The emotions that you are a slave to are manipulated… Emotional Intelligence Part two

This is part two of an article I started yesterday

I have a client whose soul correction is Fear/Fearless. She asked me how to get rid of that fear.

She is young, she is impressionable, and she acts fearful. She will have a lot of problems in life from that: it will keep her a child needing protection, someone else to look out for her.

Not what Life wants her to be.

Your soul correction is a particular way you lean away from Life, you turn away from Life: you don’t take responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life.

Life whats what Hillel the elder said some 2100 years ago:

If you are not for you, who is for you?

In this article we’ll examine what is ‘being for yourself’ means… be prepared to be surprised, my students were when they found out.

Today, when I examine what is underneath the misery people experience, the base issue, 100% of the time, is a sense that they are not good enough, that somehow they can’t meet the world’s expectation of them.

It began when you were little. For many, when they were in diapers… and their poop disgusted their parent. For many, when they wetted the bed. For many when they cried, refused to eat vegetables, made noise, stomped: they FAILED to meet a parent’s expectation of them: be seen but not heard, stink, or cause any trouble.

Or alternatively, they cost money, they needed attention, they needed this and that, so the parent felt they had to give up their own life for the child.

Or alternatively they didn’t save a crumbling marriage.

None of them is the child’s fault.

Feeling disapproved of is a 13th floor ‘psychic’ signal: animals can feel it too.

The difference between animals and humans is language. Humans said something, and then became what they said. Their beingness and the actions that came from that. But we’ll see it doesn’t stop there… but first things first: you need to see what the words were that created your beingness.

I am not good enough. I can’t get this or that… I am not OK.

And when you can’t meet the world’s expectation of you, then you cannot even go to the next software based need: the need to meet your own expectation of yourself… because you have already failed.

And no matter how many memes say: you should only compete with yourself, or you are good enough, and all that… what they fail to mention is that the issue is one level below… as it always is. Or sometimes 2-3 levels below, but it is always below when all the solutions don’t seem to eliminate the problem, but in fact worsen is.

When your whole inner world is informed by the notion that you are unable to meet others’ expectation of you, you have absolutely no use for those memes.

So this software level is where all the mischief begins.

But, as I said above, it doesn’t end there.

The soul correction doesn’t much care how you were treated, how you failed to meet others’ expectations of you. The soul correction only cares how you reacted to it. Your fixed way of reacting to the disapproval, dislike, invalidation, or whatever way the ‘not good enough’ manifested itself.

Different soul corrections will try to win, in spite of the perceived ‘slight’ with cheating, pretense, angry outbursts, never taking responsibility for anything, blaming, depression, self-aggrandizing, seeking attention, working themselves to an early grave, getting fat, becoming a dreamer and not a doer, and in the case of the client in the beginning, running to mommy for protection.

The question is whether our grass roots work can counter the trillions of dollars strong work of the powers that be, that don’t want you to be for yourself… when you are out of balance, you can be seduced, sold, manipulated, ruled, influenced, exploited, duped, used, weaponized, whipped into frenzy: whatever serves the power that be.

With words and nothing more.

How, you ask?

It’s actually very simple.

Here are the steps as I see it:

  • 1. You need to locate, find yourself on the 13th floor: on the level of your feelings. The faster and more securely you can do it, the faster you get out of the grips of emotional manipulation.

Reading the Feelings book and practicing the moves I ask you to do in the Feel your Feelings webinars will get you to the how… and your practicing it will get you to speed of execution.

I am also re-teaching it in the Inner Authority workshop that I am still holding off on… some of the missing pieces of the puzzle are just surfacing… I’ll be ready, hopefully, really soon.

Your feelings, the pure feelings without the words, without the skewed interpretation, are guidance.

  • 2. Once you can be, wordlessly, in your feeling center, you can see that you are manipulated. And that you are, yourself, setting impossible standards to meet… something you would not think of asking of another… But you have been asking and refusing to meet… so you are full of crap… you are your own worst enemy.

The standard you have set for yourself is nothing short of miraculous, magical, and of course impossible. You, like everybody else, are limited by reality: your body, your brain, by your DNA, by your actions.

You want to be superman: Faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful than a locomotive, Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

You want to be a genius. You want to be important without every doing anything that is important to others.

No wonder you are miserable.

You are asking yourself not only to be perfect, without fault, but that you be an Olympic athlete in all areas of life.

No such thing as perfection, and therefore it can be only the result of manipulation.

All manipulation is words.

Words that you used to set yourself up for failure, for misery, for unhappiness.

It is like telling the rabbit that unless it can swim, climb trees, and fly, it has no right to live…

See how silly you’ve been?

There is a meme that has been bringing in tons of visits from all over the world: ‘Now that You don’t have to be perfect, You can be good’

In a world that seems to demand of you to be more, better, different than you are, depending on your base nature, your soul correction, you are going to have different ways to meet others’ expectations of you… given that you can’t survive unless you do… It’s a need that you cannot refuse and still live. You cannot refuse it and still be happy.

Depending on your ‘temperament’ you’ll cheat, fret, lie, or effort.

But because society seems to ask you to catch the ‘ball’ so you can be acceptable, good enough, seems to you an uncatchable ball, you have already lost before you started.

Uncatchable ball2

It started in the cradle… Your parents, your caregivers are dishing out what they got. It had nothing to do with you.

To be returned to where there was nothing wrong, nothing wrong with you, nothing wrong with anything… you felt what you felt, you cried, you laughed, you ate, you played, you will need to be able to get into a position from where you can see what happened clearly.

Energetically, the Winning and Keeping Love activator, that puts you in the avatar state and on the vertical plane, is to the rescue.

It comes with a blueprint of how to be enough…

If you get it before Wednesday, January 29 midnight, you can use this coupon code to get 20% off… but it is worth 10 times of what I charge… really.

Go and get it if you want it.

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  1. Here are some articles where I talk about the uncatchable ball... very educational.
  2. Here are some articles where I talk about the uncatchable ball… very educational.

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