What is a soul correction and why should you care?

carrying your soul correctionsIt seems that the body of a human is a vehicle for two “entities”, the Selfish Gene and the soul.

The Selfish Gene… that is only interested in preserving itself… the genetic material, even if and even while the family, the environment, the world is destroyed. Selfish gene is our physical nature, our lower self, and it is not very smart, has no foresight, none of the higher functions a human supposedly has. It has no interest even in the 160 spiritual capacities: in fact it considers them a nuisance, a hindrance. The Selfish gene is a brute.

The uncorrected soul, the soul you are born with, is the soul with an aberration. It has a behavior or a set of behaviors that are slanted towards ego.

The soul’s counterpart is the ego, not the Selfish Gene.

The ego is easier to know, given that it is so visible. Delusions, reactivity, selfishness, hoarding, desires, wants, all emotions, enmity, self-defense, gossiping, etc. are all ego moves, ego behaviors.

According to muscle test, there are 13 distinct soul corrections, with 72 sub-categories. Soul correction is calculated from your date of birth. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Numerology… again, don’t ask why it would be accurate: I have no idea.

I have been working with people whose soul correction I calculated, and the predictability is stunning.

I am exclusively working with the sub-categories.

The main 13 are 1-13. The sub-categories are 1-72. My soul correction sub-category is 34: Forget Thyself. its main category would be 7.

Some soul corrections. for example, are highly delusional about the self.

25 Speak your mind
27 Silent Partner
30 Building Bridges
31 Finish what you start
38 Circuitry

Their whole existence is directed at wanting to get off the hook, any hook.

Their main correction is to get a realistic picture of who they are how they are

Self-importance is the main issue for
29 Removing Hatred
34 Forget Thyself
35 Sexual Energy
38 Circuitry

Placing themselves above others and suffering because it is not acknowledged… instead of doing what needs to get done, regardless of the rewards or even the results.

Getting out and dealing with what is instead of what you have already decided was, aka delusions about life, reality, circumstances
22 Stop Fatal Attraction
32 Memories
33 Revealing the Dark Side
36 Fear/Fearless
37 The Big Picture

The main issue of this group is discouragement.

Giving up selfish/petty self-interest
23 Sharing the Flame
24 Jealousy
26 Order from Chaos
28 Soul Mate

The main issue of this group is to stop being demanding, and making themselves miserable that way.

The “inclination” as the word suggests, acts like a slope in the ground… that any action always ends up rolling in the direction of the slope.

It takes vigilance, but more importantly awareness that it is one’s soul correction that wants to take over.

No one, in the history of humanity, has ever completed their soul correction. Why? Because it is hard-wired. Not Moses, not Buddha, not anyone.

All the inclinations are desire to receive for the self alone… meaning: at the expense of another, at the expense of the environment, the world, others.

As long as you are run, your actions come out of the soul correction, you are in survival. You live in scarcity. You are needy. The expressions have to, need to, want to, and should… dominate your actions, all myopic, narrow cone of vision, and for the most part the kinds of actions that keep you small and in survival.

You are not free. You don’t feel free. You are jerked by the invisible strings of the soul correction… and the Selfish Gene.

This is the situation where the words: Knowledge is power, of Clarity is power are true.

Unless you are really clear what jerks your strings, you are dancing against your will, against your better judgment.

In the Playground we can’t deal with this issue completely.

I did a course a few years ago that is evergreen, that helped the participants to get so intimately familiar with the moves of the soul correction, with the moves of the machines, that they freed themselves up of the detrimental effects of being a puppet on a string.

You can buy the whole course of just a sample session.

Here is the link to buy the sample session… and as an option, you can buy the whole 12 sessions at a big discount.

The course, because of the big discount is hidden behind a front item: you asking for your soul correction. If you already know your soul correction but want the course, the shopping cart automatically removes what you would pay for the soul correction.

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PS: A corrected soul includes the needs of the Selfish Gene, but prioritizes the whole’s interest: Self, the other, community, nature, planet.
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