The Law of Choices, or do you have a choice? Can you see that you are choosing?

I am still dealing with the attacks, I am still working out this whole theory of humanity consisting of different groups having a vastly different set of DNA’s exactly in the areas that distinguish human from other species… in the area of their humanity or the lack of it.

So, instead of throwing half-baked stuff on you, I am quoting another “law” from the same book, The Life you were born to live… a numerology book with too many words for my taste.

My teachings on choices, choosing are dramatically different, but you will probably love this, so enjoy.

The Law of Choices

The most basic choice we have in life is whether to expand or contract, whether to bring our creative and expressive energies out into the world in positive or negative ways. No matter what our circumstances, we have the power to choose our directions.

In each of us are heroes: speak to them and they will come forth. ~ANONYMOUS

Most creatures on Earth have a relatively narrow range of conscious choices; they work primarily through instinct and adaptation. In contrast, we humans have far-ranging powers of choice. Our daily lives consist of a series of choices and exercises in free will-whether to get up or stay in bed, what to eat for breakfast, what to do with our day, whether to change careers, go back to school, or continue a relationship, and so forth.

Depending upon our circumstances, we may experience many choices or few choices. Mental illness or other incapacitation may distort or limit our power of choice; clarity of mind enhances it. Clearly, we don’t all have equal choice over our circumstances; for example, if we have wealth, we can choose to fly to Europe for dinner; if we live in an impoverished country, we may choose to eat but find no food available. If we are bedridden, we may choose to run through the hills but find ourselves unable to do so, except in our imagination. Physical circumstances can indeed limit our physical options. The Law of Choices, however, addresses our power and responsibility to choose how we respond to our circumstances-a power we never lose as long as we live.

We have to live and we have to die; the rest we make up. ANONYMOUS

Sometimes we feel as if our choices are made for us by our family, by our employer, by our friends, by our circumstances, or by God. If, for example, our employer tells us, “You have to work overtime or we’ll have to let you go,” we may feel that we don’t have a choice. But of course we do; we make conscious choices by recognizing that every choice has consequences.

We can each choose an easier path or a more difficult one. We rarely choose to take the more painful path unless we believe it will bring us pleasure in the long run or get us to our goals more quickly. The fewer distorted or limiting beliefs we have, the greater our power of choice.

We also need to trust the intuitive messages from our subconscious 1, which may choose experiences or attract people into our life with results that we don’t consciously want but that we may need for our highest good and learning. The more we honor the Law of Choices, the more clearly we can live our life on purpose and by choice, taking responsibility for our directions rather than viewing life as something that just happens to us. For example, instead of wandering through life, wondering if we are on the right path or with the right person or doing the right job, we recognize that we have chosen these people and circumstances. With that recognition comes the power to accept our choices, to take responsibility for our life, and perhaps to make new choices. If we ever feel powerless in a situation, that’s the time to remember our power of choice.

In the context of the Life-Purpose System and the life paths it describes, we can choose to expand or contract, build or destroy, in the two key areas of creativity and expression.

Each of us has creative life energy. We also have the ability to express ourselves. We can choose to create and express in either more positive or more negative directions. We may not always feel as if we have a choice; sometimes we may feel that our creativity and expressiveness are suppressed or that we lack these energies. We may feel afraid or blocked. Yet the more we appreciate the power of choice, the more we take charge of how we channel our creative energy and how we express ourselves.

Creative Choice

We create in constructive ways, or we create in destructive ways; either way, creative energy finds expression.

Everything that exists is made of energy, and energy can manifest itself along a spectrum from positive to negative. For example, electricity can light a city or take a life. Money is another kind of energy; we can use this energy in positive or in negative ways, such as donating to a charity, taking a needed vacation, or, for example, hiring someone to perform a crime.

Creative energy has a surging, dynamic quality; it needs to find expression; it exists to flow and to be used. This energy acts as a two-edged sword; if it is not used for constructive purposes, it gets discharged in destructive ways. If our creative energy gets blocked altogether, like water surging against a wall, it turns back upon us and creates pressures that we experience as painful symptoms at physical, emotional, and mental levels. Excessive weight, for example, often reflects blocked creative energy with nowhere to go.

Examples of creating in the positive include the fine arts-music, painting, sculpture, writing, drama, and so forth-but creative energy can also be expressed fully through having and raising children, coming up with innovative solutions to business problems, working with plants and growing things, or taking care of animals. We can apply creative energy to any field, including healing, crafts, interior design, or a thousand other endeavors.

Pablo may become a creative artist; Theodore may create counterfeit money. Karinna may apply her creative energy and deft fingers to playing guitar; Margarite may become a pickpocket. One person may create with language to tell stories; another may use language to tell elaborate lies. All of these examples reflect creative energy, used in constructive or destructive ways.

Many prison inmates are extremely creative; they can draw, paint, sing, act, and write beautifully, but they directed their creativity into negative directions: They planned creative robberies, conned people out of money, lied, and so on.

Blocked creative energy either manifests as physical maladies and symptoms or gets discharged through abuse of tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, food, or sex. When such release becomes repetitive, compelling, or chronic, it may expand into full-blown addictions.

As we recognize that we have, on some level, chosen how we channel our creative energies, we can learn other ways to open up our energies and channel them in directions that inspire or help others and bring rewards instead of punishments. No matter how destructive or blocked our creative energy may have been in the past, this can change once we apply the power of choice. By choosing to express our creative energy in positive, life-affirming ways, including daily exercise, we can change the course of our life.

There are all kinds of exercises connected to the “law”… please comment below if you want to read those too, ok?

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  1. the person who wrote this book, certainly it wasn’t Dan Millman, Dan Millman’s books were all written by other people! doesn’t know much about the aspects of the human being. The messages that are intutitive don’t come from your subconscious at all, they come from the soul.

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