Human DNA, DNA upgrade… did you get it? Did you want to get it? What the heck is DNA upgrade?

dna upgradeFor most of my life I knew I could not care, but no matter how bad it felt, I still could not care. I thought I was the worst person alive, a bad bad bad person. I was sure everybody else could care, only I could not.

I didn’t know, that caring was not part of my DNA. But as I was raising my vibration, at some point I experienced caring, in a way I invented caring. Maybe I wasn’t the first person to care, but I was now part of a very small minority, the people who can care, who can love, who can respect. But I still didn’t know I was different… I thought I just became like everyone else, finally.

For the past 10 years I was trying to teach, train, people to be great, successful, expanding, happy… until I realized that they lacked capacities. Then I tried to activate those missing capacities… but you can’t activate that which you don’t have, doesn’t matter how hard you try. And I tried really hard.

Finally, one day, it was revealed to me that my whole work for some 27 years was to distinguish what are the DNA upgrades that humans need so they can become human beings, according to the Original Design.

dna upgradeDNA upgrade is a change. It adds nodes or whatever they call the stuff in DNA. It isn’t there before the upgrade, and then it’s there… It’s an evolutionary event, like when the fish came to the land and started to develop into a land animal: an evolutionary event. Or when the early humanoids started to have self-reflection, self-awareness. That was also an evolutionary event.

The Original Design places human being at the top of what’s possible, the cutting edge of consciousness, a continually expanding life-form that causes its own evolution, consciously.

I became tool in this DNA upgrade, the energies came through me. I naturally thought that it effected all of humanity, not knowing that humanity is not homogenous, that not all human’s DNA are identical, from the spiritual point of view. 1

After all the looks, shapes, outward characteristics, and the intellectual abilities are easy to see, but the spiritual aspect, to what degree they have respect, honor, dignity, responsibility, love, caring, and other high vibration values, is hard to detect, because they are easy to fake. Those values live, for most people, as concepts, and that is what they stay, concepts. An “average” human can be duped, fooled, scammed, conned, into believing anything: the staggering number of cults, fake gurus, healers, clearly attest to that fact.

Now that the dust has settled, the upgrade was two months ago, I can tell that only 19 percent of the population was willing to receive the DNA upgrade, and another 1% is willing to get it, individually.

Of course, after a capacity is installed, it still needs to be activated, on an individual level: no one can do it for you, you need to do it for yourself.

This is what the Path to Enlightenment coaching calls and the avatar state activators are for: to help you invent a path for yourself to activate your capacities, to activate your Human Being-ness, the being that goes with being the top of the evolutionary path.

It is neither simple nor easy to activate capacities. It is not for the faint of heart. It’s taken me 27 years.

If you would like to know if you have the new DNA, please ask it with a donation. If you don’t have it, 2 but muscle testing and your desire say that you really want them, then you can get it, either on an individual basis, or in a group setting if there are enough people who ask for it. I also have a recording of when I did the big DNA upgrade, but I haven’t tested if it actually works through the audio.

If it works that way, then that is the easiest and cheapest way to get it. I’ll let you know once I test it with a few volunteers.

In the meantime, spend some time reflecting whether you want to care, really. If and when you do, you can’t con people, can’t manipulate people, can’t be a taker, can’t be a forced giver, can’t be a slacker off, so there is a price you pay in terms of fakeness. And I don’t mean “you may not”, I really mean you won’t be able to. I can’t.

If you find that you want caring, and the other capacities, let me know. Sign up to this notification list, so I can let you know when I know what seems to be the path you can take to get the missing capacities.

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  1. human dna as scientist see itScientists don’t know anything about capacities, they don’t know anything about spiritual capacities, at least I haven’t heard that they do… it is politically incorrect to even look there. First off it sounds racist. Second it is against the party line: the party line is that we are physical beings, and nothing more. It is a carefully and cleverly manufactured world view that if a scientist violates it, they are excommunicated, and they can become the janitor of the same establishment where they worked as a scientist before. We live in a world of careful design to enslave humanity and to reduce us to serfs, food, and subjects of experimentation.
  2. meaning that you, unconsciously, refused to get it, because you belong to the segment of humans that don’t want to evolve, that want power over others instead,

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