on her list, and against those that are…

Hey, don’t ask for help if you are not interested following the instructions!

So instead of promoting my health checkup service, I am switching gears… I hate to be irate… And the non-compliance and blatant lying makes me irate. And eventually it will kill me, so f… it and f… you! I am yelling, if you can’t tell by the many f-bombs… lol.

OK, I am done with the f-bombs.

So, back, again, to Dr Bach and his system.

Back a few years ago, I was dutifully muscle testing and preparing personal remedies for people, using the original Bach Flower Remedies I bought for a lot of money.

And it was tedious too. So I asked Source if it were possible to duplicate those energies. Source’s cheerful answer was: Of course. OK, now I AM LYING. The answer was neither cheerful, nor ‘of course’, it was ‘yes’. And all the individual remedies got recreated as downloadable energies. I tested them on calls, and they worked famously.

I got really good at identifying the feelings I got from participants, and countered them with the matching Bach energy.

I found that the energies can be infused in liquids, but it was still too time consuming. So I asked Source to bundle them into one big energy.

And so is the story of the Heaven on Earth remedy, that eventually evolved into the HOE… A major time saver: I don’t have to muscle test you against all those energies, or download all those individual Bach energies

In the following years I discovered four energies Bach didn’t encountered: he was going by plants, or he wore rose colored glasses, I don’t know. His soul correction was Circuitry…

OK, let me take a gander… OK, I just measured HIS Bach profile. And there are no accidents in reality: his two dominant Bach energies are two of the four he did not discover, #39. Yew: desire to receive for the self alone, and #42. No matter what I do: lying to get away with not doing, not giving, with stinginess

I have two Circuitry students in the Playground, and many I knew over the years. Stinginess is the most important of their personality.

I am feeling the ranting mode coming on again… I’ll let it go. But just so you know: yesterday I listened to the Partner call of one of those Circuitry students, and the stinginess was so obvious… it was like a middle finger poking into my eyes. A big f… you.

Now, what is good about listening to the HOE, infusing into your liquids, is this:

The Bach Energies are homeopathic in nature. They are the energy of the attitude you have. So the way it works the way that energy worked on my brain back in 2000. My brain was damaged. It got damaged in 1989, in a three and a half hour long operation, where, for reason of medical error, much of my brain didn’t get blood… and died. My brain is like a Swiss cheese, with big chunks of it dead.

So the energy that came through that phone triggered my brain into a seizure…

The Bach energy that matches your issue, does the same thing: it doesn’t start with weakening the issue: it starts with making it bigger, so the brain AND Consciousness can take notice.

It is NOT the energy that ‘heals’, it is the brain AND Consciousness together.

Energies don’t heal. Bummer, eh? I know, everybody tells you differently, but they are either mistaken, or they lie. My hunch is: they don’t know what’s going on. Their understanding is surface, like much if not all knowledge on Earth at this time.

Nothing personal. I get tons of hate-mail accusing me with envy or hate. From those people’s vantage point, I am a hater… I am OK with that.

OK, I digressed again…

So, how does it look when the Bach energy puts the issue on really loud? You can’t sleep. You get a headache, stomach ache, whatever ache, you get angry, you get all bent out of shape.

90% of the people who bought the HOE energy from me, stopped using it for this reason. If your TLB score, your ability to tolerate unpleasant things, is low, you will not have the strength to go through the painful days you need to go through, so your brain AND consciousness can take notice. Once they do, they start working on YOU. And then the pain, discomfort, anger, etc. will start to diminish: GUARANTEED.

One relatively new client wrote to me this morning:

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for explaining the healing process. in fact, I was playing the HOE audio as I was sleeping but I had to turn it off in the middle of the night. then in the morning I had a heavy-headed feeling but it was different with the migraine kind of headache that is happening to me lately, my intuition was that I need to keep listening to the audios till this pain goes away. My plan is to listen to the activator between the time I wake up till I go to work and continue with HOE as I am back home till I sleep. I will report back if I feel anything new.

Yeah, take the new ‘healing’ energy slowly.

Even energies like the Big Bundle wreak havoc with certain soul corrections, in the beginning. The more ‘evil’ is in the soul correction, the more havoc in the beginning.

Heal you must, if you want to take advantage of what’s possible.

Each soul correction features one or two evils… Some feature four, as in the case of the email writer. Silent Partner.

Nothing is wrong in reality… but getting closer to the Original Design can be painful. ‘Evil’ is desire to receive for the self alone… greedy, jealous, stingy will not get you to a good life… even if you get what you want, you’ll be still wretched.

Good life comes from the inside, not from what you get.

So here is what I think:

You should find out what are the Bach energies that block you from becoming all you can be… the Original Design.

Then use the HOE judiciously in the beginning, and as full time as you can thereafter.

I can also bundle it with the Big Bundle, call it Big Big Bundle… so you can have the benefit of both.

Get your Big Big Bundle with HOE
If you already have the Big Bundle, you can upgrade. I’ll send you a link in your email.

If you already have your Bach profile, either get the HOE or the Big Big Bundle…

And if you want your Bach profile… you can get it now.

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  1. Thank you for the wake-up call. Painful, but it was necessary. I apologize for being so irritating and sloppy.

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