The Tangerine Method: The Universal Power Booster

healing codes childThe Universal Power Booster To Any Modality Including The Healing Codes, tapping, EFT, coaching, meditation, yoga, reiki, tr., visualizations, etc.

I am known as the guru buster. Quite a dubious claim to fame, and if it were someone else I would probably have my doubts as far as their intentions are concerned.

I would suspect that maybe they are trying to clear the field so they can push their own stuff into the sudden vacuum that they created… or something sinister like that.

So let me look to see if I am guilty of that.

What must be the nature of the field for this kind of competition to have any relevance?

It would have to be an ‘either you or me’ field. Like the presidential elections. It is either you or me… there is no room for two presidents. Or like toothpaste. Or like fat-free or carb-free… you can’t have both at the same time.

But… and here comes the famous but.

You can meditate. You can do the Healing Codes. You can do Reiki. You can pray. You can exercise. You can do yoga, go to ashrams, chant, and see a chiropractor. You may even visit with entities and angels, study kabbalah, consult a psychic

All the same person. These modalities have a peaceful co-existence, they are not mutually exclusive. They are not at cross purposes. 1

What I teach is that you can activate the Light. One part is mechanical and the other part is mindset.

And what I’d like to say in this article, more than anything else, is that both the mechanical part and the mindset part is very compatible with most everything that’s out there.

Compatible and boosting its effectiveness.

Most things that are offered “out there” don’t work. You hear claims that are either unprovable or unproven.

Anything, good or bad, if you search for it, best way to find it is to put into google the name of that modality plus the word fraud.

What does that tell you? What that tells me is that there are enough people for whom it didn’t work.

Healing Codes is boosted with the tangerine method Let’s take the Healing Codes. 2 You give a simple innate energy to certain “Healing Centers” on your body in a “pre-defined sequence” and voila you will be disease free. That does sound hokey, doesn’t it? Yet they have thousands of testimonials on their site, including mine.

What was the difference between the people who yell “fraud” and the people who leave a glowing testimonial?

I am only guessing here, but it’s informed guessing, lol. The difference is that the successful people connected to something, and the unsuccessful people didn’t.

Given that the Healing Codes doesn’t suggest that you have to connect to something, the people that connected connected by accident, on their own. The rest: s-h-i-t out of luck.

I have tried a session of the Healing Codes combined with the Tangerine Method. Before I started I asked that Source provides me with a feedback on the effectiveness of the treatment. The experience was intense. The treatment definitely did something to my head. But don’t forget that I am already at 900, so your experience may be different. But still, compared doing the “Codes” without the Tangerine feels very different, the intensity is about 100 stronger with the Tangerine.

This is the response I received from Source: With or without the Tangerine, The Healing Codes isn’t specific enough to heal a specific disease. That’s the bad news. The good news is that with the Tangerine the activation of circuits, the activation of the pineal gland (yes, I can feel it) is very very very strong, and therefore the effect on your general well-being will be out of this world. More than just doing the Tangerine alone.

And when your general well-being gets better, diseases may let go and leave.

Which means: the Healing Codes doesn’t heal, your healthy body fights a good fight and you get better.

I would love to rename the Healing Codes to the Well-Being Code, but of course it is not mine, but I can call whatever I wish to call it… this is a free country.

Check out the Healing Codes if you are not familiar with it 3

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  1. Then there is the Law of Attraction… oh well, I did say it didn’t work. I still say it doesn’t… if all someone does is visualize and wish really really hard. But if you do what you need to do and visualize and have the correct mindset, you probably get what you are after, but you will have to work, sorry.
  2. I since wrote an article on the Healing Codes LT3 that you may want to read… Click here to read about the healing codes lt3
  3. Disclosure: This is an affiliate link. If you buy the Healing Codes, a friend of mine makes money and will probably love me for it, maybe even take me to Tokyo/Seul on Erie Blvd, and treat me to my favorite hot seafood soup… mmmm. Delicious. hint, hint. lol

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