Can you feel love and hate, compassion and contempt at the same time?

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On Sunday we went back to Standard Time, and it’s Tuesday. The time change always whacks me out, it takes me weeks to get back my bearings.

I slept in today. I missed the garbage pickup. I have a sore throat. …but had a dream that brought up some issues that are worth talking about.

Caring is not a feeling. Caring is choosing

In the dream, I had a workshop in my home with my best participants. Two incidents happened, both significant, and they were back to back… the same movie.

  • Incident #1: We were in the middle of a session, and some people were on stage and some in their seats: people needed to volunteer to go on stage.

    I worked with the people that volunteered, while the people in the seats got impatient, grumbly, and wanted my attention. They started to argue and interfere with the work on stage. They wanted to participate.

    “You have chosen your role when you had an opportunity. You chose not to participate. You lost your opportunity.” I said firmly, but I had a near mutiny at my hand.

  • Incident #2: someone left the back door wide open and some hungry kittens ambled in yowling. Then an old woman with some rolling baggage came in and sat down on the floor in the room. I told her to leave, and started to gather up the kittens to put out.

    The room was aghast: according to the students I was an uncaring b-i-t-c-h, both for not letting the kittens stay in and for throwing out the old woman.

I see a great opportunity to teach something important here: We live in a physical universe, we are physical beings, and physicality is based on either or. Here is the rule of physicality:

You can’t have two objects occupy the same space at the same time. Not outside of your head and not inside of your head.

You either think one thing or you think another. Or oscillate between the two, like love and hate. But they are not there at the same time, it just feels that way. Your attention is like a search light: it has a source and a path… either here or there. You either do the work or you don’t. Or more precisely, you either do something or you do something else. Caring is like that.. You either care about one thing or you care about another.

Life is about choosing, every moment.

When you care about the kittens in the dream, you don’t care about me, or yourself, or the course I am teaching.

I either teach a class or feed stray kittens. I either teach a class or give home to an old woman who I don’t even know.

People who care about animals, animal activists, what they say is that if and when there is a choice to be made, you should be the one to suffer, you should be the one to die. Hitler had more clarity than you do. The Dark Energy practitioners have more clarity than you do.

It is either a Hodge-podge world with all kinds of different races or just Aryan. It is either the Dark Side witches, sorcerers or me.

This whole principle, physicality, was driven home to me again this morning in another area of significance:

One of my students wanted to be crafty, and save time and effort. She bought the HOE long range, and she bought the Water Energizer. They are two audios. So she combined them in a third audio, she layered them.

I stopped her and told her that recombining my audios constitutes copyright violation, and to help her out, I made her that audio myself.

It had all the elements. But it did not energize water.

Because energies are also physical, based on physical rules. I could create a long audio, alternating the Water Energizer and the HOE long range, but cannot mix them. And that method seems to get the closest to what we perceive as the world of abundance: this and that, one after the other. But not at the same time.

Either way, each choice comes with a cost. You either choose what is important to you and realize that it comes with the inevitable cost to you: what you didn’t choose will suffer. You need to choose: you can’t stay neutral. You always choose. Even when you think you aren’t.

Choosing for others is taking away their free choice, saying only YOU have free choice.

Are you uncaring when you are locking your door and not let stray kittens and vagrant old ladies in and take residence?

My downstairs neighbors chose to feed and house a stray cat in the hallway. I live upstairs and the cat slept on my door mat, dropping fleas that jumped on me when I stepped out.

I had to buy a flea trap, flea powder, and the ordeal is still not over.

They fancy themselves more caring than me, they have the opinion that I am not caring.

Can you see the confusion, the clarity that is missing?

When you raise your vibration, it is as if moving to the higher floor of a building from where you can see the bigger picture, including the cost of your choices. The higher your vibration, the higher floor you look from, the more you see the consequences of your choices.

On the first floor you can only see what’s directly in front of you, so you keep on hurting yourself and other people. And be self-righteous as well.

Raise your vibration. Move to the second floor: the hubbub is much less there. Start the process however you choose to start, but if you want to start with what is first for YOU, send me a small donation and find out where you are now (you may be living in the basement!), and what would be the first step for you. Don’t just buy stuff that won’t work for you where you are! It would be like buying a season ski pass in the Sahara… Worthless.

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