What happens if and when you fall in love or are in relationship with someone, whose DNA is not like yours? Do opposites attract?

opposites-attractIn my inquiry into this dangerous jungle of different DNA’s within the human race, I started to see the need to work with people, one on one.

Yesterday I lucked out: I had a new client for another business of mine, who is the perfect person with the perfect history to work on and maybe test these issues: What happens if and when you fall in love or are in relationship with someone, whose DNA is not like yours?

Our guy, let’s call him Chad, met a woman some 16-17 years ago. Chad is a scientist and so is his beloved.

Chad is on a crossroads of sort: he needs to decide whether to take this relationship to the next level. It’s been rocky, so he is hesitant. Intimacy has been lacking in the relationship as well. It seems that opposites attract…

After a few muscle-testings and empathic visit, this is what I saw: Chad is a feeler, a sensitive, which is on the empathic continuum, meaning that he is almost an empath, without the controls and power of an empath. He has been unaware that most of the feelings he struggles with are not his.

His center of pain is located just under or on the seat of the soul. He is someone who is desperate to be loved, to be needed, to be important to others. He has been helpful to earn love, but it’s not working, and especially not working with his beloved.

His vibration is 170: he is confused, and directionless. He has the DNA for true caring, and it’s activated.

opposites attract because one or both are con artistsI managed to connect to the woman through her relationship with Chad, and her location.

Her vibration is 170 as well. She lacks the DNA for caring, and she doesn’t want it. Her center of pain (emotion) located on the right hand side, the side of guilt, the side of the left-brain calculator type.

A relationship between these two can’t work well, unless Chad is a masochist, which he isn’t.

Intimacy is based on allowing the fake self, the facade to fall away, and be totally accessible and visible by the other. In essence, you, the you that you consider yourself to be, isn’t there. Who is there is the naked you.

In intimacy, a rare occurrence, you meet your real you. But you won’t have intimacy if you have agendas, if you are a user of others, if you want to control, if you have hidden agendas.

People who lack caring are willing to con you into believing that they are emotional, loving, wonderful human beings, and in fact you are the one who is flawed. But they are like the people in the morbid joke: “Mommy, I love grandma!” “OK, you can have another serving of her, let me have your plate…”

They love you for what you give them, not for you. They love you for a reason, and love for a reason isn’t love at all.

Opposites AttractAsk yourself why you love someone, and watch if you have a reason. If you do, you don’t love them. Only loving for no reason is love.

Unfamiliar, isn’t it? Attractive to you? You may have the DNA upgrade, unactivated. Or you may be ready to accept the DNA upgrade and activate it.

81% of the population of the Earth won’t want, won’t accept the DNA upgrade: it is at cross purposes with their desire: control, domination, power over others.

So, if Chad ever becomes a student, what would I recommend that he does?

  1. The first action I would recommend is that he asks the question, every time he has a strong feeling, if he has a reason to feel that way. If the answer is no, then it’s not his feeling, and he can stop paying attention to it.

    This takes some practice, takes some awareness, and may take using the Heaven on Earth to blunt the edge of the feelings.

  2. I would recommend that he uses the Sleepy Time version of the Unconditional Love Activator. If you remember, that activator removes the need to be loved, the compulsion, the yearning, the puppet on a string for love behavior because
    • you can’t get unconditional love from another human being, because human beings live in the world of scarcity, and survival
    • you are already loved, unconditionally by the Universe, and that is all you need…
    • once you get the two distinctions, on every level of your being, you are now free to be a human being: love when you love, be loved when you are loved, but free from enslavement.
  3. Which means that at that point he will either opt to find a woman who is capable for intimacy, or he will settle for no intimacy with the woman he’s been with all these years, but not have the relationship be based on his need to be loved, so the woman won’t be able to use him.

I don’t have a personal preference, but I personally avoid people with cannibalistic DNA. 1

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  1. When opposites attract, then they “love” in the other the characteristics they don’t have, or they want something else that belongs to the other. Opposites attracts is a sign of “desire to receive for the self alone

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