Are you on the right track… integrity… compass… conscience. Is there such a thing as a path?

right-path-2The biggest issues that I see students deal with are around the fear of taking a wrong step.

The underlying belief, the underlying assumption is that the soul’s path, your life’s work is a straight line and unless you are on that line, you are off.

This is a very debilitating belief. 1 It is perpetuated by the ego: the ego wants to minimize your investment, and maximize your gains, and it fancies itself to know what you should do.

In the case of life path, what’s next for you, etc. questions, it opts to no action, no change… after all the ego’s job is to keep you safe, and safe, when the ego looks, is mostly staying the safe. You have survived until that point, after all. The ego is interested in looking good and surviving.

The ego’s interest and the soul’s interest are diametrically opposed. The soul wants you to move, to take risks, to have a learning experience. But most importantly, the soul wants your life, your activities, your path to have a direction.

compass conscience integrityIn Hebrew conscience and compass are the same word: compass. It is very telling, because compass doesn’t tell you what path to take, compass tells you which way is North. And whichever way you go, the North won’t change. It will be either in the general direction of your moves or not.

Conscience is the feeling through which soul communicates with you. 2

There is no such thing as path, a set road to walk. Each person needs to learn different things on their way towards their North, and they need to do wild zig-zags to do the learning. Many lessons can only be learnt through mistakes, so the “path” leads through mistakes, errors, and they are not mis-steps, they are integral parts of the journey.

You cannot mine your own “path” for the learning you need unless you pay attention, and hang out long enough to learn the lessons in the failures.

Therefore your enemy on your path is hurry. Goal driven, results driven are the opposite of the path towards north.

By age 12 I knew that my path had something to do with the English language. Had I made a goal from it, I would have been, immediately taken off path, off North.

Instead I “meandered” the curvy zig-zaggy path for the next 50 years. I learned five additional languages, 19 professions, before I was allowed to go close to what my possibly final leg of my journey.

cup half full or cup half emptyDo you think I would know what I know had I not learned so much along the way? No, I would be, maybe, one of your fraudulent channeling psychic with a vibration of around 150, if I were lucky.

I needed every experience along the way, including the ones no one would be willing to undergo willingly. But they have all proved useful, and I am grateful for them.

You see, if your question is honestly “What am I to learn from this?” which is NOT “What can I learn from this?” then your life is an adventure, always a challenge, always a growing, always fun.

What is the difference between those question? The second accesses the top 10% of what you already know, and therefore keeps you in what you already know: no growth results from it.

The world is full of fake teachers, false teachings, imprecise and harmful advice.

ken stone The Soul Archaeologist reviewThe last person who I have checked, Ken W. Stone (personal vibration 150) is one of them. He is actually one of the better ones, if my feelers are accurate, he keeps on working on himself, challenging himself. But what he teaches (vibration 110) is off… although, I hear, it makes people feel good.

I checked his rates: five hundred dollars an hour. I intuit that the better something makes you feel the less effective it is. And feeling good reminds me of luxury companions: the oldest profession of making you feel good. The rates are comparable. I think I just made myself a new enemy…

It is all on MY path…

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  1. show-me-the-right-path-image

    Walking in the right pathIt is a Christian bs… it places the knower outside of you, in some god, and it robs you of your experience of life as a god, as a human being… If I sound angry is because I am angry… lol

  2. People without conscience are cut off from their souls, and they are psychopaths. If you watch movies (I do) a basic condition for early release, being release on parole is remorse. Remorse, when it’s present, is a sign on soul connection somewhat restored. Most murderers can only pretend remorse: they don’t feel it.

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